Divorce: How Feminism Wasted a Whole Generation in Morocco

Feminism is poison. A slow and insidious poison that destroys societies over several generations.

Its effects are beginning to be felt in the Muslim world, and not surprisingly, it is violent.

The Moroccan government has recently published the figures for divorce in Morocco for 2021. The findings are alarming, with a divorce to marriage ratio of 7/10. In other words, for every ten new marriages, seven couples divorce. This leads us to a figure moving toward 70% of divorces, a level of divorce without precedent in the Muslim World, overrunning even the Western countries.

Tab 1 shows the number of marriages. Tab 3 shows the number of divorces according to their type.

Such a result slowly causes disheartenment of young people regarding marriage. Government figures show that in 2019, 70% of young Moroccans were not interested in marriage; in 2011, the figure was only 40%.

Sky News:

A report carried out by the National Observatory for Human Development, a Moroccan governmental institution, and the United Nations Development Program revealed new figures that concern the social and economic life of Moroccan youth, especially after the crisis resulting from the Corona pandemic.

The document revealed that although young Moroccans are interested in the idea of ​​forming a family, their reluctance to marry was monitored in terms of numbers, as the percentage moved from 42 percent in 2011 to 70 percent in 2019.

Feminism in the Dock

Is it the fault of feminism?

I can already see the murtards and other liberals commenting on this article to blame the patriarchy or, even worse, Islam itself for this divorce pandemic amongst Muslims.

It is easy to dismiss these accusations, given that such a high divorce rate has never been observed historically in Muslim territories.

Isn’t it much more logical to admit that the massive increase in divorce is linked to the gradual rise of feminism and liberalism in the Muslim world, which has penetrated the Ummah through the internet and the new means of communication?

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On the other hand, Moroccan experts paint us a picture that is very similar to what Europe has experienced: change of mentality and disappearance of traditional values, trauma, fear of marriage, mistrust, and late nuptials.

Professor Hassan Raqeq said, “ It is necessary to pay attention to the social approach and spread the value that has diminished and is almost extinct, which is family and family solidarity. […] so that they do not fall into the trap of idealism promoted by television series and influencers on social media, for marriage is above all integration, coexistence, and sacrifice.

What can explain this disappearance of family values? Surely, colonialism, the education system – primarily inspired by the Western world – and liberal soft power are to blame.

Our countries are progressively entangled in a vicious circle. As divorce increases, the attachment to the family is likely to disappear while hurting marriages even more. Soon, we may have to cope with a society similar to Europe. A bastard society where people no longer know marriage and no longer live in kin.

Commenting on these figures, Professor Hassan Raqeq, head of the Family Mediation Committee at the Moroccan Center for Mediation and Arbitration, said that the phenomenon of reluctance to marry had taken an upward trend in recent years, especially between 2011 and 2019, and the rise continues to this day. […]

Hassan Raqeq […] attributed (refer) the failure of young people to marry to representations rooted in the minds through the experiences of parents or relatives and friends of unsuccessful marriages,

 […] several divorced women are more apprehensive than others about repeating the experience and entering a new marital relationship, especially if the first marriage was painful.

Is It Only Because of Feminism?

The decline in attachment to traditional values in favor of feminism may not be the only culprit in this family genocide.

The Sky News article suggests that certain anti-Islamic and even haram attitudes are also responsible for this turn of events.

Raqeq also mentioned that several husbands open the door to borrowing as soon as they enter married life. The repercussions of that may plunge the family into a dark tunnel that leads it to divorce. […]

For her part, Bushra Abdo, President of the Association for Challenge and Equality, considered that the high rate of reluctance to marry is ” returned ” because if these young people want to form a stable, harmonious, peaceful family without violence, they must first have a steady income because economic independence is essential to establish a marital relationship.

Abdo added […] It should be noted that the ceiling of the ambitions of young people has changed compared to the past. Today’s generation is looking for improving its conditions, through educational attainment and the acquisition of higher degrees that would allow it to raise its income and change its living conditions for the better.” And the matter is not limited to males only, but even young women are searching for luxury and self-realization before entering into married life.

Now the love of Dunya has filled the hearts of our youth and turned them away from what is important. Worse still, some of them go so far as to wage war against Allah by taking out haram loans in the hope of finding a stable marriage.

This is beyond silly!

When it is not feminism that undermines the Ummah, materialism encourages them to pursue the worldly rather than the hereafter. Furthermore, debased secularism pushes them to follow their man-made laws rather than the perfect laws of the Creator.

Feminism, materialism, secularism, all these -ism are names united under one banner. Like siblings, they all come from the same progenitor: modernism — the same modernism that promises to lead humanity toward a new order of transhumanism and the extinction of mankind.

Are you ready for this hellish nightmare?

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Bill Browder

It is worth noting that this is occurring after the Moroccan regime allowed in the curse of zionism. Feminism did not come from nowhere.


The moroccan authorities have a relationship with zionism since the independence from France; the monarchy got aid from zionists to survive the era of pan-arabic-socialist military coups.
What happened the past summer was only to make it public.

Ibrahim Ihsan

What does nationalism of a specific people have to do with a radical Western movement against traditional values?


Hassan Raqeq […] attributed (refer) the failure of young people to marry to representations rooted in the minds through the experiences of parents or relatives and friends of unsuccessful marriages,”

This makes no sense. Most people in every generation think their parents marriage wasn’t ideal. Morocco’s divorce rate started to get out of control after they changed the Mudawanna in 2003…which they were pressured to by the West (France in particular) and EU financed feminist action groups.


This change in law basically rewarded women by handing them half of everything a man owns plus alimony. Marriage thus became extremely risky business for men in a relatively poor country with huge male unemployment.

Instead of backing off and reversing course the Moroccan government is making the situation much worse. At the moment their major project is increasing women’s labor force participation rate. All this has resulted in a plummeting birth rate. Standing at the moment at 2.3


The reasons Morocco has such a high divorce rate is much like the West:

women’s increased focus on higher education and career
high male unemployment (extremely high in Morocco)
increasing individualism
less social control

The reason why it’s particularly high in Morocco compared to comparible countries is that the Moroccan government, media and NGO’s very actively push policies and lifestyles that inevitably have this outcome.

France is garbage

Why would Morocco obey their enemies (France) who hate them and want to destroy them?


Because their government represents the interests of the enemy.


Because there was never a 100% real independence.


Also kaafir men, white ones in particular use Moroccan women for “easy sex”. How can Muslim women be this way? A lot of these women are just looking for money and a luxury lifestyle as well. Before anyone says not all, I’m not talking about all but a large number of them are like this and Muslim women in other countries are not known for this.


I would be extremely careful with what you’re doing right here. Accusing women of the things your saying and implying here without specific evidence is from the major sins/kabair.

“Surely those who accuse chaste, unsuspecting,1 believing women are cursed in this life and the Hereafter. And they will suffer a tremendous punishment”

Quran 24:23


You are right, I don’t think I should have worded what I said that way. May Allah forgive me, ameen. However, it appears that Morocco has been targeted quite a bit in the secular liberal agenda to try and ruin any stability in its society. You made some excellent points about NGOs, their government and media doing all they can to destroy the fabric of their society.


Her accusations aren’t unfounded.

Morocco is known for its large sex tourism, unfortunately, and many women do these zina with Europeans because they think they’ll take them back with them to Europe.

Look up the case of Belgian journalist Servaty.


Looking at the bigger picture, it’s a plan to keep the population under a controlled number, the end result of this is a low birth rate.
It’s much more efficient than waging a violent war and eliminating your enemies.

The book “The art of war” : “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill”


The moroccan population (like most world’s population ) is defenseless against this traps designed by social engineers that know every secret of the human mind ; the only defense or antidote the children of Adam (pbuh) have to fight this poison is following the Qur’an and the sunnah.


Riba is the main issue here not feminism, which is manageable most of the time. Since Moroccans have been Westernized, they should just be living together instead of signing marriage contracts that are bound to eventually break.


And Morocco together with Algeria and Mauritania is one of the best counties where women still maintain their traditional roles. Very sad. It is as you mentioned partly due to education system, young men hit adulthood with no hard skills that could earn them money to their names, and the smartest, most energetic and disciplined of girls after having their highschool graduation grades they find themselves obliged to enter medical school or some other waste of life engineering field.

Last edited 3 months ago by Toufik

Well perhaps these are just the marriages that are being recorded legally and if and when a divorce happens the women get half of what the men own. And that may have pushed people to marry illegaly which isn’t recorded by the government and that’s probably the case. I doubt these stats really


It’s safe to say that a large number of these so called “female entrepreneurs” in the UAE are “female empowerment” activists. Birth rate is at 1.39 babies per woman.

The west is finally doing something about Islam being the fastest growing religion