Should We Fight Modernist Ideologies with Quran and Sunnah? Or Kalam?

People have criticized arguments I give against liberalism and modernism in a variety of ways over the years.

Years ago, one student of knowledge told me, you know, all you need to refute modern ideologies is `ilm al-kalam. He insisted that all you need is classical kalam to refute secularism, progressivism, etc. I was skeptical. How is kalam going to address gender fluidity? How is it going to address feminism? No answer.

Others over the years have insisted that you only need the Quran and Sunnah. I asked, how can the Quran and Sunnah be used with those who reject the Quran and Sunnah? Again, no answer.

It seems to me that some of those who for years study a particular domain of Islamic thought and knowledge overextend the applicability of that field. That field has given them a particular set of tools and they mistakenly think that those tools can be used for every problem.

It’s like they say, if you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

But the reality is, these hammers are not suited for certain problems. You need a specific tool for that specific problem.

What you will notice is that those who only have the hammer, over time, many of them and their followers fall into liberal and modernist thought. This is because their hammers have not been able to adequately rebut these cancerous ideologies.

And you will notice that these individuals will always resort to “We just have to fix our iman! If we fix our iman and recognize that the source of our morals is Allah and we submit to Him, that is all we need!”

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Notice how they never use this argument when it comes to refuting other deviant ideologies that have threatened the Ummah in the past. The ulama of the past did not respond to the Mutazila, Jahmiyya, Jabriyya, Murjia, Shia, et al., by saying, “Just fix your iman and submit to Allah!” and leave it at that. For those deviated sects, the ulama developed specific tools, specific arguments, etc.

But those tools are not going to be effective in addressing different ideologies, like liberalism, feminism, etc. And it is an implicit admission that these other tools are ineffective for these modern ideologies when someone resorts to “Just fix your iman!”

Yes, fixing iman and submitting to Allah are always necessary. I’m not denying that. But there are many argumentative strategies and avenues that are completely in line with Quran, Sunnah, and the Islamic scholarly tradition that can be developed and used to combat the modern deviances.

I am looking forward to all the amazing arguments and strategies all you Muslim defenders of Haqq will develop to destroy falsehood inshaAllah. May Allah bless your efforts.

P.S. – If you are interested in this work and want to learn more about these modernist ideologies without going to a secular university, enroll at

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Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatulloh
While we love and respect you brother and want to give you benefit of doubt, a brother brings some valid point when correcting you, even though not everything that he says is agreeable.
For example, the issue of debates. Why do you upload them on your channel? Do you not fear that you expose Muslims to shubuhat? Also, do you not think that you are crossing some lines in regards to how you should give Dawah? Continued in next comment


The shuhubat is there regardless because if you watch islamic content on youtube you WILL be recommended ant Islam videos.


Who cares about your opinion brother? Do you have proof from Qur’an and Sunnah or rightly guided Salaf? People are citing how the scholars and righteous predecessors would debate among kuffar as to spread doubt and guidance among there followers, which makes complete sense. Look at the murtads. They are doing the opposite. They are trying to spread their kuffr among Muslims.


What’s actually happening is that Muslims are having more confidence after those debates. Even Christians are acknowledging the inconsistencies they and/or their preachers/representatives have.
Murtads are coming back.
Viewers in general are intrigued by Islam.
There’s much benefit.


Did you realize that just like you are justifying using your own way of Dawah and refuting to use Quran and Sunnah to some extent,these simps and compassionate imams use their own logic in Dawah too, as to which way is best and have their excuses? To sum up, remember brother, just like we rejected those Dawah Mafia, cause Allah exposed them how their teaching is against Quran and Sunnah through your hand, we will also reject you, when we find you committing serious errors.
And Allah knows best


As salaam o Alaikum

What is your point? Are you going to reject him because he uploads debates?

Your point about others is just wrong because, sure they try to do mental gymnastics and justify their stuff from the Qur’an, but the same Quran debunks them hard (on Qawm Lut for example). This isn’t the case with Daniel. As for debates, he has addressed this many times and is right.

What sort of shubuhat is he exposing Muslims too? Continued ahead


When you upload 4 hours long debates or less where in a platform with Muslim followers, the enemies of Allah are speaking nothing but kufr with intention of apostatizing the Muslims, what do you call that? Is this not opening the doors for doubts.


Brother the reality is these doubts are already widespread and people don’t hv answers.
What ur saying would make sense if it was a decade or 2 ago. As these doubts won’t be widespread. We need to look at the Maslaha (مصلحة) this debates are hvin. If it’s hvin the opposite effect then u might be right. Be the reality speaks differently.


I live in Pakistan and liberalism has seeped through to literally everywhere. Everyone thinks as an atomized individuals and want to “empower”. Shubuhat are already a part of life. Everyone is Ghafil of the Deen and if they learn of the ill-liberal aspects of it they apostatize! How sad. Daniel just dismantles Liberalism in all his debates. He literally cannot expose Muslims to shubuhat because the thing he is fighting against is already widespread. 2/3


If you talk about making figures famous, again, for one it doesn’t matter. 99.98% arguments used against Islam are Liberal arguments. Once the core of those are dismantled it doesn’t matter how many are presented. Furthermore, the individuals he talks to are super famous and most if not Muslims who watch Daniel already know about them.

And I didn’t get what you meant by him crossing lines when giving Dawah.

Allahu Alam.

Minhaz Ahmed

Islam supersedes all the ‘ism’ and every other ‘ism’ have holes and is unsustainable. You are right to say the other day, they all overlap each other in some way. If their ideologies, each claim superior to others (such as communism or liberalism) why are their moral principles failing to safeguard marriages, divorces and are they facing demographic challenges, suicides, depression, drugs, etc. – so Quran and Sunnah should be our kernel for argument and why Islam has the powerto fill the void

Abul Hasan

As Salam aleikum va rahmatulLah.
Brother Daniel, at least atheism, agnosticism, deizm and etc theological misguidences are refuted in good way by classical ilmulkalam.
Btw your articles and book have been translated to Russian by asha’ira from Dagestan, they are quite famous among Russian language speaker muslims.
But yes I agree with you that for answering liberalism, feminism etc — the tools of kalam is not enough.


For the first time since following you, I feel strongly compelled to disagree with you. We need Ilm al Kalam not just for refuting modern deviances, but also as a strong baseline for Usul and logical argumentation and conclusions, so that modern day logical arguments and conclusion do not contradict with the previous ones, which’ve been derived in the light of Sharia.


Assalam alaikum., im Indian and I totally agree with Br. Daniel.
We have problems here…liberal, modern,..etc….My maternal Grand Mother was very religious (She used pray 100 rackets of nfl/ day) BUT TIMES one of my cousin spits atheism …..SAYING MOST OF THE scientists are atheists … my other cousins brother in law he complains that IF GOD EXISTS THEN WHY is there injustice..blabla…
thirdly my other cousin ..he doesn’t believe in Miraj and was pro feminist…


RECENTLY another cousin of mine came to me telling that a hindu was saying about Aisha R.A ..all that usual stuff, so I told him about my Maternal Grandmother who got married at the age of 9 and she was quite happy, religious, and had 8 kids…
and then I Briefed him about GENIUS OF ISLAM 3… I wanted to show him the video but sadly that guy doesn’t understand much of an English..
The Problem with those criticising is that they don’t understand the status quo


I wish Genius of Islam should be voice overd in Hindi/Urdu
especially the 3 episode due to the recent event that took. place in India.