Sadhguru: Popular Hindu Yogi Welcomed as Honored Guest in Saudi Arabia

Hindu yogi (yoga guru) Jagadish Vasudev, famously known as Sadhguru, was recently in Saudi Arabia – the “Land of Tawhid” – for one of his supposed ecological projects.

ANI reports:

Riyadh [Saudi Arabia], May 14 (ANI): Offering all help to Sadhguru and Isha Foundation’s objectives, the Muslim World League, one of the influential international non-governmental Islamic organizations on Saturday pledged its support for the global movement to Save Soil from extinction.

Sadhguru elicited support from the Islamic organization during his visit to Riyadh, where he met with Dr Mohammad Bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa, Secretary-General of the Muslim World League.

“We have already loved you a lot. We loved you even before seeing you and when we saw you, we fell in love even more,” Al-Issa told Sadhguru during their meeting.

Sadhguru launched the Save Soil Movement this March and is currently on a 100-day, 30,000-km lone motorcycle journey across Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East in an effort to build global consensus for urgent policy-driven action to save soil from extinction.
“In so many ways we have found differences between each other in terms of nationality, race, religion, caste, creed. It has become very important that we find some common factors or common ground for all of us. Soil is that one thing,” he [Sadhguru] added. He further said that “soil is not only an ecological issue, it is also a way of bringing humanity together.”

The Muslim World League is infamous for its extremely problematic “Abrahamic faiths project” – within which, it seems, they may potentially be considering including religions like Hinduism. This also fits in with the current geopolitics of many of today’s Gulf monarchies.

This article will be focusing on why this Hindu yogi is not deemed a threat by the secular world, which despises religion.

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Pop-Spirituality: Secularism’s Religion

Sadhguru has been gaining popularity within the West as well as in his native country, India. This is mainly due to his fluency in the English language as well what’s seen to be his wit regarding what’s considered to be “spirituality.”

His Isha Foundation focuses on ecological conservation and “spiritual retreats.”

One would likely assume that his “spirituality” would make him undesirable to the militantly secular West. I mean, why wouldn’t it, right?

Well, it doesn’t. And this is because it’s an inoffensive form of pop-spirituality (or McSpirituality), which, being grounded in modern Western epistemology, is perfectly acceptable to the West.

In fact you only need to look at the titles of his books, which are mainly just transcribed lectures: Inner Engineering (his most popular book, which serves as an introduction to a 7-session online course); Inner Management; and Mind is your Business and Body the Greatest Gadget.

“Engineering,” “management,” and other such terms highlight that his approach to religiosity (or spirituality as he’d call it) fits well with a capitalistic approach to life. The way capitalists apply such bureaucratic rationalizations to work, is exactly what Sadhguru does with religion.

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It is therefore not surprising at all that Sadhguru himself endorses secularism. In fact he seems to consider secularism to be a sort of a religion in and of itself.

In an interview published on his foundation’s website, we read:

A secular way of life means a comprehensive and inclusive worldview in which differently committed groups will be treated with absolute equality in the eyes of a state constitution. While there may be sacrosanct personal allegiances to faith, caste or creed, all individuals in such an order will find equal opportunity to represent and rule the nation.

Therefore, “secular” does not mean being divorced from a faith, ideology or belief system, but rather the collective understanding that as you shall exist, so shall others. It is not a denial of faith, but the decision to allow everyone the freedom to pursue wellbeing and emancipation through whatever means they choose. It means allowing individuals of every persuasion to exist in absolute equality in the same nation state.

Putting aside the easily deconstructed catchphrases about the so-called “neutrality” of secularism, we can see why Sadhguru doesn’t threaten the secular West: he himself is secular, and he also actively promotes the beliefs of secularism.

A Hindu yogi promoting secularism is actually facilitated by the polytheistic Hindu religion, as it has no coherent definition of truth. As such, it naturally believes that truth could be found outside of Hinduism.

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Pop-Spirituality: Capitalist Taqiyyah

Why is it that the capitalist world fights “institutional” religion yet allows pop-spirituality?

It’s because religion is equated with rituals. Religion disciplines the ego and wrestles its desires. Whereas spirituality detached from religion amplifies egotistic impulses rather than suppressing them.

Pop-spirituality gurus such as Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra (an Indian-American “New Age” hack who publicly endorses Sadhguru) misinterpret scientific discoveries, generally related to quantum mechanics. By doing so, they can say that “you’re the universe in motion” or pontificate about “the power of the present,” and this is done with a specific purpose in mind – they impart such supposed “wisdoms” to try and get you to equate yourself with Allah instead of submitting to Him.

In essence it aims to turn everyone into miniature Fir’awns.

Institutional religion may be declining due to secularism, but millennials are just as “spiritual” as their religious seniors, so they’re easy prey for these gurus.

Capitalism even incorporates pop-spirituality in modern management theory (recall the titles of Sadhguru’s books). There exists a great deal of literature regarding how the modern corporate world integrates pop-spirituality into its workplace culture.

Why do they do this?

Well, those who push for this say it’s because it brings “peace of mind” to the workers and employees, and facilitates growth towards a “freer” and less “stressful” environment.

Do you see the trick being employed here?

This pop-spirituality basically anesthetizes the workforce, preventing them from feeling the pain of subjugation, pain which could ultimately lead to them adopting a revolutionary critique of the job culture and, consequently, capitalism itself. They are told to continue furthering their careers while working on their “wisdom,” “inner life,” and so on, thus further cementing the capitalistic system within them.

Google for example, has recreational activities in its offices, such as arcade games. This makes the company seem “cool” in the eyes of the masses. Whereas in reality, Google and other “Big Tech” companies have much more pressing concerns which need to be addressed, such as censorship or the manipulation of Big Data.

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It is unsurprising, then, that Sadhguru was welcomed to deliver a lecture to hundreds of Google executives and employees, as mentioned on his foundation’s website:

On October 3rd, Sadhguru was the keynote speaker at Google, where he addressed a crowd of 750 Google executives and employees on the topic “Developing an Inclusive Consciousness”.
Sadhguru spoke about how to create a culture of inclusiveness in the workplace and where we live. Individuals becoming more inclusive in the way they act and function is something fundamentally needed in the world today. Highlighting the recent tragic events that have happened around the world, Sadhguru emphasized the need to move beyond personal identifications and move into a more expansive way of experiencing life.

Sadhguru basically went there to endorse Google and to inject a small dose of pop-spirituality and the “culture of inclusiveness” into the workplace there.

There’s nothing radical or revolutionary about this at all.

He did not demonstrate any intellectual courage in speaking out against one of the beasts of modern capitalism, which has psychologically enslaved humanity.

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There have been many Indian gurus active in the United States for decades (such as Osho) who were all mainly popular during the hippie movement. Like them, Sadhguru just rides the tide instead of going against it. He merely tells the West what it wants to hear. And the West laps up his exotic “spirituality” because of its perpetual Orientalism.

In truth, this pop-spirituality is a sort of “opium of the masses.” Sadhguru just happens to be one of the most prominent traffickers of this “drug” in our time. This is the reason for the hype created around him by the West and the West’s minions, in the Gulf and elsewhere.

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Just want to highlight that he is accused of burning his wife alive, by his father in law


I too am irked that Bheria didn’t highlight three very important points:

1. He’s a murderer and a rapist according to popular talk in India.
2. Even if he isn’t technically guilty directly, he’s accused quite seriously and believed to certainly have a role to play in the crimes.
3. He’s considered a charlatan by many Hindus, both secularists as well as many extremists, who consider him as having devalued and diluted Hinduism for material gains.


Also he is popularly as corporate samiyar (corporate guru) because he runs a multi million dollar corporate ashram


His “soil conservation” idea also has shirk connotations – he sells packaged ‘holy desi’ dirt in his website

Basharat Ali Khan

This guru is also part of the evil WEF. He says he wants less soul on the planet, while commenting about his ‘save soil’ movement.

Minhaz Ahmed

Masha’Allah it’s a great piece of writing. Thanks to MS for publishing high-level works


“We have already loved you a lot. We loved you even before seeing you and when we saw you, we fell in love even more,” Al-Issa told Sadhguru during their meeting.”

This is even highly inappropriate for a very lax Muslim to say, let alone the head of an Islamic organisation. “Falling in love”, or isk in Arabic, denotes a level of sexual desire. Not even touching the subject that loving a kafir isn’t allowed Islamically. How can you love someone who openly calls to kufr?

Hunt Hunter

maybe al-Issa is a homosexual?


We all know that no one reaches the echelons of fame and wealth without selling his soul to the devil. He is a low life scum to the core. I mean look at his ultra ugly face which gives it all away. You dont even need to be a saint to decipher that.


1. I heard him in one of his video saying that few parts of quran needs to be removed( something like this).
2. He is in bed with the govt. & hindutva


I am a converted muslim from hinduism and when muslim world do such things, it makes me so sad.

Bashir Mohamed

Islam is bound to prevail,so rejoice strangers.

Muhammed Qadir

Officials of World Muslim League..Organisation Of Islamic Countries,, and other toothless bodies need to get 80 lashes each and immediately demoted. Members from Ulama bodies only allowed to lead Muslim Umma.