Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: The Man Who Tried to Destroy Islam

The world has seen a string of dictators and oppressors who have tried in many ways to bring humanity under their sway. They also tried to subdue humanity into worshipping them. Examples of such lunatics are Fir’awn and Nimrūd.

In the not-so-distant past, the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire were subjected to the horrible anti-Islamic policies of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. To this day, pictures of this evil man who tried to destroy Islām are found all over the streets and squares of Turkey. Government buildings, Universities and schools all have busts of him. Muslims and non-Muslims are commanded to venerate and honour him, like some sort of superhuman.

Outwardly, he is portrayed as a great leader, a man who stood up and fought for independence and so on. However, that is not the focus of our discussion. The reality is that he stands as the face of secularism and modernism in Turkey and beyond. Using the garb of nationalism and independence, he made countless attacks upon Islām and the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire, killing people, burning Islamic books, and destroying Masājid in the process.

In this article, we shall concentrate on the attempts he made to destroy Islām and the horrible and ghastly end he faced. By taking a closer look at his dark deeds, we realise and understand that he was an enemy of Islām, an enemy of Allāh Ta’ālā, and an enemy of Rasūlullāh sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

The reason for this topic is quite clear: Islamophobia, with its roots and foundation having been laid by such people, is at its peak in many parts of the world.

The horrible end of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk should stand as an exemplary lesson for leaders and rulers who desire to attack and wipe out Islām. Secondly, those Muslims who have swallowed and embraced Kemalism and have allowed it to take root in their hearts and minds must open their eyes and see the disastrous consequences that have resulted from secularism and its corollaries.

Thirdly, there are leaders and rulers in various parts of the world that are involved in attacking Islām and the Muslims. It seems that history is repeating itself and man hasn’t learnt from the stories of Fir’awn, Nimrūd, and his cronies. Fourthly, it’s about time that Muslims who subscribe to secularism and modernism see it for exactly what it is, a pile of filth.

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Why the Ignorance?

One of the main reasons for the widespread ignorance surrounding the reality of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is that it is illegal to speak ill of him or to criticise him. Turkish law 5816 protects the memory and image of Ataturk from being offended by any Turkish citizen. This makes it difficult for Turkish people to understand what the ‘Father’ really did. Likewise, millions of people have been kept in the dark about his reality and will find it shocking to discover his evil nature. We make du’ā’ for this law, and all other oppressive laws against Muslims, to be removed.


Mustafa Kemal Ataturk came from the Donmeh, a group of crypto-Jews who had publicly converted to Islām but retained their beliefs and practices in secret. He hailed from Thessaloniki and was born in 1881.

He rose quickly through the military ranks and offered his support for the Sultan. A large number of people lent their support to him, thinking that he was fighting to protect their religious identity. He preached the idea of unity between Muslim minorities within the Ottoman Empire.

The private life of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is a mystery. He did marry, but was soon divorced. A court order banned the publication of his former wife’s diaries and letters, which might have revealed important information about him. These letters are kept by the Turkish History Foundation. Other sources state that he was a homosexual and was also a prominent supporter of homosexuality.

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‘Reforms’ of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

(Sources and references can be found below.)

  1. He was the person who abolished the Caliphate in 1924. This system was in motion since the time of Sayyidunā Abū Bakr As-Siddīq raḍiyallāhu ‘anhu. After abolishing the Caliphate, he forced the Caliph and his family into exile.
  2. The official religion of the Ottoman Empire was Islām. Ataturk removed Islām as the official religion and replaced the laws with Western ones, based on the Italian and Swiss systems.
  3. Ataturk banned the position and influence of the Shaykh-ul-Islām.
  4. He removed the Islāmic inheritance distribution system.
  5. He forbade Nikāḥ done according to Islāmic principles and the ‘Iddah period for women before being able to remarry.
  6. He criminalized wearing the ḥijāb.
  7. Before Ataturk, oaths in government offices were sworn in the name of Allāh. He changed this, and made government officials swear oaths in the name of Turkey and himself.
  8. The regime of Ataturk forbade circumcision for boys. This ban was lifted.
  9. Ataturk prohibited the use of Arabic during Jumu’ah and ‘Īd.
  10. The Shahādah was removed from military flags.
  11. He stopped the Imāms from advising and encouraging soldiers.
  12. Lecture halls were shut down so that people would not learn about Islām.
  13. During the Ottoman Empire, the Masājid were decorated with Islāmic calligraphy of the names of Allāh Ta’ālā, Rasūlullāh ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam, and the ṣaḥābah raḍiyallāhu ‘anhum. All of this was removed except from within the Hagia Sophia. This is because the plates were too huge to be taken out via the main entrance.
  14. Historical places that had engravings or carvings of the Noble Qur’ān were destroyed.
  15. Ataturk removed the Ottoman Turkish alphabet, which resembles the Arabic alphabet, and put the Latin alphabet in its place.
  16. Lessons of the Noble Qur’ān were banned. No-one was allowed to recite the Noble Qur’ān in Arabic. ‘Ulamā fled to the mountains, farms, and other deserted areas to teach the Noble Qur’ān.
  17. Ataturk changed the Adhān to Turkish. For 18 years, the Adhān was called out in Turkish. Instead of the word ‘Allāh,’ the word ‘Tanri’ was used.
  18. It was forbidden to sell or distribute books on Islām.
  19. He turned the Hagia Sophia Masjid into a Museum, earning the curses of Sultān Muḥammad Al-Fātiḥ raḥimahullāh. Ṣalāh in it was prohibited until recently, when it was re-opened as a Masjid, Alḥamdulillāh.
  20. Ataturk turned the Masājid into stables and sties. Some Masājid were turned into pubs, casinos, and hotels for the military.
  21. Ataturk banned the fez/topi and made it compulsory for people to wear western clothes, hats, and suits.
  22. ‘Ulamā’ were killed because they refused to wear western clothes.
  23. Some ‘Ulamā’ stood up against Ataturk and they were supported by ‘Ulamā’ from other countries too. Many were captured and hung.
  24. The regime of Ataturk spoke ill of the ‘Ulamā’ in the newspapers, drew cartoons of them, and portrayed them as villains and traitors.
  25. Ḥajj and ‘Umrah were also forbidden, but this was repealed.
  26. Ataturk allowed Muslim women to marry non-Muslims.
  27. He legalized slander and criticism of Islām in schools.
  28. Kemalists portrayed Ataturk as better than Rasūlullāh ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam.
  29. The newspapers were allowed to curse Rasūlullāh ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam and ridicule Islām.
  30. People were encouraged to idolize Ataturk to the degree where they almost worshipped him.
  31. Ataturk claimed that the Noble Qur’ān was fabricated by Rasūlullāh ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam and it was not divinely revealed.
  32. Every person was forced to embrace and follow Kemalism. The six principles of Kemalism are: Republicanism, Populism, Secularism, Nationalism, Statism, and Revolutionism.
  33. The regime of Ataturk opened liquor factories and legalized the sale of pork.
  34. The weekly holiday was changed from Friday to Sunday. ‘Īd was removed as an official holiday and it was replaced with Christian holidays.
  35. The Hijri calendar was replaced with the Gregorian calendar.
  36. Women were encouraged to dress in short skirts and skimpy dresses. Men were told to wear tight-fitting western clothes.
  37. Nude swimming was allowed and Ataturk himself would swim in the nude.
  38. Ataturk enforced tight controls on all religious learning within the country.

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Ataturk died in November 1938, after suffering a horrible disease that doctors could not treat. Some reports reveal that tiny ants were eating his flesh and after his death, his body emitted a horrible stench. After his death, the ground refused to accept his body for burial, despite many attempts made to do so. In the end, he was placed in a marble box to contain the stench and it was kept on a platform above ground level.

May Allāh Ta’ālā grant us the guidance to be able to see the light of Islām, to embrace and to practice it. May Allāh Ta’ālā save us all from following the ideologies of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. May Allāh Ta’ālā guide all the leaders and rulers of the world who apply these kinds of ideologies and systems so rigidly and doggedly to cease their oppression. Āmīn.

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  1. The Turks: From the Unenlightened to the Enlightened, Mufti Abu Lubabah Shah Mansoor, Dar-ul-Ulūm Zakariyya, South Africa







Tomb of Ataturk: Wikimedia Commons


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First I’ve read he could’ve been a fag.

It’s popular among secular people as well as Muslims that this devil was a raving womanizer. His own generals would try to ensure their wives or other women were never around him.

He died screaming like a madman, in pain and vomiting blood due to his heavy drinking habit. He might have had the other disease too. It was so bad and they didn’t want word to get out regarding his terrible condition, so they took him on a boat to spend his last day/s.


May Allah ridicule him in this life and the akhirah


And may Allah humiliate any leader who wants to do similar things against Allah


He was of course an evil enemy of Islam. However, some people also say that he was only the initiator who started on this evil path, but the really compound evil was his successor, Ismet Inonu, who took things beyond what this alcoholic started, to a new level of evil. You should do some more research and write a follow up article detailing the evils of Ismet Inonu as well.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ahmad

They are 3 dajjals
1.The prime dajjal is Kamal Atakafir (he is a crypto jew/donmeh)
2.The secondary dajjal is İsmet İnönü (a crypto christian armenian)
3. The 3rd of them is the military chief commander Fevzi Çakmak/Fevzi paşa who was said to be a fervent Muslim yet a dog of Kamal Atakafir. Kamal Atakafir climbed his way up to dictatorship thanks to Fevzi Paşa being his dog.

Truth seeker

He was freemason too. That should be enough to know whose side he was on and who he was really serving. It’s pathetic that we Muslims have been sleeping for a long time, and are still not willing to wake up and smell the BS in almost everything we have been taught since birth.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The monarchs of some arab countries are also freemasons, and I believe many secular dictators are.
Egypt with its cringe and crazy “farao shows”, denotes how freemasonry is deeply rooted in the secular dictatorial elite, freemasonry loves ancient Egyptian symbology…

Last edited 6 months ago by Yusuf ibn Tashfin

May Allah throw Kamal Atakafir the biggest munafik lanetullahi aleyh and hold him at the bottom of the hell for eternity and increase his punishment greater every second day! He is worse than Firawun and Nemrud.


Actually, not worse than Firaun or Nimrood. Firaun made it obligatory to worship him as God. He tried to kill the prophet and made the greatest types of mockery like building a tower to look for God. He had no reservation in killing infants. He was the greatest tyrant ever. The only person worse than him might be Iblis who rebelled and challenged God DIRECTLY (an example of arrogance greater than all human arrogance from the time of Adam ‘alayhi as-salaam combined against the Lord of worlds). Maybe Dajjal also.


After losing Thessalonica and other lands in Balkans there was exchange of Turks and Christians on both sides. Our side sent mostly the christian Karaman Turks. In return, 200.000 Turks from Balkans migrated to Turkey. It’s a trick. Turks that came were mostly donmeh(crypto jews). In 1932 Atakafir introduced the name law and everyone was issued Turkish names. This helped the Sabataist jews disguise themselves behind Turkish names along with a million Armenians who were in Turkey. Millions now.


We know a bit about Latife hanım’s diaries. Her cousin who read it tells another person and the other person comes and asks for confirmation from Latife hanim. Latife not denying,only says why did he tell him that. The incident is that people in the balcony in presidentialpalace watching over the yard where trees are. They notice kamal atakafir and Vedat Uşaklıgil (Latife’s relative) sodomising. Latife goes up to him and spits her words, and now seeing you this dirty. They divorced after this.

He is not father of Turks

The word Ataturk means father of the Turks, and was not his original name. Using this name for him seems to honor him, so I don’t get why people use it.

Also, it is interesting how these secular liberals scream “freedom of speech” when these liberals are so hypocritical, they allow people to slander Islam and other things yet these same people ban it when people make fun of these secular leaders and criticize forms of secularism and liberalism, in this case, criticising Mustafa Kemal.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Some people may think that the turks by becoming secular they gained the respect of the europeans, very deluded are they.

I know all kinds of europeans from east and west europe, all of them consider the turks not worthy of being called “europeans” because of their Islamic heritage. Despite all kinds of efforts from secularists to transform turkey into a atheist, secularist state, still they aren’t considered equals in the eyes of the “europeans”.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The origin of Turkie as a state is not ataturk, the real origin is its embracing of Islam, without which the ancient turkish tribes would never have united, strengthend and created a great civilization(seljuk realm and its following evolutions until the ottoman period) joining the Ummah of Islam.

Turkie owes Islam its very existence.


It is important to emphasize that some jewish people tried to subvert the ottoman empire from within, and if it’s true that ataturk was a “donmeh” means that they were very successful in their goals keeping the turkish populace away from Islam.

All of this despite the fact that the ottoman empire saved thousands if not millions of jews from brutal christian persecution in Europe (example when the ottoman empire sent ships to bring thousands of jews from spain during the late 1400’s).

Hunt Hunter

This should not shock us when you save snakes they will bite you. It was a huge shameful mistake to save people who are cruse by God. How a Muslim can have any sympathy for Yhood who hates God’s last two great Messengers Jesus Christ & Muhammed (Peace be upon them)


Actually I think they did the right thing by saving them (also the rulers in the Maghreb saved them). Why I think that? Because that shows how Islam is a mercy for humanity compared to European christianity . Islam instructs Muslims to fight and protect the weak.

Aside from that the ottomans and moroccan sultans also benefitted from it, jewish people tended to be involved in medicine and other fields, and they were viewed as valuable by smart rulers.


As for the muslims being betrayed by them, is the muslims fault.
Muslims should always stay vigilant and ready, that’s what how the sahaba were, they were always ready.


Is there any citation or proof about the last part about the grave not accepting him and the ants eating him ? This is the first time I’ve heard about his death.


The sad part is, almost all of things that Kamal Ataturk did were done more severely in the communist regimes, even more brutal. But I have not seen many articles about the communist havoc in the lands of Islam. Please write more about what happened in Central Asia, the once heartland of the great jurists and muhaddiths. Thank you.

Zaid Diaz

I agree. Central Asia was once one of the bastions of Islam, and now the legacy of communism runs strong! But it seems to me that general Central Asian people still have some consciousness for Islam.


The fact that he was able to do these things without major backlash (except by the Kurds) shows that the majority of the population was never sufficiently Islamized.

Zaid Diaz

Bosniaks of Turkey (and their descendants) seem to be the most Islamized. I don’t know about Pomaks and Albanians. OTOH there are many crypto-Greeks, Armenians and Georgians; these crypto-groups are roughly divided into two: 1. Extremely nationalistic ‘Turks’ and 2. Chance-seekers, they’ll reveal their identities when the time is right for them.


The population was already suffering greatly because the war, where the loss of life was major, and the economical crisis and famine that followed later. And there was also an occupation/division of the territories and cities by Western states.


There was a LOT of major backlash from the public in Turkey. The issue was that the Turkish army at the time was all Ataturk’s puppets and had power. But the average Turk completely opposed his laws. When many felt powerless against Ataturk, they migrated out of Turkey to neighboring countries, to Germany, to US, etc.


These are only a small portion of the evil things he did. Not only Turkey but all Muslim world get affected by his betrayal and evil actions, we still couldn’t fully recover by his evil deeds. May the curse of Allah be on him.
By the way, if you see a Turkish Muslim who thinks M.Kemal was a good guy, don’t judge too quickly. It’s most likely because of ignorance. As it mentioned above, the ban about talking bad about him and brainwashing level of praising and misinformation about him cause this


Where did you find the information that the earth did not accept his body, it seems like very good evidence but I can’t find a good source. I can only find one source that says when they removed him to his permanent grave. Due to the embalming, he still hadn’t putrefied.


May Allah double his punishment in Jahannam. May the curse of Allah, his angels and all of mankind be upon him.


This explains why so many Turks are leaving Islam, astagfirullah. The Turks were historically one of the greatest fighters and protecters of Islam and the long rule of the Ottomans shows that they were great rulers. May Allah bring his guidance back to the Anatolian Turks, Ameen 🙏 Famous zealous Sultans like Alp Arslan, Al-Fatih and Sabuktigin would surely be disappointed that their descendants take Ataturk as a Turkish National symbol, when they should take the prophets and these sultans.