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What is worse than their woke feminazi/sodomist extremism is their lying deception, claiming to have full religious freedom and free speech when in reality they are just a woke sodomist feminazi version of the regime Muslim skeptic is a shill for. Both of them (Afghanistan and Scandinavia+France) are totalitarian autocracies brutally imposing opposite extreme sets of values, instead of allowing people to choose their values and lifestyles like how Muslim skeptic’s host country USA does.


Muslims in those France+Nordic lands should call on the woke extremists in power to look at how USA allows Amish/Mennonite+Haredi communities to live religious conservative patriarchal lifestyle in the west, then openly demand those French+Nordic woke regimes to give a clear yes-or-no answer if they can follow USA example by allowing Muslims in their land to live like Islamic version of Amish/Haredi. If they refuse to allow it, that’s green light for Muslim mass exodus from France+Nordic lands.