Palestinian Child Dies after Waiting for Israelis to Approve Hospital Admission

Amidst clashes with Israeli riot police at al-Aqsa comes this tragedy from Gaza, from the the family of Jalal al-Masri, whose baby daughter tragically died of a heart defect. The family had been waiting for permission to take their daughter to receive hospital care.

We don’t know if it would have saved her or not, but that is of course not the point. She deserved care. As some kind of cruel slap in the face, even after her death, her application to visit the hospital is still pending.

We can also find an article from yesterday about a new, sleek exhibit in a museum in Tel Aviv, the fruits of the Zionist project laid bare. As The New York Times article explains:

“Since early Zionists built the Bezalel art school in Jerusalem in 1906, the creation, display and discussion of Israeli art has been tightly entwined with the history of the Israeli state.”

But what’s special now, they tell us, is that some Palestinian art is included in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s collection. Putting aside the fact that this is about art so we shouldn’t care that much anyway—matters like Fatma al-Masri’s heart condition should always be infinitely more important to the NYTimes, to its readers, and to the Israeli state. But the reverse is true.

Allow art and “sophistication,” let Gazan children die, ensure the West sees how advanced and civilized this society truly is. After all, Europe has long prided itself in its exquisite works, all the while ravaging Africa and other parts of the world. No matter; the world still sees them as a great example of sophistication and high taste.

Maybe the museum curators’ had good intentions; the point is other, though. It’s about what’s allowed and encouraged— and what isn’t (i.e., trying to save an innocent Palestinian child’s life)—at the state-level and downward.

May Allah strengthen the hearts of Jalal al-Masri and his family and protect the people of Gaza and Palestine.

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Mohammad Talha Ansari

This is one death they can’t blame as human shield. Or maybe they will anyways? Who knows?


May Allah grant our little sister Fatima’s family patience ameen , our little sister is now in the highest ranks in paradise, no doubt about it.