Kevin Samuels Is Dead: What His Supporters and Detractors Don’t Realize

Kevin Samuels, the famous non-Muslim relationship coach, died last week.

Samuels proved to be a source of controversy both in life and in death.

NY Times:

Kevin Samuels, a YouTube and Instagram personality whose blunt lifestyle advice aimed at Black men and women drew a legion of admiring followers and a chorus of detractors who condemned his views as outdated and cruel, died on Thursday in Atlanta. He was 57.

His death was announced by two friends and fellow YouTube personalities, Dennis Spurling and Melanie King. Mr. Spurling, who is also a lawyer, identified himself as a family spokesman in an Instagram post.

The Atlanta police said he was found unresponsive on the floor of his apartment. No cause was cited.

Describing himself as an image consultant, Mr. Samuels had transformed in recent years from a personal stylist into a social media celebrity who built his following on an image of plain-spoken, hypermasculine authority, usually wearing a finely tailored suit. The approach brought him more than a million followers on both YouTube and Instagram, and many of his supporters viewed him as taking courageous stands for what they called traditional values.

Samuels’ main contention was that women’s pursuit of education and career is destroying marriage and the lives of millions. Besides this, he argued that modern women overvalue their worth to men. Women who are “average at best,” as he put it, believe that they deserve to be married to men who are “far out of their league.” This self-delusion on the part of women has fueled a marriage crisis. Samuels’ Youtube channel is dedicated to fighting this crisis.

The news of his death evoked heated debates all over social media, with those who strongly supported his fight on one side, and those who absolutely despised him for it on the other.

As Muslims, how should we react to such news?

How should it make us feel?

Before we get to that though, let us first make it very clear that what we most certainly must not be doing is mimicking the analytical approach some preachers have been opting for.

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Reactions to his death have been far too academic or political. They’ve exploited Kevin Samuels’ image in order to turn him into a symbol. His detractors were using his death as the perfect opportunity to attack his views, whereas his advocates were fixated on highlighting the distasteful behaviour of the feminists rejoicing over his death.

It can be very tempting to use someone’s death in order to champion a fight, to turn them into a political martyr to unite and bring people together behind a specific message. And sure enough, some will try to defend that, arguing that they are merely fighting the fight of the late Kevin Samuels.

But hold on. Why can’t we just put feminism and patriarchy aside for a moment?

Seriously, woe to these people! Only last week, a man who lived most of his life in luxury fell down soulless onto his apartment floor. Yet these secular souls no longer reflect on the deeper meanings of such occurrences. The same thing can happen to any one of them at any given time. Are they prepared for such a fateful moment? Of course not. Are they busy preparing themselves? No. Instead, they just go on mindlessly with their meaningless existence.

Imagine – just few days before he died, thousands of people were watching Kevin Samuels streaming videos live on YouTube. Not for one second did it occur to them that they were witnessing some of the final moments in this man’s life.

Are these people really so engrossed in all of this that they’ve become numb to the inevitable reality of death?

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Many of these red-pilled individuals praise the Sharī‘ah as a perfect system which preserves Society and acknowledge Islamic Law as the only true solution against the evils of feminism. Yet these red-pilled individuals are also deluded by modernity. Most of them promote fornication and hedonism. They lament gynocentrism as the greatest evil of our time when they themselves submit to a gynocentric worldview, where they make women the be-all and end-all of their very existence.

It’s about time they accept and submit to what they already know deep within their hearts to be true: Islam – the only path that leads to success, both in this brief life and the eternal life of the hereafter.

By doing so, they’d discover their purpose in life and the key to true happiness. They’d also be preparing themselves for their own personal encounter with that inevitable fateful moment.

Then he shall be recompensed for it with the fullest recompense.

And that to your Lord is the ultimate end.

Qur’ān, 53:41-42

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Social engineers first started to experiment on the African-American community. They provided the women with all kinds of education and career opportunities while undermining and impoverishing the men. They both literally and figuratively turned that community on its head. If you want to see the aftermath of feminist policy and progressive politics look at that demographic. In the West they are the canary in the coal mine.

Bruno al-Andalusi

Not only African-American community. All the western society


As others pointed out about how he’s a hypocrite irl (divorced multiple times, no problem with zina, etc.) imo a lot of his stuff that he preached still had facts in them.

Modern dating collapse, women with too high standards while not meeting those standards, and men not being masculine. He’s hypocritical but factual. Like how a thief may condemn another thief for stealing, he may be making a hypocritical statement but it doesn’t take away its still a factual statement.


Anyways, we shouldn’t put him in a pedestal either way. He just happened to be the rare mainstream figure talking about common sense stuff. Let’s ground ourselves with the Quran and Sunnah so we can really tell what’s the truth from falsehood.