Why Did Yaqeen Publish an Essay by a Prominent “Nation of Islam” Member?

Yaqeen Institute’s history of pushing deviant and even kufr ideas has been well documented at MuslimSkeptic and elsewhere. You can read our full review of Yaqeen here.

But a disturbing detail has come to light about another one of their authors.

For the record, Yaqeen has no problem publishing articles from a variety of questionable figures, including a self-identifying queer Instagram model. (What is shocking is that, nearly two years after our review was first published, the three articles and video lecture from this woman are still on Yaqeen’s site. Apparently, Yaqeen has no problem continuing to promote such a person to the Muslim community.)

The Nation of Islam

The Nation of Islam (NOI) is not a Muslim group and its adherents are not Muslim.

You can read more about their history and beliefs here.

To summarize, here are the core beliefs of the Nation of Islam according to Britannica:

1. A black man named Wallace D. Fard is “a Prophet (in the Muslim sense) and a Savior (in the Christian sense) and the very presence of Allah.”

2. Elijah Muhammad (1897-1975) is a messenger of Allah.

3. The white race was “created by Yakub, a Black scientist, and that Allah had allowed this devilish race to hold power for 6,000 years.”

The current leader of the Nation of Islam is Louis Farrakhan, who claims to represent (to be?) the Messiah.

To learn more about the Nation of Islam from a Sunni Muslim expert on the subject, follow Brother Idris Palmer on Twitter.

Who Is Nisa Muhammad?

Nisa Muhammad is a contributor for Yaqeen. She wrote an asinine article about how racist and intolerant Arab and South Asian immigrants are titled, “Black and Muslim: How Chaplains Can Empower Marginalized Students.” She also makes sure to include a note about Muslims who are “latinx.” Latinx is, of course, the LGBT term for Latinos. You can read more about her article in our review.

But what is the connection of this Yaqeen contributor, Nisa Muhammad, to the Nation of Islam? Is it some marginal, easy-to-miss, incidental connection that MuslimSkeptic is blowing out of proportion for the sake of sensationalism?

Well, not quite.

Nisa Muhammad has been an editor and writer for the NOI’s official newspaper, The Final Call, for 24 years. As of today, she has written 384 articles for the online site.

What makes Nisa Muhammad’s project especially problematic is her conflation of NOI with Islam. This is no different than Qadiyanis who pretend to be Muslim while trying to ingratiate themselves with Muslims.

On her Twitter feed, she includes references to Sunni figures as well as NOI figures, like Farrakhan.

Nisa retweets the “Honorable” Louis Farrakhan.




Why would Yaqeen have a prominent NOI member contribute to their site? The contribution was an essay aimed to teach Muslim chaplains. Does Yaqeen think that an active NOI member who promotes Louis Farrakhan should be teaching Muslim chaplains anything about Islam? Does Yaqeen want Muslims around the world to learn Islam from an NOI mouthpiece?

How is this not yet another instance of gross irresponsibility, misjudgment, and perhaps even malintent from Yaqeen?

Or is Yaqeen going to claim that they had no idea about Nisa Muhammad’s decades-long career with the NOI? It’s not exactly a hidden fact. On her social media, she is very open about her role in the NOI.

Doesn’t Yaqeen have an “editorial board” checking for these things? Does Tahir Wyatt want to explain this oversight?

Now, we will see. Will Yaqeen answer for such an egregious thing? So far, they have provided zero answers to the dire questions critics have asked about their work.

Or will Yaqeen quietly hide her essay, as they have done with some of the heretical essays they’ve published in the past, and delete all trace of their “error,” continuing to pretend like they are some trustworthy source of Islamic knowledge and research? Or perhaps, they will defiantly keep the essay up.

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Kyron Roots

May Allaah cause the plots of the infiltrators to be exposed and dismantled. And may He protect the real believers from being corrupted by their evil schemes.


may Allah save us fro the deviant imams and such institutions. may allaha keep us firm in his religion. ameen

Ibrahim Ihsan

Personally, I think they are a sham. I appreciate several of Yaqeen’s works but they have several writers that have innovative beliefs and when you get to the bottom of the page, they say they bring diverse people in order for proper Islamic research. I don’t get it, no one is going to bring a software engineer in order to teach engineering. Similarly, no one is supposed to bring people with unpopular opinions in order to preach Islam. What most scholars agree on is is the true path.