Postmodern Imperialism: Will the West Kill Muslims for Trans Rights?

The West has been killing Muslims for all sorts of reasons. We’re not democratic enough, not feminist enough, and so on.

But it now seems that another letter of the LGBTQ+ religion might be given such consideration: The “T”, which doesn’t stand for “testosterone” of course, but “transgenders.”

The BBC reports about the “plight” of the transgenders in the Arab world, with the dramatic title “Helping trans people escape death in their home countries.” After giving some anecdotal examples of “persecution” and “martyrdom,” the article says:

There are still many countries where being transgender – where a person’s gender identity is different from the sex they were registered as at birth – is heavily stigmatised.

Amnesty International warned that the climate had become particularly bad during the pandemic, with many trans people “isolated with hostile family members” and unable to access healthcare or wider support.

It’s quite intriguing to note that here the BBC attacks, not the “society” (a generic word which might be confusing), but the family unit, or “hostile family members.” It’s as if they were agreeing with the “conspiracy theorists” who rightly claim that the whole LGBTQ+ movement is an attack on the family and, ultimately, on civilization itself.

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After detailing the so tragic profile of transgender “Iman,” comes an interesting statement:

After going through so much, Iman resolved to keep a low profile and concentrate on her job as a performance artist.

But a political awakening came through the death of George Floyd in May 2020 and the Black Lives Matter protests. Iman says the “toxic masculinity” that fueled the problems reminded her of the way she had been treated back in Egypt.

“BLM” and “toxic masculinity.” Here we see the innate unity of all these Leftist movements. Despite the superficial dissimilarities, they recognize each other, are aware of belonging to the same nexus, exactly like a White Muslim would recognize a Black Muslim as his brother during Hajj, Leftists too have a trans-national solidarity, of sorts, in their authoritarian ideology.

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The BBC continues:

In the Middle East, LGBTQ+ people are often stigmatised and subjected to harassment and violence based on their sexuality and gender identity, often at the hands of their own family.

For trans people, life can be particularly dangerous. Being trans is often considered “immoral”, and transgender people are often regarded as “criminals” or “blasphemers“.

It’s always fascinating how mass media can freely twist words to sound more sensationalist… who ever said that the transgenders are “blasphemers”? Why does the BBC feel the need to inject some religious terminology here? More generally, why does the secular media use the theological lexicon only when the context is negative?

The article ends with a shrill call to action: “Take it to the streets” (about the pro-transgender demonstrations “Iman” participated in). Isn’t that threatening? You can basically call for revolutionary activism in the name of transgenders’ rights, which is yet another demonstration of Western-liberal cultural imperialism.

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This BBC article unintentionally makes it look like the Middle East is the only sane place left on earth.

In fact most people reject it, even in the West. This stuff is only pushed by far left liberals.

Seems like this trannie business is meant to lay the foundation for transhumanism. Wouldn’t otherwise understand why it’s pushed so aggressively worldwide.

Ibrahim Ihsan

The reason they used the word ‘blasphemy’ is because the so-called ‘trans’ person seems to reject her fitrah which can become a form of kufr. And the reason they are calling for protests is because they think they should get Middle Eastern era to reconsider their values. This is the free world, and I’m not being sarcastic as that is in many cases a fact for the Internet. What did you expect?

Last edited 8 months ago by Ibrahim Ihsan

We should make our own movement to rival and satirize/parody LGBT+. I call it VPCC+. P for polygyny. C for Chastity or Cousin marriage (both taboos in the west). The other C for concubine (“Maa-melket-aimankum” in Quran). And V for Virgogamy (an English word I invented from Latin and Greek roots, meaning marriage at less than 18 years old). Some Muslim should organize new annual VPCC pride parades where they wave VPCC pride flags. Then spread it to NonMuslims like how they spread LGBT to Muslims


If West kills millions for not being woke enough, then Muslim skeptic wants to beat up, jail or massacre even more millions of people all over the world too, why? Just for making or consuming music or movies, just for men not going mosque, just for not wearing beard or burka, or just for women going out without family man or working in most jobs. IS khawarij did it, 5аudi used to do it, & Muslim skeptic’s master IEA did it (or still does), and he wants to force that on entire world!


The proof is what MS said on his 08-June-2020 video “Is Jіh@d only defensive?” & in his debate vs ApostatProfet @ 33:40, he support creating new expansionist Islamic empire which does EXACTLY same thing as IS khwarij so is effectively IS-2 (conquer whole world to try force on everyone everywhere the same cruel laws as IS & IEA). In real life it is impossible to try impose this system on everyone everywhere against the will of local majority populations without mass-tortures and genocides


In the 2nd meme of Monday memes Take 77 (28-Feb2022) Muslim skeptic threatens to torture to death people he calls “liberal Muslims” (meaning conservative/orthodox Muslims who practice Islam but refuse to be as conservative/strict as his role models Talban and 1SI5). This death threat combined with his open Youtube support to make IS 2 (the expansionist pseudo-Islamic empire which does EXACTLY same what IS 1 did) is why Muslim skeptic’s critics rightly accuse him of being an 1S1S supporter.


grow up buddy. enough of trolling.