Western Hatred for Hijab: Have Muslims Contributed to the Problem?

In France, the veil is considered both the symbol of Islamism and Islamophobia.

It is a piece of clothing that causes great controversy and disputes in the land of enlightenment every year.

With so much noise, one legitimately wonders, “What is it about the hijab that bothers the European?”

On a purely psychological level, for me, the answer is given by Marlene Schiappa – the former French minister of citizenship – who said in 2020 that “France is the country of libertinage.”

Sexual freedom and debauchery are so ingrained in the French mind that it is intolerable for them that a woman deprives them of the spectacle of her charm.

As proof of my interpretation, the word “beurette” – a vulgar French word designating an Arab woman – is the most researched category in France on adult websites.

Éric Zemmour was right when he said more than ten years ago, in a moment of insight, that the real problem of the French with the hijab was endogamy. The hijab signals that this veiled woman reserves herself for a Muslim man and that she is inaccessible to disbelievers.

So is this the reason why 65% of French people favor banning the veil in the street, according to a survey by the CSA institute?

In detail, 35% of those surveyed said they were “totally in favor” of banning the veil in the public space, while 25% said they were “somewhat in favor.” On the other hand, 24% of respondents are “rather against” and 16% categorically refuse to ban this religious sign in the street and other public spaces.

Another lesson of this survey is that this proposal is more supported by men than women. Thus, 65% of male respondents strongly favor banning the Islamic veil in the street, against 56% of women.

Behind the Veil

The rhetoric on both the left and the right doesn’t help make things more transparent. The political class itself seems confused on this issue.

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Politicians of leftist sensibilities tend to say that hijab is degrading for women and expresses inequality between the sexes. Those who lean to the right say that it is a political banner, a symbol of the Islamists, who seek to colonize the French visual space. 

Contrast this with what the Quran says quite clearly is the true wisdom of the hijab: 

And when you ˹believers˺ ask his wives for something, ask them from behind a barrier. This is purer for your hearts and theirs. Quran S33:53

The wisdom behind the veil is explicit. The veil is a tool of modesty, helping men and women to keep themselves free from depravity. 

So why don’t the disbelievers recognize this? 

Muslim reactions to European politics often categorically conclude that these anti-hijab outbursts are due to a blind hatred of the French people towards Islam. This seems reasonable. We all recognize the strongly anti-religious and anti-Islamic sentiment of the European masses. 

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But, let me temper this view.

The real question is: “How could the Islamophobes see the veil as a means of modesty when it has nowadays become a garish, immodest fashion statement?”

Every second, literally thousands of Muslim women post their filtered selfies on the internet. Instagram is full of photos of hijabis with made-up faces and lewd looks. Women in niqab share raunchy videos of themselves on Tik Tok and Youtube Shorts.

How do we expect Islamophobes to perceive the veil as the instrument of modesty and self-respect it is supposed to be?

These Muslim women were the first to weaponize the hijab in this way. And Muslim men are not off the hook. Where are the husbands, fathers, and brothers preventing such moral decay? 

To make matters worse, many of these women have tried to wield the hijab as a political weapon.

Take, for example, the disgusting dialogue that took place between Macron and a Hijabi in Strasbourg, a few days before the elections: 

Hijabi to Macron: Are you a feminist? 

Macron: Yes, of course. 

Hijabi: (Laughs loudly) Ah, that’s good then, sir! 

Macron: No, the beautiful thing… Are you a feminist?

Hijabi: Yes, I am a feminist.

Macron: Are you for equality between men and women?

Hijabi: I am for equality between men and women.

Macron: Can I be intrusive?

Hijabi: Yes. 

Macron: Do you wear the veil by choice, or is it imposed?

Hijabi: It is by choice, totally by choice, sir. 

Macron and the Hijabi sister in the middle of a huge crowd

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There is a lot to be said for this conversation. But the fact is that from the start, something is wrong. How can you inspire modesty when you stand defiantly up to a man, eye to eye, in a crowd of men and women and laugh loudly?

All of this contributes to the change in non-Muslim perception of the hijab. It has become a symbol of confrontation, rage, defiance, protest, feminism, disruption, i.e., all the things that contradict modesty.

None of this is to defend the vile Islamophobic attacks on the hijab by Western politicians and people. Many of them would hate the hijab no matter what.

But we need to also exercise some degree of self-criticality. How has our community’s distortion of the message of the hijab contributed to the negative sentiments around it from non-Muslims?

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 This seems reasonable. We all recognize the strongly anti-religious and anti-Islamic sentiment of the European masses.”

True. Many Europeans tend to be very aggressive in their atheism. Particularly those of the baby boom generation. Boomers have a deep hatred for religion because they grew up in a time when the church was still dominant. Gen X thinks religion is silly. Millenials are relatively neutral. Gen Z seems to be more conservative and is moving back to religious believe.


Not all europeans are the same, for example french people are different than german people or portuguese are different than british…
As for the new generations becoming more religious, that’s not what I perceive as myself being a generation Z living in europe. Generation Z are even much more atheist, and they are going to be less “pro-traditional family structure” because half of them have grown in broken families this without talking about the “cultural marxist” propaganda.


For sure not all Europeans are the same. And indeed differences between countries can be large. Southern Europe is very different from the North. Mass secularisation really only started beginning the 2000’s in Spain for instance. Many people in Gen Z (in the West) are children of immigrants. Boomers are largely native folk. The increased social conservatism can also be witnessed by phenomena like #metoo, the red pill movement and the sharp rise in the political right.


The increasingly aggressive dawah from progressives known as woke culture seems to be a panic reaction. Progressives do not produce offspring of their own, at least not in sufficient numbers. To maintain their cultural dominance they have to convert people to their way of thinking.


I too notice that many boomers are lukewarm Christians, apathetic towards religion &/or agnostic. Looking at Easter services from across the street in a Northern European country I noticed the handfuls of people that trickled in were the elderly & non-European Christians!

Both Generation X & Millennials were exposed to the heydays of the supposed superiority of atheism propaganda trends that pervaded the Internet in the 2000s & early 2010s. 1/2


Thus, lots of Gen X & Millennials in Western countries are apathetic, atheists or agnostics. Gen Z are living in the most socially challenging, godless, confused & degenerate times so now spirituality is growing as a pushback. That’s why we see now the wave of astrology, crystals & other shirk & “ret-rn to trad” Christianity being adopted by younger millennials & Gen Z. Gen Z mashallah are less visibly hateful & more “normal”/open towards hijabis etc than boomers. 2/2


Have noticed the same. The West is becoming too technologically complex and socially cofusing for too many people. To make sense of the world many will grab on to some sort of cause or believe.


Mass secularization in spain began in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when they transitioned from the dictatorship into democracy and joined the European union. Before that it was much more conservative and religiously catholic , then it changed rapidly into what it is today, a very liberal society with rampant atheism. Is this not a proof that Christianity has lost the intellectual battle very long time ago?


I saw the video where the hijabi confronts Macron.From the start its all wrong :she was comfortably in a crowd full of men too close, she raised her voice and laughed screaming to catch everyones attention, she is a proud feminisst and on top of that she was holding macron hand! during their conversation.
She is lost and doesn’t understand the message of Islam and its basic rulings.
She is a walking red flag for any sane Muslim man.May Allah guide her and the likes of her, ameen