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This woman did my head in, seeing the 20 or so minutes I saw on and off from various intervals.

Why do you waste your time with such straw women, bro?

She has zero knowledge of fiqh and keeps nodding her head in denial when you mention fiqh.


People like her know deep down they messed up in life. Hearing what people like Daniel have to say is very confronting and painful. Talking loudly, over talking and head nodding is all meant to block out the uncomfortable truth.

If she’d played her cards right she’d have sons now studying to become mechanical engineers.

To be honest South Asian fathers are a major contributing factor in this problem. They’re too focused on materialism and status.


Brother, Islam isn’t for ‘asabiyyah, specially when you make sweeping generalizations.

Are South Asian fathers the only fathers with this problem? If there are others too like Arabs, Turks, Southeast Asians, Africans, then what’s the point mentioning just the South Asians?


Not at all. Simply an observation. Certain characteristics are more common among some than others. Yes, unfortunaly it’s becoming more common among all communities in this day and age. But this particular phenomenon is highly present among folks from that region…regardless of religion. The Far East is like this as well.


Ibn Khaldun described the characteristics of many peoples in his Al-Muqaddima. Nothing strange about this.

Turkic peoples tend to be more secular on average. The Lebanese are the most liberal among the Arabs. Malays tend to be very sociable and easygoing. Egyptians tend to be very loud. Americans tend to be melodramatic. East Europeans are more traditional than West Europeans. Scandinavians are egalitarian etc. etc.

Noticing this has nothing to do with ‘asabiyyah.


Ok, to me your comment just didn’t sound in the ‘noticing’ sense 🙂 coz I know South Asians (Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis) are very much education/career/dunia focused but also don’t give up on religious and cultural values easily. For that matter even kafirs like Hindus and Sikhs don’t give up on their culture easily despite embracing western materialism. It’s a very confusing mishmash of people living contradictions.


Not only south Asian fathers, also fathers from other ethnicities are doing the same


Give me the Islamic Arabic term for “women’s Islamic liberation”!

Love ya!


When women don’t have a husband and children past a certain age they’ll start to behave like this. They can’t hold in the anger and frustration anymore.

She didn’t come in good faith. Her aim was to rile you up, damage your reputation and isolate you socially.

The fact that she felt comfortable behaving like this with a non-mahram man is very telling.

Ps. notice how she had to emphasize that she has a degree in mechanical engineering.


Is she married?

Amr Madden

no she’s not she admits that near the end if the debate


This lady is delusional about the fact that birth rates are rapidly declining right now in many parts of the Muslim world ; as an example morocco and algeria both are having less children being born right now than for example 10 years ago and divorces are in constant increase each year…

She fails to understand that feminissm has yet started producing its first results in the muslim world.
The west did also have a big birth rate before feminissm and during the early stages of feminissm….


Women should have the right to CHOOSE if they want to follow domestic natural gender roles or professional careers, and cosmopolitan Muslims like me have utmost respect for those who are housewife/stay-at-home moms by choice.
Unfortunately it seems that Mus. skeptic and his blind followers here are not willing to give women the choice and instead want to beat up and jail or massacre millions or billions of women just for doing anything other than burka-wearing housewife and stay-at-home mother.