What is the Main Objective of the Abrahamic Religion?

A large number of people simply have no idea about the objectives of the Abrahamic Religion, i.e., the Western-funded plot that claims that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all one religion.

Well, one of the major objectives of the Abrahamic Religion is to sow confusion. To create and spread confusion and discombobulation to the utmost degree. To twist the truth, to lie, to deceive, and create such an obscuring haze around religion that the common person – whether Muslim, Christian, Jew, or an adherent of any other belief system – is left totally dumbfounded, without a clue as to which way they should turn.

When a person is so utterly confused and disorientated, he or she will turn to anything which may bring comfort and peace of mind. Now, when al-Dajjāl – the Great Deceiver – arrives, he will come with a message of comfort and peace of mind to all the confused and misled people.

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When we look closely at the Abrahamic Religion, we see and understand everything about it to be deceit. People are being deceived into accepting things which they never imagined they would have ever subscribed to. In fact, they happily do the very same things they strongly opposed just yesterday.

In brief, the main objective of the Abrahamic Religion is to create confusion and pave the way to accept Dajjāl.

Muslims are being torn from the Noble Qur’ān, the Blessed Sunnah, and everything associated with Islām on the basis of deceit. They are deceived into accepting ideas about Islām which have no basis in the Noble Qur’ān, but are rather based on Modernist and Liberal ideas.

Modernism and Liberalism, along with slogans of ‘tolerance’ and ‘adab,’ are the tools peddled to Muslims in order to twist and distort the truth, whereafter they embrace the Abrahamic Religion deceit. If a person accepts, embraces, and adheres to the Abrahamic Religion, he stands on no ground at all. He or she is neither a Muslim, nor a Christian, nor a Jew, nor anything else.

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Amid this torrid terrain, a person must either take the path of Hudā, i.e., the guidance from Allāh Ta’ālā, or Hawā, i.e., his or her desires and whims. Hudā will take a person to the truth and Hawā will pave the path to destruction and annihilation. Once the faith of a person is annihilated, he is ripe for al-Dajjāl’s picking.

May Allāh Ta’ālā save us all. Āmīn.

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