The Satanic Symbolism in Metaverse’s Ad: A Warning for Muslims

One of the ways in which mysterious satanic forces propagate themselves is through the use of symbolism.

It’s not unusual for Satanists to display their dark agendas in the form of subliminal messages in modern media. This perhaps has something to do with the idea of being ‘hidden in plain sight’.

But here’s a question: Could Satanists be pushing the metaverse? Let’s take a look at the occultist symbolism behind an advertisement released by Meta on YouTube titled The Tiger & The Buffalo.

Most of the people who’ve seen this ad describe a strange unsettling feeling as they watched it. The ad itself exudes an intuitively disturbing vibe that’s hard to explain.

Notice how comments and likes are disabled for the video. I guess too many people were noting their unease.

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The ad begins with a few unsuspecting children walking into an art gallery with some peculiar paintings in the background. These are actually the works of a real artist named Hilma Af Klint, who had occult ties of her own. She was part of a group called ‘The Five’ that would conduct ritualistic séances in order to contact strange beings they believed in. A Guardian article describes her unusual method of painting:

It was here, in 1904, that Af Klint received a “commission” from an entity named Amaliel who told her to paint on “an astral plane” and represent the “immortal aspects of man”. Between 1906-1915, there followed 193 paintings – an astonishing outpouring – known as the Paintings for the Temple. Whatever one’s misgivings about the occult, she worked as if possessed – in the grip of what can only be described as inspiration. She explained that the pictures were painted “through” her with “force” – a divine dictation: “I had no idea what they were supposed to depict… I worked swiftly and surely, without changing a single brush stroke.”

Was she possessed by Shayateen? If so, it’s not bold to assume that what these odd artworks portray is equally satanic.

These children are then met with a painting right in front of them, depicting a tiger that’s about to eat a buffalo. The tiger stops as it notices the children, almost as if trying to hide its true intentions from them, and says “This is the dimension of imagination.”

Artists recognized this to be a painting by Henri Rousseau. However, that isn’t the only origin of this depiction. In Zoroastrianism, a figure called ‘Ahriman’ represents the devil. This figure has been represented as being cat-like, and in one of the mythological stories Ahriman slays the ‘primal bull’. Its depiction in Zoroastrian petro graphs is strikingly similar to the one used in this ad (see feature image above).

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The bull is not innocent here either. Throughout the video, only its left eye is visible and bears uncanny resemblance to the Eye of Ra or Horus in Egyptian mythology. This is often represented as the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, a concept used by satanic groups to shamelessly claim equality of knowledge with Allah.

The video then spirals out of control as the kids are shown the world that is in store for them. Techno music starts playing in the background as these youngsters enter a hypnotic state, completely absorbed in the metaverse, without a care in the world.

It’s interesting to note how there are humans standing outside the frame of this painting (which represents the portal or entry into the metaverse) but only animals within it, almost as if it’s being suggested that one turns into an animal/beast within this ‘world’. And from the way these kids are giving into the music and the overall hypnotic vibe, this might be exactly what the ad makers were going for.

The planet Saturn, along with a massive hexagon, can be seen next to each other in the background. Occult symbolism and various mythologies have frequently used both Saturn and six sided shapes, i.e., hexagons, to represent Satan.

All of a sudden, these kids are in a forest, surrounded on all sides by snakes. This is a clear-cut reference to the biblical story of the Garden of Eden and how the Devil appeared to Adam and Eve as a serpent. Ask yourselves, why would Meta go to such lengths to produce such bizarre and blatantly devilish imagery?

So far, all the animals seen within this ad can be found in the real world too. However, now the focus is on a very unfamiliar looking creature. The camera pans as it dances and comes calculably to a halt, placing this creature in the center, right beneath the hexagon and Saturn. There is literally no animal we know of that looks like this.

However, again, there is a satanic link. This thing looks eerily similar to the portrayal of Satan used in Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil’s Bible.

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The video ends with the tiger looking at the bull, then back at the kids as the text ‘this is going to be fun’ appears. The predatory nature of this symbolism is, again, very clear. In fact, there have already been numerous complaints about how the Metaverse is extremely dangerous and inappropriate for children. In fact, just recently someone went onto Metaverse, pretending to be a young girl in order to see what would happen. Here are some of the highlights of that social experiment from a BBC article:

A researcher posing as a 13-year-old girl witnessed grooming, sexual material, racist insults and a rape threat in the virtual-reality world.

One man told our researcher that avatars can “get naked and do unspeakable things”. Others talked about “erotic role-play”.

BBC News also spoke to a safety campaigner who has spent months investigating VRChat and who now posts his videos on YouTube.

He has spoken to children who say they were groomed on the platform and forced to take part in virtual sex. He chooses to remain anonymous because he is concerned for the safety of his family.

Everything about the rooms feels unnerving. There are characters simulating sex acts on the floor in big groups, speaking to one another like children play-acting at being adult couples.

She described one incident in a Meta-owned app where she encountered a seven-year-old girl.

A group of men surrounded them both and joked about raping them. Ms Allen said she had to step between the men and the child to protect her.

Can you imagine this technology being used on a global scale? As commonly used as the internet and social media? Children will grow up in a world where they will be exposed to hyper-sexual material by disgusting perverts from a very young age. Imagine the mental and psychological problems these children would develop growing up. Not to mention how this is the perfect petri dish to indoctrinate these young unsuspecting minds into all forms of satanic ideologies. It’s no hidden fact that even now children can easily access all kinds of dark material online, including pornography. Metaverse is going to be a strongly amplified version of this, with the severity of the effects being dire.

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All this symbolism, from the infinity shaped symbol of Meta, to the two horns it momentarily produces during its logo transition, to the satanic imagery in their advertisements, are an announcement . An announcement that they’re creating a new world, better than the one that already exists. Better than the one created by Allah Almighty.

Such arrogance rivals that of Iblis himself. They know fully well that they’re bound for Hell. By pushing people into this hyper-sexualized domain of devils, and by making them submit to the idea that this is a better alternative than what has been given to them by Allah, they want to force people to the extreme brink of Shirk, and drag as many down to Hell with them as possible.

Isn’t this exactly what Iblis wants? What Muslims need to realize is that Metaverse is entirely antithetical to Islam. May Allah protect the Ummah from this Fitnah. Amin.

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Kufr is disgusting man
Alhamdulillah for isla.❤❤❤❤❤❤


Lord bless you and preserve u for putting the smiling emoji
Finally its less dry😁


This is why I suggest for the umpteenth time on this blog that the sunnah-approved solution for Muslims is to do hijra to rural areas & make Islamic version of what Amish & Haredi have been doing for centuries (isolated low-tech self-sufficient farm villages living off the grid), then these modern high-tech fitna & social-cultural-ideological fitna won’t even infect your rural youth to begin with, and they will remain overwhelmingly pious conservatives just like Amish/Haredi today


On the other hand, every time new big thing comes, there is always some oulemaa who angrily call it haram & demand Islam country to criminalize it, then most Muslims gradually get used to it over years and even mullahs who used to haramify it start using it themself. This happened for printing press, photo/video/camera/TV, photo-ID cards, women driving, girls schools, & crypto. Metaverse may be next, & even Muslim skeptic may eventually start using it to rant his Talibanistic ideas


Ok, troll.


Everyone should save screenshots and copies of Muslim skeptic’s recent articles opposing the metaverse. Then a few years later, show him those same articles that he wrote earlier in 2021/2022, after he has already joined metaverse and made an account/avatar to carry on promoting his anti-woke pro-Talib ideas there. The metaverse woke police will allow him to preach there for a while and let him gain a few new followers, until they decide to censor and kick him out like how they did on Twitter.

slow boil method

Ever since the 60s, there seems to have been a big push for these evil satanic ideologies in the west.

The recent thing with that Lil Nas X was obvious. It has been a slow boil method, with starting with something small, and making worse step by step

Mai M.

From the first moment I learned about that metaverse thing, I didn’t feel comfortable one bit. As if the world is not already messed up with social media that we need this! Utterly disgusting and disturbing.


Why’s everybody talking about this Saturn storm cube stuff I don’t get it


I’ve just disabled my Facebook Account after reading this article. Would urge everyone to do the same.

Btw, there is another thing which this article missed out. The opening line of the Tiger from the Ad is “This is the dimension of the imagination” which is a direct quote from “The twilight Zone”. The genre has been describes as follows;  fantasy, science fiction, absurdism, dystopian fiction, suspense, horror, supernatural drama, black comedy, and psychogical thriller.