Eid in India after a Month of Violence and Destruction

“This is the most painful Eid with the worst memories for Indian Muslims,” remarked Mohammad Habeeb ur Rehman to the Associated Press.

His comment was in light of the overall hatred and violence that Muslims in India have been facing under Hindutva-ruled India.

In general, the country is facing a problem with communal violence. Let’s look at what’s transpired from Eid until now.

On April 17, 16 people were arrested in New Delhi as a result of clashes between Hindus and Muslims that took place during a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of the Hindu god Hanuman.

Following those clashes, authorities in New Delhi destroyed Muslim-owned shops with bulldozers. The Supreme Court then ordered a halting of the demolitions. Nonetheless, the AP reports that authorities continued with destruction of property for an hour after the order. This included demolition of the entrance and the stairs leading to a mosque.

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A week before that (April 10), Hindu mobs terrorized Muslim neighborhoods in the city of Khargone in Madhya Pradesh, during a Hindu celebration of the birthday of Lord Ram [Ram Navami Festival]. Both sides then began throwing stones.

According to the AP:

“On April 10, a number of people were injured after anti-Muslim songs were blared through speakers during a procession to mark the birth of the Hindu god Ram in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, local media reported.”

Violence also ensued in three other states, Gujarat, West Bengal, Jharkhand where Ram Navami was also being celebrated.

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The next day, authorities bulldozed around 45 buildings around Khargone, with most (though not all) belonging to Muslims. The authorities claim the buildings were illegal.

This destroyed the livelihood of some residents, two of whom The Indian Express quotes as describing:

Rafeek Mohammad, 50: “‘I do not support the rioters and I want them to be arrested but why was my shop demolished today? How will I sustain my family of 17 now? Will the CM explain?’”

Narendra Sureshchand Gupta: “I had taken the shop on rent from the masjid committee authority, and no notice was given to us. Had the committee got the notice, they would have told us. We learnt about the demolition an hour before they brought in the bulldozers. Since I live nearby, I rushed in and, with help from others, managed to take out whatever I could.’”

This spurred the issuing of a curfew on May 2-3 (with a relaxing of it for some hours on May2), requiring that Eid prayers be made at home on May 3, when Indian Muslims celebrated Eid.

Some locals had also decided to partake in an economic boycott of Muslims.

Things do not appear to be looking up for Muslims in India, and BJP rule and overall popularity remains strong.

Let us remain conscious of Indian Muslims’ struggles and of the dangers posed by Hindutva, and let us keep our brothers and sisters in India in our dua.

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Zaid Diaz

Looks like the time for using rifles and machine guns are coming sooner…

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

I’m not from Pakistan or India, I hope no one gets offended. I’m wondering if the partition of India was the right decision to do. Had it not happened then the number of muslims would be similar to the number of hindus(pakistani, indian and Bangladeshi muslims together). This would have made muslims safer and hindus would not have this huge margin of control and decision in government that democracy gives them as the biggest population group.
What’s your opinion people?

A Pakistani

No, partition was the right decision. The British were putting hurdles in place to ensure that Hindus would have power over Muslims in the sub-continent after they left. Without partition it would more or less be the same situation except with even more Muslims.

Most people in the sub-continent have a very docile (not in a good way) attitude. At least with the existence of separate Muslim states there is an attitude of Islamic identity and antagonism towards the concept of a secular state.

A Pakistani

Here’s the most telling sign. I’ve met hundreds of Indians in my life. Regardless of religion about 80% of them have directly said that they wish partition had never happened.

I’ve met thousands of Pakistanis and a few Bangladeshis. Not even one of them ever said that they wish partition had never happened.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

I understand. It pains me seeing how the Indian muslims have been left behind in India after the partition, what is the solution for them? It’s expected that the bangladeshi and pakistani muslims are happy with the partition because they benefitted, but what about the indian muslims that could not move to the newborn state? I read that Dr. Zakir Naik said having a opposed opinion about the partition.
We can’t forget the huge numbers of muslims that died in that partition.

A Pakistani

The solution is for the Muslims of the sub-continent to come back to Islam, unite and take down these wannabe tyrant Hindutuva. Establish a reunited India/Pakistan/Bangladesh under Shariah, as was the original intention for Pakistan, which was never achieved.

They clearly want to eradicate Muslims from this land, we need to step up and put them in their place. Unfortunately, the likely future is a war.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

As you mentioned, Pakistan or Bangladesh aren’t even ruling with Islamic law. And what you say is impossible to achieve with todays nuclear weapons.I would like to see an article about the partition of India, because it was something huge.As abickiya writes, the RSS were already existing and thriving before, but if muslims were also in huge numbers what would stop muslims from creating rheir own militias to put the RSS in their place?I think the partition weakened the position of Indian muslims

Last edited 11 days ago by Yusuf ibn Tashfin
A Pakistani

There’s over 200 million Indian Muslims already in India. A massive population. If there was a commitment all that you said would’ve already been done.

Nuclear weapons mean no nuclear war. War still occurs and will continue to occur. I don’t like war either but the fact is you’re dealing with a group that has made 100 years worth of effort to make India a Hindu supermacist state. They’re at the cusp and not going to stop now. People might not like to hear it, but war is inevitable.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Even with a conventional war it would be a huge disaster
In my opinion if there was the same number of hindus and muslisms the hindutva extremists would not dare to do what they do now because there would be revenge. Now muslims can’t even defend themselves, they are outnumbered and Muslims live scattered and most are poor without resources. Also if muslims were more in number ex-hindus that want to convert to Islam would be more protected and would not fear the backlash from hindus


Wouldnt have mattered. People in the Muslim League in the 30’s realized this and started pushing for Pakistan. Unless we have a clear majority, the hindutva would keep on pushing for genocide. The RSS ideology existed long before partition.