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Note: This will be my last batch of memes for a while as I will be taking a hiatus from meme-making for the month of Ramadan. May you all have a wonderful and blessed Ramadan and may Allah grant you the ability to excel in worship and good deeds during this blessed month.









Note: the following memes are not my own.











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Ibrahim Ihsan

Why? I know that knowledge must be sought only if leading to the right path but how does that not include at least the commonly known forms of secular knowledge?


I agree. Heard from shaykh mustapha aladawi when giving fatwa regarding women studying in mixed uni, he mentioned the ayah قل هل يستوي الذين يعلمون والذين لا يعلمون. He said although this ayah is more applicabld and general to shari’ knowledge, there is no doubt that the one who also has worldly knowledge is superior to the one who doesnt. (Paraphrased)

Obviously, i think that is when a person does hv sharia knowledge and good in deen. Otherwise, they will b like the ayah يعلمون ظاهرا من الحياة


I’m scratching my head as to why this article loaded with no images.
Then I figured it out: the images are links to facebook. Which is a website I block on my network.

Oh well. Nothing lost.


I dont understand the point in the woman with cats

Bilal Rauf

Women who are unmarried usually cope by having cats.