The Biggest Company in the World and Its Social Engineering Agenda

Yet another rising star in the world of ridiculously wealthy corporations and elite organizations trying to rule the world and reshape society is BlackRock:

BlackRock burnished its reputation as the world’s largest asset manager on Friday when it revealed in its Q4 earnings reports that its assets under management had finally topped $10 trillion, marking a new world record for a publicly-traded asset manager.

That amount – $10 trillion – is staggeringly huge. In fact, it’s almost half of the US’s GDP.

The company, run by Jewish oligarch Larry Fink, has become so big that people who understand the economical world have made some pretty big claims about the company and its CEO, including placing Fink at the hub of the wheel of American capitalism.

This wealth was accumulated not just through its business of investment management, but also due to the special privilege it receives at the hands of the US government in the form of hefty rewards such as government contracts. The same article states:

Today, through an array of government contracts, BlackRock has effectively become the leading manager of Washington’s bailout of Wall Street.

“It’s like the Blackwater of finance, almost a shadow government,” says one senior bank executive, referring to the mountain of government contracts awarded to the firm.

Although others—including the massive California-based Pacific Investment Management Company—have benefited from the gravy train of post-bailout government jobs, none appears to have gained nearly as much as BlackRock. Fink’s firm has been granted a privileged view into a broad swath of the financial markets, raising questions, says James Bianco, the C.E.O. of Bianco Research, about how it is handling possible conflicts of interest.

Despite such a status, the general public knows little to nothing about it. The name BlackRock doesn’t ring the same bells that Amazon or Tesla would, just like the name Fink doesn’t ring the same bells as Bezos or Musk. This is because their rise to power was mostly done in secret, through hidden meetings and shady deals behind closed doors:

…he has achieved this position largely in the shadows. Even on Wall Street, until recently, there were people who only vaguely knew what he did.

“He’s like the Wizard of Oz,” Cohan says. “The man behind the curtain.”

So what? This is just another rags to riches story right? Larry Fink is just a harmless investment genius who is trying to be as successful as possible. Just like any ambitious businessman, right? Surely, there’s no conspiracy here to be had that will liken BlackRock to WEF or the Great Reset agenda. Well, unfortunately, we need only look at just exactly what BlackRock owns.

As can be seen on the linked site, BlackRock is a major shareholder of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Meta, and Amazon – the companies that constitute Big Tech. These companies are responsible for what essentially makes up social media today. Most online communication is done through these media platforms. Most information is acquired through these platforms.

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And do you know what makes this even worse? The fact that BlackRock (along with Vanguard) ALSO owns several news sites, including quite reputable ones:

  • Eighteen percent of Fox.
  • Sixteen percent of CBS, and therefore also of Sixty Minutes.
  • Thirteen percent of Comcast, which owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and the Sky media group.
  • Twelve percent of CNN.Twelve percent of Disney, which owns ABC and FiveThirtyEight.
  • Between ten and fourteen percent of Gannett, which owns more than 250 Gannett daily newspapers plus USA Today.
  • Ten percent of the Sinclair local television news, which controls seventy-two percent of U.S. households’ local TV.
  • A large unspecified chunk of Graham Media Group, which owns Slateand Foreign Policy.

Mainstream media and social network platforms are the biggest and most central source of the planet’s information. We learn what happens in the world through these mediums. Public perception is shaped through them. The collective and toxic liberal hivemind that can be seen in online spaces today was birthed by the psychological priming on these platforms.

But wait, BlackRock also owns shares in both Disney and Netflix. Need I remind you of the insane level of influence that the entertainment industry has had on both children and adults alike, who heavily consume such content promoting all kinds of woke, liberal, feminist, satanic, and LGBT ideologies and tropes?

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Don’t worry though. They also possess shares in many healthcare companies. Healthcare companies such as…drumroll…Pfizer and Moderna. The word ‘pandemic’ might jog some memories for those of you who didn’t fall under the mass hysteria and public panic these companies propagated over the last couple of years. However, the ironic takeaway is this:

The same company that invests in so many healthcare companies such as Moderna also has shares in McDonald’s. This makes total sense of course.

Let’s step away from American companies for a second, because BlackRock has also pooled its unending hoard of money into Chinese CCP owned surveillance companies that invent technologies used in the tracking and capturing of our dear oppressed Uyghur Muslim brothers and sisters:

Yet BlackRock is an investor in two Chinese companies that were added to the U.S. blacklist in October 2019, Hikvision and iFlytek. Both companies are involved in the surveillance industry, and both were among 28 Chinese companies added to the entity list for repression of the Uighur population in Xinjiang.

But Crypto! The few doubtful among you might ask. So what if this super shady company – that’s apparently half as rich as the largest liberal empire on the planet and run by a globalism-loving elite oligarch – has mega-shares in companies that give us all our state-mandated information? That still doesn’t prove anything. That’s not evidence that Fink wants people to go out onto the streets wearing rainbow colored T-Shirts, holding up bright slogans with obscene imagery, advocating for obesity and transgenderism! We want real proof that Larry Fink, the man behind BlackRock, wants to directly influence society.

And to those readers, I must apologize. Unfortunately, Fink is either too good at hiding his true goals, or outright innocent. I wish there were something I could provide. Well, I guess that’s the end of this article…

Oh, but on an unrelated side note, Fink wrote a clear letter to the chief executives of the largest public companies in the world that they need to start influencing society:

Laurence D. Fink, founder and chief executive of the investment firm BlackRock, is going to inform business leaders that their companies need to do more than make profits — they need to contribute to society as well if they want to receive the support of BlackRock.

“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose,” It is a refrain that we’re hearing more and more from various pockets of the business community, and in fact last year company leaders found themselves taking stands on issues like immigration policy, race relations, gay rights and more.

But for the world’s largest investor to say it aloud — and declare that he plans to hold companies accountable — is a bracing example of the evolution of corporate America. Mr. Fink says he is adding staff to help monitor how companies respond; only time will tell whether BlackRock truly uses his firm’s heft to influence new social initiatives.

Well, if that doesn’t tell you anything, I don’t know what will. A group wants to Trojan horse an idea into wider society. That group has the money to do it, but not the power. The group makes power-hungry governments and money-hungry companies dependent on it, until it can use them for its own goals, joining corporations and states under it. This is why it’s called corporate America. Because the two have pretty much become one, and unknowingly serve a single master – groups with hidden agendas for mankind, like BlackRock. Just look at the power Fink now has. To be able to just casually order such humungous corporations around is what these groups have always planned to do.

And of course since globalism is key to the spread of liberalism, Larry Fink is heartbroken by the current Ukrainian War that is shifting humanity into a multipolar world. Still though, since he now has connections with China too, he probably doesn’t need to fear the possible fall of the liberal hegemony that is the US.

I find it quite humorous how BlackRock is essentially turning out to be the twin to WEF and the Great Reset agenda.

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Meanwhile, we as Muslims need to be aware of these enemies, who now attack us from every side. If not physically like in places such as Palestine, then spiritually and ideologically, thrusting us into the pits of a modern lifestyle until we’re hooked on their entertainment and fast food, making sure we drink information only through their biased straws. These enemies want to keep the upcoming generation of Muslims in the modern world as far away from Islam as possible, and as close to liberalism as possible. Muslims need to battle this lifestyle and ensure that true Islam is preserved for generations to come. And the first step is to spread awareness of these imminent dangers.

May Allah help us in this endeavor. Āmīn.

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Yusuf ibn Tashfin

This kind of information makes the “Muslim skeptic” unique, amazing article.

The first step is to spread awareness of these threats that threaten muslim families, but I truly find it difficult to spread awareness, most muslims don’t take this seriously or are too busy surviving (work, etc), they don’t even have time(or they don’t prioritize) for their own children who are being brainwashed left and right in the public education system, social media, tv, music, etc.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

It truly is a challenge, a challenge that no other people in history had to face, this is the era of the dajjal, the biggest fitnah.

May Allah protect all muslims around the world from this fitnah, ameen.