Christianity Is Losing the Most Followers BY FAR: What Are Apologists Doing About It?

Religious switching is when a person converts to another religion or leaves religion and becomes “unaffiliated.”

Charts like this prove how delusional most Christian apologists, like David Wood, are.

Christianity is BY FAR the religion currently losing and projected to lose the most amount of followers in the next 30 years. Where are these ex-Christians going? They are pouring into the unaffiliated category, i.e., the atheists, agnostics, “spiritual but not religious” category.

What is causing this tidal wave of apostasy? Have Christian apologists figured that out yet? Hint: It’s not Islam (unfortunately).

But most Youtube Christian apologists just focus on Islam and Muslims, while the main source of Christian apostasy — liberal secularism — goes completely unaddressed on their channels. Why?

Three Reasons:

1. It is more profitable to attack Islam. Pure financial incentive.

2. It is also safer to attack Islam. Arguing against liberalism would attract more backlash from powerful liberal secular entities, including governments, corporations, and the liberalized masses who will slam you for criticizing the liberalism they have been indoctrinated with.

3. They are liberal secularists themselves. These Christian apologists accept fully all the core ideas of liberal secularism, so why would they criticize it? They essentially think that Jesus Christ wrote the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution himself! So of course they are not going to criticize that ideology, and wouldn’t know where to start even if they wanted to.

To a certain extent, you have to pity these people. They are the victims to the same monster that is swallowing everyone up, including many Muslims.

But then, you see that many of them don’t seem to care. They realize the real problem, but they care more about money. So they continue to make their dumb videos about Islam and actually team up with ex-Muslims to laugh at Muslims.

How foolish!

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Christian apologists are busy making anti-islamic(only anti-islamic, not anti-judaism or not anti-hinduism or not anti-atheism) and making money on that.


I wouldn’t be surprised if people like David Wood supported the Roe v Wade decision even though traditional Christianity has always banned such practices.

But then again these Christians (or closet Atheists?) seem to have one motto: “If it makes me money, so be it!”.


christianity is a pagan belief which has nothing to offer for this age.

its religion is only for the weak lazy & astray who belief someone else paid for their sins.

Most christians don’t believe in almost of the laws in their own bible. So how can they convince anyone else of their book?!