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Akhi High IQ

A civilistion that can not define what a woman is, be taken seriously? Should it be allowed to dictate to others ethics or values?

When these people can not define what a woman is, how do you protect women in courts or even allocate them rights?

AND how dare they speak of women rights and girls education in the Muslim world? How dare they assume their genders in the first place? Those “women” in burkhas are men. Those closed girls schools are actually boys schools.


Akhi High IQ

In their own nations they are progressive enough not to assume peoples gender. Tho when it comes to their interventionist narrative, in Muslim nations they have no issues reenforcing the genders people are assigned to by society when it comes to “women rights” and “girls education”.

They seem pretty confident when referring to “women” and “girls” where society hasnt lost its marbles.

Richard Kilgore

I think Matt Walsh has a good point to this extent: feeling like a woman and wearing wigs and womens clothing is not enough for someone to be a woman.
The confusion that it is enough is very widespread, and needs to be addressed.