Disturbing “Fetal” Remains Controversy: Islam and Abortion Normalization

Does Baltimore burn aborted fetuses for energy?

That’s the accusation, which seems to be substantiated with what is described on Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services’ website as well as here, though of course it’s difficult to say with complete certainty.

Curtis Bay is denying the accusations, though the two anti-abortion activists maintain they saw the Curtis Bay truck outside of a Washington, D.C. clinic that performs abortions.

That is when they say they convinced the driver to hand over the boxes to them.

All in all, they say they took 115 fetuses from the truck, naming the fetuses, burying them, and keeping five that were late-term abortions to try and find a medical examiner who could determine exactly how the abortions were carried out (they suspected some may have been killed post birth, although the local government has stated that these were legal abortions). When they weren’t able to find someone to do so, they gave the bodies to the homicide unit. Curtis Bay maintains that they do not deal with fetal remains.

But where did the contents the activists obtained come from then?

That the anti-abortion activists who obtained the box of aborted babies from Curtis Bay are being written off as crazy women who decided to hoard fetuses in their fridge is no surprise given the left’s dominant stance that abortion is a “woman’s right.” Their plan, they say, was to give them a proper burial and to expose to the public how gruesome abortion can be. The pictures of these fetuses—some fully formed—are horrific.

It’s simply hard to get to the bottom of this story, and that’s the point. Even if these were legal abortions, that this is considered normal (not something done only in extreme cases, such as saving the mother’s life) by a large portion of the public is most disturbing.

It’s somehow not easy for some to see how absurd, inconsistent, and fallacious is the “woman’s right to choose” argument for abortion. They maintain this is a woman’s right because it’s her body. But what if she decided to have the baby, and the father said he doesn’t want to pay child support because the baby came from her body, and she chose to carry the baby to full term and give birth. Could he use this argument in court? Of course not. He’d be forced to pay up.

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Some on the left who are pro-choice enjoy pointing out how “strange and contradictory” it is that those who oppose abortion (or abortion in most cases) are often OK with the death penalty. If you’re confronted with that argument, simply flip it on its head and ask which set of stances is actually contradictory: defending ending an innocent life and supporting ending the life of say, a murderer, or supporting ending the life of an innocent and defending  the life of guilty murderer?

The Normalization of Abortion: Pro-choice to Pro-abortion?

Make no mistake, most women who have abortions are not in desperate life-or-death situations. They simply do not want additional responsibility for whatever reason.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two cases of this, one from someone I knew personally who simply felt not ready, another from someone who had paid for a friend’s abortion when she asked in desperation, only to then be annoyed by her continued stories of going out and partying.

Recently, there’s been progress on a male birth control pill, something that feminists have demanded for some time. Would it’s presence on the market force them to have to change their “hands off my body” approach to their ability to reproduce? If a male’s birth control pill fails, or if he forgets to take it and his partner falls pregnant, can he force her to abort the pregnancy?

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This reality of abortion as just another form of birth control came to my attention at liberal arts college, when it became apparent to me that some young feminists actually liked to look at abortion as no big deal, as something acceptable to do in pretty much any case.

The portrayal of virtually all abortions as a life-or-death decision, burned in our brains through the image of The Handmaden’s Tale women standing solemnly in front of state capitals across the nations, is a farcical lie.

Maybe these activists in D.C. are lying about how they obtained these fetuses, or maybe they’re not. The fact that they have photographic evidence seems to support their side. In any case, it seems doubtful that the public will ever be given the full truth as to what was going to happen to remains of the aborted fetuses in D.C., and if that is the case, that in itself is telling.


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May Allah protect us from these mess


Allah swt save the ummah and allow us to find our purpose again ameen ameen

Hamza Çavuş

It’s a womens right to abort baby but the baby has no right to live?