[WATCH] Reaction to Mufti Menk’s “Explanation” of Israel Normalization Iftar

Further Info from Daniel:

I just posted a short reacting to Mufti Menk’s so-called “clarification.” Here are a few points that didn’t fit in the video:

1. He didn’t clarify or explain anything. He just described what everyone already knew. What was missing from his clarification was an acknowledgment of the meaning and significance of sitting with a chief zionist at what was essentially a PR event for Israel normalization. How does he justify this? Does he feel no shame?

2. This was not the first time Menk has done something like this. Just 6 months ago, he was at the marriage celebration held by some pro-India politicians in Kashmir. He did not apologize, let alone explain anything then either.

3. To make matters worse, rather than acknowledge his mistake and apologize, Menk has the audacity to accuse his critics of having bad intentions for calling him out!

4. Menk’s statement of solidarity with Palestine rings hollow when he is dining with their oppressors. What is amazing is we have yet to see him unequivocally condemn Israel. All he does is make generic statements about how he is so sad about “what is happening” and “wants peace.” This is not enough.

5. No one is questioning Menk’s intention, since only Allah knows that. But his intentions are irrelevant. We judge by what is apparent and his apparent actions have caused damage to the cause of Palestinians, which is the cause of the Ummah. He is accountable for that, whether he wants to accept that or not.

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Muhammad ibn Adam

Menk has shown time and time again that he is nothing but a sellout celebrity motivational speaker