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When he says that he prefers to live under sheria and specifically mentioned Abbasid caliphate as example, it’s quite obviously clear that he does NOT mean your Talibanized or “nearly everything is haram and crime” version of sheria, but rather he means a less draconian “moderate Muslim” version of sheria, similar to Arabian gulf (GCC) states today (who are the modern version of Umayyad and Abbasid in terms of their domestic policies by not imposing so many harsh socio-cultural restrictions).


If you tell him that the “only correct” sheria is your Talib version (beat up/jail/torture/kill people for so many things like making or consuming music, movies, dating, tattoos, pet dog, wanting to make or maintain church, or women going out alone or bare-headed or working in most jobs), then he will either take back his words, or clarify that he doesn’t mean that kind of khawarijized sheria but instead he means a lot tolerant variant of sheriea which has far less social-cultural restrictions.