Disney Commits to Pushing LGBT: What Muslim Parents Should Know

The billionaire executives at Disney will stop at pretty much nothing to make sure kids are accept LGBT as good and beautiful:

A Disney executive vowed more inclusivity in its productions — as the entertainment giant works to make underrepresented groups, such as racial minorities and the LGBTQ community, account for at least 50 percent of its regular characters by the end of the year.

This ‘brave’ decision followed a protest staged by Disney employees advocating against a Florida bill that was recently passed:

In a rare public demonstration of unrest, about 60 Disney employees gathered at a park outside of Los Angeles, where they wielded signs calling on Disney to “protect LGBTQ kids” and chanted “Disney say gay. We won’t go away.

But just what is in this bill that has these die-hard woke warriors at such unease and prompted the corporation to be more insistent LGBT propaganda?

Dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by its critics but formally known as the “Parental Rights in Education” bill, the text of the legislation states that “classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through [third grade]” or “in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards” in other grades.

Third graders are around seven to nine years old. So, according to Disney, these children under the age of 10 need to be exposed to sexual orientation and gender identity material as young as kindergarten.

How dare they stop us from exposing children to sexual matieral?!’ is more what this protest sounds like.

Disney’s solution is to instead incorporate more LGBT material into their movies, TV shows, and media. Cartoons that millions of children will consume.

One of the most widespread tools utilized by evil organizations like Disney to shape public perception and spread liberalism is the film industry. And the reason it’s so widespread is due to its effectiveness. Movies and shows have consistently affected public opinion, in part due to their popularity and ‘talk of the town’ aspect. But there’s a larger reason that underlies this effectiveness. And that is the nature of the medium itself. Through the use of storytelling, acting, and various filmmaking techniques, a movie can be made to support any narrative, regardless of whether that narrative is objectively right or wrong.

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And that includes LGBT content. By playing to emotions, liberals forgo the need for logical argumentation to justify their positions in the eyes of an often trusting populace. This key aspect of the liberal modus operandi is used everywhere, from politics and news to schools and universities.

But entertainment media is perhaps the place where this tactic is most clearly on display. Through the use of convincing actors, or the insane amount of detail now possible through CGI and visual effects, dramatic atmosphere, heartbreaking music, sob stories, etc., movies don’t need to appeal to reason to convey their message. Forget reason, tradition, religious principles, even basic biological facts. Forget all of that and just feel sad for this ‘poor’ gay kid ‘oppressed’ by his family and ‘shunned’ by society.

Unfortunately, some Muslim parents consider cartoons to be just harmless animation. They see some animated characters moving and dancing around in an animated background and think, well it’s just cartoons. How can a mere cartoon divert my kid from the straight path? How can a cartoon turn my child against Islam? And so they leave their kids unmonitored, left alone to consume countless hours of such content.

The thing is that these cartoons and animations are designed to have a deep lasting psychological effect on children. They include cues and signals that are designed to leave certain desired impressions. Readers may be familiar with the ongoing trope of satanic symbolisms in modern media. Does that not have an effect on people who don’t know about it? I’m reminded of a story I heard as a child.

A child asks his father why they recite the Qur’an despite not understanding Arabic. The father gives his son a dirty basket and sends him to fetch water from a well. The boy complies and sets out to complete the task. However, when he raises the basket from the well, he notices that by the time he returned home all the water had drained through the holes in the basket. So, the father sends him out again, and the process is repeated multiple times. In the end, the son tells his father that the basket won’t fill, to which the father points to the basket and the son notices how clean it is. He then explains that this is why they recite the Qur’an. Though they may not understand it, the recitation itself has a cleansing effect on the soul.

Now, the point of this story isn’t that we shouldn’t learn Arabic or try to understand the Qur’an. That’s obviously something that all Muslims should endeavor to do. Rather, the point is that the Qur’an has a positive effect even on the souls of non-Arabic speaking Muslims, who may not understand the meaning of the verses they’re hearing/reciting.

Similarly, there is a negative impact of watching and consuming media with evil messages imbedded in them. And this is true especially when talking about animation giants like Disney, whose cartoons are filled with subliminally saturated songs and images.

If you know the positive effects of listening to the Qur’an, just imagine the negative effects of listening to these satanic songs.

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And to top it off, these animations are consumed by children, whose brains haven’t even fully developed yet. They watch these cartoons in their formative years, when their behavioral foundations are being constructed, when parts of their psyche are being formed. To consume such content at such a stage is seriously unhealthy, especially for Muslim children, who should be developing a love for Islam, learning about the history of Muslims, listening to the stories of Prophets and the Companions, etc. Instead, negligent parents leave them to consume ‘harmless’ satanic LGBT indoctrination cartoons by Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc.

A last thing to note is that targeting kids with LGBT content doesn’t just serve to fulfill the evil agendas of these groups, but it may be quite profitable:

A Disney executive has admitted that the company is seeking to increase diversity within the company because it is good for business, as the embattled CEO apologized to the LGBTQ community ‘for not being the ally you needed me to be’.

Karey Burke, head of entertainment, said that her son had told her: ‘Gen-Z is 30-40 percent queerer than other generations Mom, so Disney better get with it.

Is that an accurate statistic? Is “queerness” that common in the younger generations, or is this a false stat meant to make us feel like there is no stopping the tide? Is “going queer” really that profitable? What about all the revenue Disney loses from people who are tired of the alphabet people forcing everyone to accept them? Or conservative and religious parents who are now boycotting Disney?

In any case, Muslim parents need to stop allowing their children to freely consume this kind of material that harms their souls, and instead incentivize and encourage acquisition of Islamic knowledge. Parents can come up with all kinds of ideas and games in order to teach their children about Islam and connect with them.

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Turning Red

That new Pixar film, Turning Red, has all of these bad messages for girls, it includes the main girl “showing her panda” to make money (this seems to be an allegory to selling pictures of your body on places like onlyfans), promoting her being disrespectful to her mother by twerking to her while her friends cheer her on, and she even says to her mother “my panda my choice”.

So basically, Don’t show your children Disney films. They are open about the bad messages they show.


Disney is banned in my house. Not only in film format, but also clothing, apparel, toys, etc.

Majority of media (CGI, other) of the recent past targeted to children, has overwhelming bombardment, almost war-like, visual content, that, in my observation is eased into its watcher’s psyche via the dialog and soundtrack.

I’ve run some experiments: I’ve watched many sections of, or almost full, CGI movies on mute. In short, it was disturbing.


I’m over 60 and can remember when the Disney company made GOOD movies and cartoons. But that was when Walt and Roy were alive. Saw this garbage coming over a decade ago.


These kind of immoral shows subconsciously instill and engrain the LGBGTQ agenda – even if it is explicitly portrayed in their movies, it still mostly bypasses the conscious consideration of children and finds its way into their subconscious mindset.

May Allah (SWT) protect everyone (especially young children) from this dangerous Satanic indoctrination.