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Fun fact: almost 1/3 of American men under the age of thirty are virgins. The folks that came up with this idea mistakenly thought that women mate select like men. Reality is: most women have no interest in most men. Most men have interest in most women. Liberalizing the sexual market has caused the formation of a sexual elite among men shutting many out of the market permanently. Ironically this has caused a rise in true misgyny. The reactionairy incel community being the most striking example.


Add to this that the sexual and marriage market is directly tied to the labor market. Men who have no prospects of ever having a wife and family have little incentive to apply themselves and be motivated en ambitious. There are a few books out there about this: Men Without Work by Nicolas Eberstadt and Coming Apart by Charles Murray.

Google “Labor participation rate is down to unprecedented levels”


That’s a very good point. I would also like to add (as a female perspective) that this is also causing problems for women in terms of insecurity in their marriage. Women know their husbands are exposed to exposed women, and hence feel anxiety regarding their own appeal. Not to mention this liberated culture is directly responsible for the body image issues faced by too many young women. I have no stats but the book “girls on the edge” is a good reference point.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabaraktuh brother Daniel. I really hope you read this and take this into account.
While I understand your stance during debates is to explain islam without taking a back foot, I truly think that people who get intrigued by yohr debates should also have an avenue to hear about the nuances in some of the statements that are argued for. For example, “wife beating” can be logically justified in the debate, but it’s nuances should be discussed in the post debate


Similarly the idea of “sexual access” and it’s nuance (i.e. you can’t do any harm or whatever, and valid reasons like illness etc exist) should be discussed

Another thing worth talking about coukd be that islam perfectly highlights the laws for men and women in a marriage, so if things go south, our qadhis have objective standards with which to judge the status of who is not fulfilling rights. In practice though, marriage involves both parties going beyond just the basics


I think some people who keep bringing dumb talking points against you, and more importantly, islam, need to see these things as well. Not everyone will spend time studying deeply about islam, but someone intrigued by what you’ve said in a debate might turn to your channel at some point, and could benefit from hearing the elaboration.
Jazakallah khayr katheera for all of your efforts.