Why Muslims Should Be Wary of Joining Imran Khan’s Cult

Editor’s Note: This article should be read in conjunction with this: Bloodlines, Dynasties, and Imran Khan: Who Should Muslims Follow?

Imran Khan is becoming quite the popular face among Muslim youth these days, and not just in Pakistan. Unfortunately, this fandom is becoming more and more of the ‘blind supporters’ kind:

Most among the hordes surrounding Minar-e-Pakistan see Imran Khan as a messiah, whose follies either do not exist or can be attributed to someone else, ideally the corrupt system or a foreign plot.

Whether or not the military engineers the next polls, should the outcome not come in the PTI’s favor, Khan’s faithful, tens of thousands of whom thronged Minar-e-Pakistan on Thursday, are ready to take on whatever comes in between their leader and the throne. If it means taking on the omnipotent military, they say they are up for it. Despite, or maybe because of, his ouster, the cult of Imran Khan is at an all-time high.

The massive rally being referred to took place on Thursday, 28th April 2022.

But the real question is:

Putting all the politics aside including the recent instability in Pakistan’s government, does Imran Khan deserve the allegiance Muslims (and not just Muslims in Pakistan but globally) are lending him? Is he truly the champion of the Ummah, some kind of a ‘Mahdi’ figure who will revive the Khilafah and unite all the Muslims under one banner?

We need a more sober understanding.

One of the biggest deviations to have linked its name to Islam in the world today is extreme Sufism. Particularly in South-East Asia, this movement is getting larger everyday with more people flocking towards it. In fact, let’s take Pakistan as an example of how popular extreme Sufism and shrine worship has become.

Imran Khan, the man who has claimed to want to revive and establish the same Islamic rule that was established during the time of the Prophet ﷺ, dubbing this vision as ‘Riyasat-e-Madinah’, is not only someone who is influenced by perennialist ideologies, but also someone who has in the past publicly prostrated to a dead figure at a famous shrine:

A recent video clip showing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan prostrating himself at the shrine of a revered Sufi saint in Pakpattan has sparked a heated debate on the social media.

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In heat of this, his blind supporters came rushing to his aid, defending him with arguments like ‘it is his personal faith,’ and ‘he is not harming anyone.’ The same old tired liberal rhetoric. However, Khan has put out his own defense as well:

“Millions of people gather at his shrine to show their respects and devotion towards the revered saint. It is wrong to say that I prostrated myself in front of the shrine … I only paid my respects and expressed my devotion towards him by kissing the doorsill of the shrine,” he added.

Is this an acceptable answer though? What about the complete and utter forbiddance of this act towards anyone but Allah?

Ibn Maajah (1853) and al-Bayhaqi (14711) narrated that ‘Abdullah ibn Abi Awfa said: When Mu‘aadh ibn Jabal came from Syria, he prostrated to the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him), who said, “What is this, O Mu‘aadh?” He said, I went to Syria and saw them prostrating to their archbishops and patriarchs, and I wanted to do that for you. The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said, “Do not do that. If I were to command anyone to prostrate to anyone other than Allah, I would have commanded women to prostrate to their husbands. By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, no woman can fulfil her duty towards Allah until she fulfils her duty towards her husband. If he asks her (for intimacy) even if she is on her camel saddle, she should not refuse.”

This version was narrated by Ibn Maajah, and was classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Ibn Maajah.

Prostration, or sajda, is the ultimate act of submission to the one it is directed towards, and it is an act that Muslims, who follow Islam (lit. submission), direct only towards Allah, submitting to His Will and His Will alone. Can someone who directs this act towards a long gone human corpse, and performing additional rituals like kissing doorsills, be considered the unchallenged reviver of Islam?

The Muslim Ummah should be outraged that a person claiming to want to bring back the Sunnah would commit such an act.

But why is this extreme form of Sufism so popular these days? In huge part it is due to the rampant ignorance of even the basic teachings of Islam. Many have not learned, sadly, that prostrating in devotion to a grave is a ritualistic act of Shirk.

It is sad to see that certain figureheads our youth look up to these days increasingly consist of popular celebrities who partake in Shirk rituals, whether prostrating to graves or pouring libations.

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Even putting this antic aside for a second, does Imran Khan really want to establish ‘Riyasat-e-Madinah’ as he so boldly claims?

On several occasions he has made it abundantly clear that this ‘State of Madinah’ he envisions is one he found in his travels to Western countries, honing in specifically on the tendency of Western civilians to stand up for justice and demand their rights against oppressive governments, that their calling out unjust governments was something to be mimicked in an ideal Islamic nation. This caught several Muslims off guard, as it’s quite clear that the Western, especially American liberal social justice activism has been a tool for generating mindless drones who are brainwashed into thinking what they stand for is justice, while what they actually endorse is whatever the government wants them to endorse. So, does he want Muslims to turn into such drones who only believe in causes the State and its media apparatus tell them to?

It is blasphemous to conflate the current degeneracy of the West’s social justice activism with the Haqq established in Madinah by our Prophet ﷺ.

Let’s Give Credit Where Its Due

Khan is someone who has fervently spoken in favor of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters who are suffering under the Hindutva regime, which many Muslims have applauded him for doing.

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However, not once has he spoken in defense of our Uyghur brothers and sisters, suffering under the totalitarian CCP. Instead he has outright denied their genocide:

When asked publicly about the Uighurs, Khan’s responses range from declaring he knows little about the issue to saying he is discussing the matter privately with Beijing. In October 2020, one of his top advisors, Moeed Yusuf, went so far as to say that the government is “100 percent satisfied” that the situation was a “nonissue,” adding: “We have zero concerns, absolutely zero concerns.”

What makes it worse is that under his government, Uyghurs who once found Pakistan a safe haven from the tyranny of China are being bounced right back into their clutches.

I very well understand that the Ummah is fervently in search of a figurehead these days. Someone to look up to and follow. But the thing is, even without an apparent political military figure, we have the best of the best. We have the Messenger of Allah ﷺ to look up to. We have his Companions (May Allah be pleased with them) to look up to. All we need is read about them, and gain knowledge of their actions. Instead, some of us hop on the hype-train and inadvertently end up following a shrine worshipping liberal activist who denies Muslim genocide.

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For a follow-up to this article by the author, read: Bloodlines, Dynasties, and Imran Khan: Who Should Muslims Follow?

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Just befooling Pakistanis and the world in the name of Islam to establish a, according to him, Reyisat e Medina. If he was a little sincere about that, firstly he should have demolished the democratic Pakistani constitution and established Shariah which he did not do in his 4 year ruling. He’s just a so called Muslim who’s wants attention of the masses.

Mohammed Saad

I am not an ardent IK supporter but seriously be realistic. Will western powers really allow a Nuclear Muslim country to establish an Islamic state, realistically he’d be assassinated and the country plunged into civil war. People can talk and criticize but atleast make a valid point. None of the Muslim countries are giving us their unwavering support which is why we were forced to go to IMF….


What a joke you really wanted IK to enforce Sharia Law in Pakistan in less than 4 years.
This is what happens when random people start expressing their views on topics they know nothing about.


Bro not at all, people are not following him cz they consider him as some kind of a “massiah” Pakistanis and others are supporting him because after a very very long time somebody as a leader is at least talking about Islam on the international levels and also confronting Western powers. Everybody’s role model is Prophet Mohammad(SAWW) but we have to be realistic that in today’s world you cannot find people like Prophet Mohammad(SAWW) or Sahaba, we are all not perfect, we can all play our part!


I absolutely agree. I don’t necessarily support everything he says but I see him as a much better option than Shabaz Sharif


Why do you think he’s a better option than Sharif?

I could be wrong but I’ve never seen Shahbaz Sharif do open shirk.


Where in the world do you live in? Shehbaz sharif whole party visited data darbaar the shrine of ali Hajver. They are all qabar parast who worship tombs


“they all are qabar parast who worship tombs” any picture or proof of that ? dont say stuff you have no proof of


bro i think shahbaz sharif is a better option that imran in terms of performance etc but still i think islamically pakistan will continue to deteriorate as people are becoming more and more westernised modern etc


saddam hussein too wasnt example of good muslim leader, but we all know what happened since his death…


Islamic political discourse starts with Islamic rhetoric. Please don’t shut down people who use Islamic rhetoric.


I don’t condone his deviant perennialiist views. But at the same time I give him credit for trying to help the poor and downtrodden in his society. His agenda was to alleviate poverty in Pakistan
You should also mention the reason as to why he stayed silent on the Uyghurs. Not that it’s justified but Pakistan is in a very tough place both economically and politically and instead of allying with USA or Russia, 2 countries with a history of anti Muslim intervention, they chose China this time.


In summary, I don’t agree with all his views and statements but I see him as a much better option than Shabaz Sharif


lol “they chose china this time” this is hoax no work was being done on cpec for past 2 years it was stopped during imrans tenure and guess what who wanted cpec to be stopped , well the very country that he accused of regime change was after stopping cpec. btw imran’s children live with a rich jew (jemima goldsmith) whose brother zac a staunch supporter of israel really raises voice for imran khan and how great imran is. imran even was willing to accept israel as state in his tenure.


CPEC was not stopped at all infact some of the major projects were started in Imran Khans tenure. I dont know where you are getting your information but when again was Imran Khan willing to recognize Israel. I can bring you clips of him saying that until the people of Palestine are not content we will not accept Israel. Can you bring proof of him saying otherwise or maybe hinting at accpeting Israel.
If not then you need to delete that part of your comment for spreading misinformation.


i agree khan did everything he could to alleviate poverty… if a large number of poors are still alive its not his fault.. we shud give him credit for trying his best


In order to establish pseudo “Riyasat -a-Madina Khan has set up two institutions, Alqadir University, and Rahmatul Lil Aalameen authority. Just have a look at the board members of these two institutions
Sayyed Hossein Nasr
Yasir Qadhi
Hamza Yusuf
Joseph Lumbard
These people have published a translation of Quran “study of Quran” which has enormous examples of clear deviation
A these people have the perennialist views of uniformity and equality of all religions, imran himself buys it


Imran the brave who couldn’t send strong message as asked by the nation of sending back French ambassador.
The one who freed Aasiya bibi just from the fear that we may fall in some greylist of FATF or so yet can’t help Aafiya siddiqui our sister wrongfully accused. The brave who continuously shouted against tyrannical government of Musharraf that sold civilians for dollars yet accepted all members of same cabinet and did nothing against the culprits. This brave khan in just three years has don


I agree with that. Though he doing something good this is not enough for making someone amirul islam or like this. And we belive that democracy is not the way of establishing Emarat e Islam. He basically came in power by the military, if next time Imran khan elected in democratic way of course he won’t establish emarah.


Timely article.

I also saw IK making dua in a mazar before a grave fairly recently.

Muhammad Usman

I agree with all the criticism that the author has put here. Its a sad state of affairs in Pakistan. The problem is that we Pakistanis don’t have much choice in politics its either him or some corrupt politician who just wants to build his oen empire.

Mohammed Saad

I.Khan is still the best option we Pakistani’s have, I admit he has flaws but realising that Pakistan as the only Muslim country with a stable and strong military and a nuclear power, we have been entrenched in corruption for so long empowered by both insiders and outsiders. We can’t expect to have a Mr Perfect to pop out magically. In my opinion even if he himself can’t achieve anything, just the fact that he broke the cycle of corrupt family dynasties and proudly stood as a Muslim is a start


Dear Crypto Cranium,

What kind of a standard is this? He is not Mahdi (as) so he is a liberal shrine worshipper we should reject? Sorry, this is not a sound writeup. He is doing something right that made him a target of a certain group, that i hope you’re not a part of. This article of yours consciously or not is finding excuses to justify this targeting. They say Rome was not built in a day. The Khilafat will not be established in a day. A civilization does not depend on one person….


..and not built in one day. Some of the most sound Muslims today are spiritually sound as a basic article of imaan (often called Sufi leaning) and they tend to be orthodox. Some of the most misguided Muslims today are called Salafi and Wahabi, who follow Islam by the letter but not in spirit and end up rather liberal. I understand both the Salafi (who are completely faux orthodox) and Sufi (who are openly deviant) are subject of long colonial subversion. And uighur situation is not as…


…clear cut aswestern msm says it is. The level of nuance displayed by Imran government is rather appropriate i find.

What i find most baffling is the timing of your article. Imran did not visit sufi shrine few days ago. Your publishing about that and other things now conveys a different meaning altogether, and it’s not healthy. The Muslim world has been lucky to have had someone like Imran Khan


“,who follow Islam by the letter but not in spirit…”

How would you know that it isn’t done by spirit?

This suggests knowledge of people’s niyah which implies possession of ilm-ul-ghayb…I hope for you you’re not doing this intentionally.

Even the Prophets didn’t have ilm-ul-ghayb. This is reserved for Allah alone.


Terrible logic. These so called salafis are tools used by zionazis. How i know is by studying and interaction with them. The way you wrote that is as if im talking about an inanimate painting. They tend to have hardly-spoken blind faith in western institutions. They are more concerned about destroying Iran and Syria than about zionazism just as West wants them to. Misguided subverted people. If that doesnt alarm you, that’s your problem


If ur talking about Salaf then ur talking about (just recent names) Al-Albani, Ibn Baz, Al-Uthaymeen, Saleh Al-Fawzan,….
If ur serious about ur claim then I doubt u understand what Salaf is.
I recommend u watch a video where Imam Al-Albani discusses with someone what it means to be a Salafi, and hw if u follow rasululah and his companions (i.e upon the Sunnah) then ur automatically a Salafi. Of course with proof from the Quran and Sunnah (Hadith)


“that i hope you’re not part of “ lmaoo bro just because someone pointed out a reality that goes against your clearly hardcore beliefs doesn’t mean hes part of some conspiracy theory. your statement quoted above makes me burst out laughter . tell me did america also conspired by sending cryptocranium here on muslimskeptic 😂😂. whats even funny is imrans claim that america conspired against him and told him thru a letter that we’re conspiring against you 🤣😂. even a caveman wouldn’t buy this lol

Saeed Maroof

No one consider him a messiah or mahdi actually Pakistani people suffered too much from curroption, nepotism, and status co of all other political parties that’s why currently they have no other choice than to support Khan.


I partly agree with you brother. The perrenialist views and bowing down at sufi shrine he should be questioned about for sure. But he is one of the only honest politcians in Pakistan and he cares for the country unlike the other politicians. Is he the best? No. But hes the best we got for Pakistan. He’s done a lot of good things as well, such as calling out the RSS ideology and propagating the Kashmir cause in front of the UN with fiery speeches. What other muslim leader has done that?


Its a sad plight we are in that we have to take Imran Khan as our so called Messiah of the age. Aggreeing with all written above, he is currently the best hope for Pakistan and has the best mindset as compared to all the other “influencial” politicians. The ones that are upon haqq have either not reached out to the masses enough to convince them and/or the public is just not ready for Haqq. The fact that the global muslim community is looking upto him for hope is just very sad.


Same could be said about Erdogan. He enjoys much support in the Muslim world but he too has major issues in his aqeedah.


Modern politics is a whore’s game. Even the Salafi Saudis are not just silent, but cooperating with China on their atrocities on Uighurs – just like the perennialist Imran.

Very few people know that the so anti-Shia Saudis actually are very close to many Ismaili Bohris.

This was a balanced article and the author is right in saying Imran is misguided in presenting his utopian western model as ‘Riyasat-e-Madinah’. That said, most ‘Muslim’ politicians today world are affected by perennialism.


Just see what the ‘grand imam of Azhar, Ahmad Al-Tayyib’ said about christians, more so in Ramadan! Sisi, Jordanian royals, the list goes on… The Emiratis building a ‘Abrahamic’ worship house … Where do we stop!

I’m unashamedly follower of authentic Sunni Sufis, and I would suggest the author not use the word ‘extremist Sufis’ but rather ‘misguided Sufis’.


MuslimSkeptic’s very own mufti, Abdullah Moolla has cited celebrated ‘extremist’ Sufis like Imam Ghazali, Imam Rabbani Ahmad Faruqi Sirhindi who did not incorporate deviance into Sufism. Salahuddin Ayyubi was an ‘extremist’ Sufi.

There’s no doubt that Sufism gets afflicted with deviance many times, and authentic Sufis are the first ones to always point it out as deviance – including this time in Pakistan, calling out Imran on his softness at qadiyanis, along with all the rest of his antics.


The reason Sufism gets abused by deviants is because misfits deliberately or mistakenly only partially talk about the bedrock of Sufism – الحب في الله والبغض في الله – love and hate only for Allah’s sake!

They latch on to jahil, unrestricted “love” of any and every thing/person that appeals to their fancies, without considering the rulings of the Shariah AND at the same time they forget about the second aspect of it – hate for Allah’s sake.

Imran Khan congratulates hindus

Imran Khan also congratulates Hindus on their festivals of shirk:

Wishing all our Hindu community a happy Diwali.

— Imran Khan (@ImranKhanPTI) November 4, 2021




I am sorry to say this but I am thouroghly dissapointed by this article.
I dont know where the author is from but he clearly doesnt know about Pakistan its politics and history and the current political environment in Pakistan. You are blatently accusing Imran Khan of so many things many of them you dont even know the full story about.

Last edited 8 months ago by Omar