Muslims, Behold the Hypocrisy Behind the Ukraine War

I can’t stand the hypocrisy of the West anymore.

Everyone knows that on the night of February 23, Vladimir Putin launched an attack against Ukraine. He surprised the whole world, despite the CIA’s predictions since November 2021 of a forthcoming invasion.

Here is a compilation of the most shocking manifestations of hypocrisy that we have seen in the last 24 hours.

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Official Statements by Heads of State

Let’s start by looking at what the heads of state involved in NATO have said.

“We will respond without fallibility, with coolness, determination, and unity to this act of war.” “By reneging on his word, by refusing the diplomatic way, by choosing the war, President Putin has not only attacked Ukraine. He has decided to make the most severe attack on the peace and stability in our Europe.”

What the heck? Are the Russians breaking international laws? They have no right to do that! As long as his majesty, the president of the United States, has not given the go-ahead, everyone must comply with the law; otherwise, we are sliding towards a minefield and an authoritarian state of affairs!

You are all aware of the constant violations of international law by NATO countries in their invasion of the Middle East and Africa.

But even worse, it turns out that even in Eastern Europe, NATO has been guilty of illegal military activities.

Some elected officials have not been fooled by the international outrage and have rightly pointed out the situation’s absurdity.

“It started with the American power which, in 1999, by declaring the independence of Kosovo and blowing up a country that was Serbia they angered the Russians. And the Americans themselves had sat on the United Nations Charter. So, in reality, from the moment you have two great world powers who do not respect the law, well, that law is almost worthless.
Our vision of the world, which is a vision based on law, is now totally overtaken by geopolitical developments.”

Migrants Welcome… as Long as They’re Not Muslim

In France, the election campaign is not over. Let us recall that the campaign’s central theme was the question of immigration, with the right wing candidates opposing immigration and the acceptance of refugees.

But now it seems that a massive flow of immigrants is not a problem, when they are not Muslims.

Europe 1:

Jean Louis Bourlanges, Official French elected

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee at the National Assembly, Jean-Louis Bourlanges, spoke in “Europe Matin” on Friday about the “migratory wave” that is preparing in Europe after the Russian military invasion in Ukraine. “It will undoubtedly be an immigration of high quality,” warns, however, the MoDem deputy.


Marine Le Pen, Heads of “Rassemblement National,” a very anti-immigration party

Marine Le Pen had not accustomed us to such a spirit of solidarity. To the question “should we welcome the refugees fleeing Ukraine?” the RN candidate answered with a frank and massive “of course,” this Friday on BFM TV. And to add: “Here we are at the heart of the Geneva Convention […], we must do everything necessary to respect this Convention.”

In case the hypocrisy wasn’t apparent enough, Philippe Corbé was invited to explicitly say what everyone else only hinted at.

“These aren’t people going on vacation. These are people fleeing war” “we’re not talking about Syrians fleeing the bombing of the Syrian regime, we’re talking about Europeans who leave in their cars that look like our cars, and who are just trying to save their lives.”

Malik tweet : Translation: We don’t have to worry. They are white people

The Beginning of Secular Jihad?

In the Twitter comments, many Europeans have asked to go and fight the Russians.

“We go?”
“How do we volunteer?”

The French population is generally much less willing to go and fight in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen. But this phenomenon of European Muslims who want to go and fight has a name. It is called jihadism, and it is punishable by prison.

The Ukrainian president has recently called on the people of Europe to come and fight:

Strangely, no state condemned this call to “Jihad” by the Ukrainian president. It might have been a good idea to remind him that what he is doing is illegal and that this is precisely what terrorist groups in the Middle East have been accused of doing.

But no. We are witnessing a new phenomenon here: “secular Jihad.” It seems that all this time, the real problem was not “leaving the country to fight abroad,” nor was it a problem of “radicalization.” The only problem was fighting for the sake of Allah and Muslim lives.

“If it was a Muslim country that had said that, we would have said it was a call to Jihad.” “I clearly agree. This is nonsense. Ukraine is not even European. Why should France accentuate the state of war in Ukraine?”

Politicians’ Game

While everyone was busy following the news in Ukraine, some politicians licked their lips.

All the politicians expressed their sadness about the war. But the sadness of Valérie Pécresse, a candidate in the French presidential elections, did not prevent her from launching a spam campaign against Éric Zemmour, her rival in the upcoming election. Many French citizens received an SMS on the 24th of February. This message redirected them to a video where Éric Zemmour was shown being complacent towards the bear of Kremlin.

Supporters of the far-right candidate have rightly pointed out that exploiting Ukrainian suffering is a bit hasty for someone whose compassion is sincere.

“Take part in the mobilization on Twitter to demonstrate Eric Zemmour’s allegiance to Vladimir Putin. Tweet as much as possible #VladimirZemmour by adding the link of this video: We are counting on you!”

On the government side, the French prime minister took advantage of his invitation to the CRIF dinner – a French Zionist group that defends the Jewish cause on French territory – to declare Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jews.” Given the significant stake that the Holy City represents in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one would have expected the government to wait for the right moment before making such a declaration.

Declaration of France Prime Minister just after the beginning of the conflict


Atheists also show their true faces. The saying goes by: “There is no atheist in a foxhole.”
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Hypocrisy aside I’m wondering how this conflict (and it is a conflict unlike the Israel-Palestinian ‘conflict’) will shape the geopolitical landscape and its effect on Muslims.

I wonder if Russia calculated the west’s response to his invasion beforehand and if he really thinks this war is worth it.

It seems we really have entered a new ‘cold war’ era where inch by inch we are moving towards direct conflict with the major military powers of the world.

May Allah protect all the Muslims.

Bill Browder

Putin is far from perfect, but this conflict seems to be moving Russian foreign policy in a positive direction.

More hostility towards the murderous zionist puppets in America.

More hostility towards the zionist rathole. The Russian foreign ministry has condemned the zionist occupation of the Golan Heights. Perhaps we will see more open support for the enemies of the zionists.


Russia is also a servant of the globalists that rule USA and the EU.
Don’t be fooled and look at the wide picture…
It is a huge chessboard and the Usa, Russia, etc are only “big pieces” in the game… The reality is that the ones playing the game are not visible….
How can we recognize them? By following the money it lead us to the financial system; it leads to the banking system wich are private supranational entities (federal reserve, imf, etc) this guys rule the world….

Last edited 1 year ago by Takeshi

For example people believe that it was the UK that gave palestine to the zionist project, but in the reality it was the Rotchild family that financed it… The Rotchild family is among the financial dynasties that literally financed the creation of the USA in its begginings. They are originally from Europe, particularly Germany and have jewish origins…

Bill Browder

I’m entirely agreed that the problem is not regular Americans or British people, but the zionists who control their regimes.

As for the ‘Christian’ ‘zionists’ who trick many people who would otherwise be Christians into supporting zionism, they are paid by the enemy. The famous televangelist Jerry Falwell was given a LearJet by ‘israel’ for tricking his ‘flock’.

Bill Browder

Russia is far from perfect, and Putin has openly collaborated with the evil zionists of Chabad (though not as much as any Western power) but this developing situation is pushing him away from them. He is taking positions against the zionist entity, and may even end up driving out zionist oligarchs from his own country while linking more closely to the Resistance nations.


Russian Ummah is the biggest in Europe (20-23 millions of Muslims) Ukrainian Ummah is one of the biggest in Eastern Europe too – two millions. It’s almost the half of European Ummah. And this war, sanctions affects on us economically, financially, politically a lot.


also remember the reason why Russia invaded Ukraine – “to protect ethnic Russians”, DPR/LPR/Crimea have big number of Russians in population. And next in line Kazakhstan (it’s Muslim majority country) for example has a lot of chances of such development. Northern Kazakhstan has big percentage of Russians, some cities, towns, villages in this region are Russian majority. Who knows what will happen

May Allah protect all the Muslims. I hope everything will be fine inshaAllah.


Ukraine war was inevitable. Russia knew they can’t deter the west influenced Ukrainian government from joining NATO. Check this link out for understanding the situation in Ukraine. Russia had to move in to save themselves in the long run


The big Tsar bear already invaded Kazakhstan just over a month ago (in response to the huge unrest demonstrations there which Muslim skeptic suggested could have been done by “Islamists”) to secure its Rooskee influence there, and they finished with mission accomplished. The difference with Ukraine is that Kazakhstan is already run by ally of Russia since long time, and nowhere near NATO/EU let alone “islamists”


Where’s the hypocrisy? What I’m seeing is people who understand al-wala wal-bara. They are loyal to the people who are ideologically the same…who are on the same deen.

Strangely, no state condemned this call to “Jihad” by the Ukrainian president. It might have been a good idea to remind him that what he is doing is illegal and that this is precisely what terrorist groups in the Middle East…”

Not really a fair comparison. Zelensky is the recognized wali-ul-amr of his nation.


I think the hypocrisy is not in the fact that there is clear in-group preference but that it exists simultaneously while those same politicians claim to essentially espouse values against in-group out-group preference under the banner of liberalism/secularism.


I agree. This should encourage us Muslims to have al wala wal bara for our own. I expect nothing less from the kuffar. They will always openly hate us until we leave Islam, may Allah forbid.

zul zilatil

im sorry but i think you are blinded. It is a clear hypocrisy, because if Russia is a Muslim country NATO would send 1 million troops, bomb Russian citizen to pieces and hang Puting ASAP like what they did in Iraq.Cant you see? All western media treated like this is something that never ever happen in the world when in the Middle east people are still suffering, war is still waging in Yemen and Syria, people are being killed everyday over there and in Palestine.

Bill Browder

Zelensky is a bloodthirsty zionist. He has no right to murder innocent Russians. He has no right to whet his fangs with the blood of Ukranian Christian civilians or military that he is sending to die to preserve zionist power.


Putler is the real 2ion!st (look up RT articles of him openly meeting Satanyahu to shamelessly ally and cooperate with the Khi1afat-e-Yehoodia) and the real bigger villain, and he is the one who started this by invading a stable peaceful country unprovoked. Ukraine did not invade or attack anyone else first, and Zelly did not start attacking russkies, he just inherited the separatist rebellion which was already there before his 2019 election. So it is clear that Putler is the bigger evil.


May Allah bless you for your work Daniel, it is much appriciated.

Ibn Al

Daniel did not write this article.


Kuffar will always support like minded people, it’s how they have always been


Yes and we Muslims should learn a lesson and support our own people.


The answer to all of this is for Muslim land to become strong, yet why is that even a point they don’t want Islam and Muslims. Maybe its better to manage the expectations by trying to fit Muslims where they are not wanted, and work on themselves instead.


First we have to overcome the Economic slavery of Islamic Nations…


And how can this “economic independence” be achieved?


The Russkie Ummah have their own Roosy Khi1afa called the Russian Federation, led by their Khaliepha and Emir-L-Cafireen “Abu Maria Bilad-Emir Bootin L-Moscowi”, and this country is working hard for years to achieve self-sufficiency. So instead of having Muslim nationS, we, the Muslim nation/umma need to make our own united Islamic/Muslim Federation led by our own strongman president (Khaliepha) who can make our Muslim nation great/strong again and self-sufficient like how Рutin did with Russia.


Brothers, i recommend watching professor John Mearsheimer’s talk on why Ukraine is the West’s fault. He “predicted” it years ago.

The link:

Last edited 1 year ago by Zemblan

Please try to cover the Ukraine war. Women are exempt from war and male 16-60 are not allowed to leave the country. They are making them to fight. Where are the feminists whom want equal right? Why they don’t fight like men do? Also also, isn’t 16 considered a child? Aren’t they criticising Muslim to allow child marriage because of their age? Too many double standards. Hypocrites


It’s not 16, actually the Conscription is for men aged 18-60. And yes you’re right there is a bit of double standards from the feminazis, regarding the lack of Conscripting women, but no hypocrisy regarding age.


We muslims should always support peace and justice, whether it’s for Muslims or non Muslims ; the kuffar are not our teachers.
We have a big responsibility

Last edited 1 year ago by Takeshi
Fahim al Emroz

Calling the west hypocritical in this situation, is an understatement.

Abdullah Ali

Just curious – why is Kosovo’s separation from Serbia a bad thing, especially for Muslims?