The Aurat March Is Dying. How Feminists Are Trying to Keep It Alive

Malala Yousafzai has had this to say about the recent Hijab ban in India:

“Refusing to let girls go to school in their hijabs is horrifying,” the 24-year-old women’s rights activist tweeted on Tuesday. “Objectification of women persists — for wearing less or more.”

This statement and others like it have a very clear goal in mind: To ensure the propagation of Aurat March.

Before moving on, let’s first find out what this march is all about.

The feminist plot to destroy a Muslim woman’s role in Islam and atomize Muslim families and communities took a vile turn in 2018 in the belligerent form of the ‘Aurat March‘. This is a fahisha-filled protest that has been taking place annually since its inception. These activists advocate for all kinds of ideas that go against Islam and, indeed, human nature, things such as gender equality and LGBT rights. Its main aim is undoubtedly the spread of immorality, and this is confirmed most strongly by their overused slogan, ‘Mera Jism, Meri Marzi’, which translates to ‘My Body, My Choice’.

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The word ‘choice’ has been these feminists’ protective capsule against religious backlash. They claim that their aim isn’t to go against Islam, and they just want to make the lives of ‘oppressed’, ‘under-privileged’, ‘uneducated’ women easier by empowering them to do as they please. Anyone who knows even a little bit about Islam knows how antithetical this idea is to the Deen.

However, after the recent attack on Hijab in India and the subsequent defense of it by our Muslim sisters living there, the Aurat March started to lose a lot of the momentum it has built up over the years. And it makes a lot of sense as to why that would happen. Alhamdulillah, a lot of Muslim sisters came to the realization of this protest’s perverse reality. They realized how wrong it would be for them to advocate for degeneracy while they’re sisters in India were protesting for modesty in a land that is severely hostile to Muslims.

Thus the desperate attempts to keep this movement alive. Malala’s words are very carefully scripted. In the tweet above, she clearly tried to tie the goals of sisters in India with those of feminists by making it seem like Hijab is a choice. And unfortunately, this idea has been incorporated into many Muslim minds today. “Why should we support the Muslim women advocating for wearing the Hijab in India? Well, because it’s their choice to wear whatever they want to, including Hijab!”

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What these Muslims don’t realize is that this defeats the purpose of Hijab. Islam ordains women to observe Hijab when outside and to stay indoors most of the time where they can maintain the household and raise the upcoming generation of Muslims. Hijab is an entire concept of its own, not just a piece of headwear. Hijab is an obligation, not a choice. And failure to understand this is why one may often see many Hijabis attending protests such as Aurat March.

So, by supporting the Hijab protests in India, feminists can paradoxically claim that they support the defense of Hijab while also promoting degeneracy. However, the backlash against feminist activism has not decreased. As the annual March approached, these feminists have attacked Islam directly, saying that the public outrage from Muslims aimed against their movement is totally unfounded, as their movement has nothing to do with religion:

The religious affairs minister cannot be denied his right to enjoy his view no matter how conservative–rather downright destructive–they may seem but attaching the notion of Hijab as an antithesis to a countrywide movement can hardly be expected to bring any constructive contribution to the table.

They even changed their slogan for this year to Ujrat, Tahaffuz, aur Sakoon, which means ‘reward (in the form of wages in this context), protection, and peace of mind’, to make it look like the march is all about women’s safety.

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And when even that wasn’t enough, they moved onto their last ditch effort. To try and link the Islamic way of life with abusive crimes against women. Because, keep in mind, their goal is to convince as many Muslims as possible that their liberal way is the right way. And they’ll use any kind of word and idea salad to get there. So, news pieces like this were immediately grabbed to revive Aurat March:

Fury in Pakistan after father ‘shoots dead his seven-day-old baby girl because he wanted his first-born to be a boy’

Unfortunately, this kind of murderous behavior, which is totally contrary and unacceptable in Islam, originates from ignorance and psychosis. This and a lot of other ignorant attitudes are relics from paganism and a way of life from back when the subcontinent was predominantly following ancient Hinduism.

This news has spread on Twitter like wildfire, accompanied by hashtags like #MarchToHoga, which means ‘the march will happen’. So now, these feminists stand atop a wobbling tower built on words that simultaneously claim that they support Hijab, are not against religion, and that living as Islam prescribes is what leads to female infanticide, and that promoting degeneracy is the only solution.

But alas, some Muslim women have still bought into this weird amalgamation of hypocrisy and the march took place in Karachi earlier this year. Although, the silver lining is that it only happened in one major city as opposed to multiple cities, like it has in the past.

Muslims are well aware of how common female infanticide was in the age of ignorance. And how it was Islam, not feminism that put an end to this inhumane practice. Therefore, my message to the feminists behind Aurat March would be this: If you want to protect women, why not advocate for the full implementation of Shariah instead? Just take a look into history, into the time of the Prophet ﷺ and the Companions, how well protected the Muslim women were. How swiftly justice was delivered to criminals who assaulted women. And how effectively that public punishment discouraged others from ever committing a crime like it. But will the feminists support Shariah?

No, because the safety of Muslim women is the last thing on their minds.

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I thought modesty and shyness was something natural for women…


It is. This is why women become feminists gradually…through the public education system en liberal media.

Compare a girl before going to high school with how she turns out once she graduates college or university.

Why do you think liberals are hellbent of monopolizing informations streams?


After college 0% shyness remains (the same after high school maybe a 10-15% shyness remains lol), this comes from the gender mixing.


Indeed gender mixing and the fact that the teaching profession is dominated by liberals and feminists.

Shame, shyness, taboo and honour are negative concepts to progressives. They hamper a girl’s ability to express herself and self-actualize, according to them. This is why they promote ‘experience’ i.e. ‘explore your sexuality’ and ‘experiment with drugs’…so you’ll discover what you like and who you really are i.e. ‘your authentic self’.


Very well said! I love how you called it “Aurat March” as not only that the feminist ideology is aiming at exposing the Aurat of the women but the organizers hypocrisy exposed the “Aurat” of this degenerated concept!


🤣aurat means women in subcontinent..thats why this march is called aurat march(women’s march)

Feminists support infanticide

Also, look at what feminism and LGBT has led to in the west, men being able to legally change their ID as women, laws forcing women to share women only spaces like bathrooms, prisons, changing rooms, even in schools, with such men and boys. There have even been reports of women being raped by such men in prisons like in California.

You even see such nonsense in new reports, where men who identify as women who raped and murdered women being referred to as women, like Chris Chan, and a recent