Palestinians Protest Feminist Treaty, Clash with Liberal Activists

Recently, protestors hit the streets in many Palestinian cities. Contrary to the norm, these protests were not against the Israeli occupation. Rather, they were against the secular Palestinian Authority.

In April 2014, the Palestinian Authority accepted the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) without reservations or declarations.

It’s no surprise that the UN pushes its anti-Islam liberal feminist agenda into the Muslim world under the slogan “Save Muslim women.” But what is surprising is that Palestine is the only state in the Middle East and North Africa region that accepted this CEDAW treaty without reservation.

But why Palestine in particular? This question can be answered by highlighting the recommendations made in the 2018 Human Watch report regarding the implementation of CEDAW in Palestine.

The report recommends the following:

1. Abolition of the law prohibiting adultery.

2. Decriminalize abortion and ensure legal access to abortion.

3. Allowing women to register their children at birth under a family name of their choice without the need for a marriage contract.

4. Enact legislation that abolishes any discrimination against transgender women and lesbians.

5. Raise the minimum age for marriage to 18.

6. Abolition the patriarchy (Qawamah) and ensure equality of men and women in inheritance.

7. Publish CEDAW text in the Official Gazette, which would make it binding as domestic law.

Clearly, these recommendations are mainly targeting the core of the Palestinian family by ensuring delayed marriages and allowing zina, which will lead to dysfunctional families that lack unity, morality, and fertility.

Allah warns us in the Quran about the danger of zina:

“And do not even approach zina, for it is an outrageous act, and an evil way…’’: Sūrah al-Isrā’, 17:32

Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim discussed the consequences of fornication on individuals:

Fornication and adultery combine all evils; weakness in commitment to the religion, lack of piety, corruption of manhood and the decrease of praiseworthy jealousy. You will never find an adulterer or fornicator who is pious, fulfills his promises, is truthful in his speech, maintains a friendship or has jealousy over his wife; he will be characterized by lies, deception, betrayal, and accepting prohibitions and not being mindful of Allah.” [Rawdat al-Muhibbin wa-Nuzhat al-Mushtaqin P. 360]

By dismantling the Palestinian family, the aim is to eliminate the one of the critical resources that has helped the Palestinians in their conflict with the Israeli occupation, which is human capital. In other words, CEDAW will achieve for the occupation what the military forces couldn’t achieve since 1948: destroying marriage, destroying families, decimating the birth rate, and thus crippling Palestinian society from the inside.

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What’s telling is that countries like the USA have refused to ratify CEDAW because it subjects the US to the whims of an international agency.

Republican Senator Jesse Helms described CEDAW as “a terrible treaty negotiated by radical feminists with the intent of enshrining their radical anti-family agenda into international law.”

The secular authorities are well aware of the extent to which these laws conflict with Islamic law, so from the time of ratification in 2014 until the beginning of this year, the authorities have been working hard to spread these ideas in educational curricula and training courses conducted by women’s rights organizations and NGOs.

The below picture is taken from a training course to a group of male and female university students. They teach them that “gender identity may change over time.”

The brave, Sharia-loving Palestinian protestors took to the streets to express their opposition to these reforms in several Palestinian cities such as Hebron, Ramallah, and Qalqilya.

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These demonstrations do not find much Western media coverage because the liberal activists who support the Palestinian cause are the same ones who support these feminist pro-LGBT reforms that oppose the Islamic Sharia.

Palestinian women are protesting in Qalqilya.
Protest in Hebron.

The Palestinian secular authority and the feminist organizations are outraged by these protests, and they are conducting weekly meetings to find a solution to counter these protests and continue solidifying their evil campaign. They are labeling the protests as “anti-women’s rights” and they are calling to shut down all anti-CEDAW social media pages. They even have gone so far as jailing one of the Imams in Qalqilya city, Shiekh Hadi Sabri.

People in Palestine are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of the CEDAW treaty and feminism, and they will continue to resist and defend the Sharia until Allah accomplishes what He has already destined.

“They plan, and Allah plans… Allah is the best of planners” (Quran 8:30).

Further Resource: Dr. Eyad Qunaibi speak agains CEDAW.

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Ibrahim Ihsan

Wow, as if Jews weren’t enough, now they want us to be as messed up as them. However, the Palestinian authority itself was never an organisation with Islam among it’s highest priorities, I guess that’s why they were so easy prey like how they were for communists. The UN sure is the kind of control freak who refuses to respect even the values of some of their founding fathers in favour of another and then they call us intolerant. Didn’t it occur to them that we are no fans of John Stuart Mill?


I agree. As a Palestinian myself, I think that Palestine sadly became more secularised and liberal, as non-religious and liberal authorities, with the help of the so-called liberal Palestinian ”supporters”, desperately trying to manipulate the Palestinians. But luckily, Palestinians are strongly firm in Islamic belief.

Last edited 3 months ago by ali
Mohammad alshuwaier

What our Palestinian brothers are doing is honourable 👏🏼

Elephant Man

These low lifes in the UN are nothing but the evangelizing arm of the liberals

May God curse them


subhan Allah