Leftist Zionism Is Still Zionism: Pelosi Now Endorsed by JStreetPAC

Israel-lover, Pelosi, has now been backed by the center-left pro-Israel JStreetPAC.

This is good for her, as the 81 year-old plans to run for re-election in 2024. It’s never too early to start I guess.

Readers of Muslim Skeptic understand that the Democrat Party supports Israel, but just to reaffirm this, JStreet tells us:

“The formal endorsement affirms the strong relationship between J Street and one of the Democratic party’s most important leaders.”

In kind, Pelosi announced:

“I am so thankful for all of the great work that J Street has done to help advance diplomacy and to safeguard Israel’s future”

Sure, maybe JStreet and the Democrats don’t support Netanyahu, but this kind of soft approach can be even more harmful than blatant support for more “extreme” characters like Netanyahu. With him, everyone can clearly ascertain Israel’s intentions, which is to take the Palestinians out of the picture completely.

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Supporting the politicians and parties with “good optics,” is similar to when people would say during the Trump administration how they longed again for the days of George Bush.

Pelosi, her likes, and her possible future successors like AOC know how to present, and sell themselves well. AOC can change her vote on more Iron Dome funding from “no” to “present” but still win hearts, or at least maintain her large fan base. Let’s see if she’s re-elected in August.

Back in 2018, Pelosi said that she wouldn’t be seeking re-election, but that changed. And that change remains. Her powerful role, and the backing that she and the Democrats receive from the more center-left pro-Israel groups will also remain, likely far beyond her time in Congress.

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It’s actually a mystery, why liberal Muslims like Linda sarsour still twerk for the democratic party, saying things tatamount to kufr in islam

Minhaz Ahmed

Aren’t they all evangelical Christians and Christian Zionists that shape US politics and makes pro-Israel policy? Is it a new normal, of course not! Why not a single US president could ever utter anything against the apartheid Israel state? When Netanyahu spoke in the US congress as the only foreign leader, that speaks everything who control global politics¡

Akhi High IQ

Evangelicals & Christains shape US policy?

Has the US state, government, institutions and soceity become more Christain like in the past 100 years or it has become more and more irreligious? Do their children die in interventionist wars imposing Christain values or secular liberal values?

They are the most emasculated, castrated, group of cucks on the planet. The enablers and subjects of the so-called “Clown World Globo Homo”. The very first casaulty.

The hellhounds of “globalists”.

Akhi High IQ

If anyone with an IQ above a single digit studied US history and its politics of the past 100 years will know that the 2 party design is part of a single organ that serves the same system.

Good cop, bad cop.

Muslims fall for the good cop narrative because the screwing isnt obvious or as painful. Thats just for Muslims in the West.

For Muslims in their nations, same interventionist wars, sanctions, death and destruction.

But hey at least Jamila mocha latte instagrami gets Hollywood roles.