The Best Protection for Our Muslim Children

Yesterday, we were sitting as a family in the living room, my husband and I chatting as the kids played around us.

We had been talking about the ever-escalating current events, like the Swedish kidnapping of Muslim children from their parents, the warping of children’s fitra by the alphabet mafia, the increasing nihilism and atheism of people in today’s world. A depressing topic.

Distressed, I told my husband, “I’m worried about the kids. What kind of world are they going to grow up and have to face? What kind of human beings are they going to have to deal with in their generation? Who are they going to marry?”

Before my husband could reply, and before I could sink any further into my apprehension, my 9-year-old replied suddenly from his place near me:

“ماما، ما تخافيش. إحنا معنا أقوى سلاح: المعوذتين!”

“Mama, don’t be scared. We have with us the strongest defense: al-mu`awwidhatayn!”

I kissed my son’s forehead. My eyes teared up.

Firstly: parents, your child’s eyes follow you around and their little ears perk up at the sound of your voice. I hadn’t even been aware that he was listening so attentively, following the conversation so closely, and comprehending so deeply.

His answer reassured me in a way nothing else could have. Alhamdulillah.

Secondly: parents, your child can sometimes surprise you with their understanding; the teacher sometimes becomes the student.

My child’s حكمة (hikma, wisdom) and توكل (tawakkul, reliance on Allah) surpasses my own. Where I have weakness, he showed strength. Where I wavered in trepidation, he was firm with يقين (yaqin, certainty).

While I was distracted by dunya forces and concerns, he saw past all that to the Creator and Controller of the dunya and all it contains.

The mu`awwidhatayn are the two final surahs of the Quran: Surat Al-Falaq and Surat An-Nas.

Some of the Sahaba once asked the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم what they could say for protection, and he said صلى الله عليه وسلم:

قُل هوَ اللَّهُ أحدٌ والمعوِّذتَينِ ، حينَ تُمْسي وحينَ تصبحُ ثلاثَ مرَّاتٍ تَكْفيكَ من كلِّ شيءٍ.

“Surat Al-Ikhlas and the mu`awwidhatayan, if you recite them every night and every morning, thrice, will suffice you against everything.”


That includes everything I worry about, everything happening in the world today, everything I fear for my children in their childhood with me now and in their adulthood when I’m long gone.

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The Word of Allah suffices against everything. No matter how dark or dystopian the pre-Dajjal era we’re in seems, don’t be afraid for your children. Prepare them for it with Islam, with the Quran.

It will suffice them.

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Such a strong message from this young boy! May Allah protect him and all of us. Keep your good work up Um Khalid. These short messages give us a lot energy. God Bless.


Masha Allah. Nurturing children with the Quran and tawakkul on Allah goes a long long way.


I’ve been telling this blog and its readers for many months now the REAL solution which is also from Quran+Sunnah/hadeeth, and no one listens to me: Hijra to rural areas and make Islamic version of what Amish, Mennonite and Haredi have done for centuries (live low tech off the grid in isolated rural self-sufficient farm village) with a few Islamic modifications (such as no Rumspringa) and your children brought up there will almost certainly inshalla grow up to be non-woke religious conservatives


If you stay settled in big city (especially in the west) and bring up your children there, you take huge risk: even if you try give them religious upbringing, the chance of them becoming morally corrupt or radicalized by the west’s undeclared official Deen (wokery) is extremely high, or much higher than in islamic version of Amish villages. I saw many boys at the urban Islamic faith school I went to becoming morally corrupt or living munafiq/sinful double life despite religious parents/schooling