Yes, Islam Forces Muslim Women to Wear Hijab

Question: Does Islam force women to wear hijab?

Well, if they don’t, they are liable for divine punishment according to Islam. So that is a type of coercion: if you don’t obey, you could get punished. That is force.

The fact that most Muslim women willingly abide by Islamic law regarding hijab does not mean that there is any less force involved.

I willingly abide by traffic laws. That does not mean that the secular state is *not* forcing traffic laws onto me. Or any other set of laws.

Secondly, in an Islamic nation or khilafa, even if women did not want to wear hijab willingly, they would be forced to do so. This is what Islamic ethics requires.

If men did not want to refrain from drinking alcohol, engaging in fornication, or dealing in riba, the Islamic authority would also force them to stop.

Is there anything wrong with forcing the populace to abide by the law? Of course not. No society could exist without some form of force. So, those who want to criticize Islam for its coercive aspects are forwarding quite a silly argument.

Just like any legal system, Islam allows free choice in some domains and restricts free choice in others. The question is, are those allowances vs. restrictions rationally defensible? Yes, they are, unlike many of the allowances vs. restrictions in liberal secular states.

For example, is it really a good idea to allow essentially unrestricted sexual freedom? This is arguably the worst, most destructive freedom that has been unleashed on mankind.

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dis gonna be good

Islam and liberals are the opposite of each other:

Islam- forces women to cover themselves

Liberals- forces women to strip naked

And that guy you are scheduled to debate, lol, that guy is quite infamous and notorious. Him and Vaush are gross people.

dis gonna be good


Liberal society gives unrestricted sexual freedom.

Islam forces us to teach our children that zina is haram.

Liberal society FORCES people to indoctrinate their kids that homosexuality and tranny-ism are good things.

Liberal society FORCES business owners to serve fags. If it were true capitalism, it would be my call who I do or don’t sell my products or services to.