Lightyear: Why Muslim Countries Banning Pixar’s Gay Movie Is Important

Pixar’s latest movie ‘Lightyear’ has been banned from several Muslim countries due to a gay kiss scene in the movie between two lesbian characters:

A producer on the Pixar film ‘Lightyear’ has weighed in on the film’s censorship in several countries saying changes wouldn’t be made to accommodate ‘backward’ beliefs.

The ‘Toy Story’ spin-off, which has attracted controversy in many Muslim-majority countries, due to its depiction of a lesbian marriage and kiss, has so far been banned from release in 13 countries.

The countries are: Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the United Arab Emirates.


Alhamdulillah for all the ‘backward’ beliefs that Muslims have. Alhamdulillah that despite being afflicted by the ever-growing cancer of liberalism, we Muslims, with our true and ‘backward’ beliefs, were able to generate significant enough backlash to ensure that our children won’t be exposed to this filth. In fact, in more liberalized Muslim countries like the UAE the movie was on the verge of being screened, and perhaps they would have had it not been for Muslims putting in serious effort to oppose it:

Movie theaters in the UAE, a federation of seven sheikhdoms on the Arabian Peninsula, had already advertised showtimes for the film. But over the weekend, a social media campaign with the Arabic hashtag “Ban Showing Lightyear in the Emirates” caught the attention of conservative Emiratis. They described showing a lesbian couple onscreen as being against their culture and religion.

This ban on homosexual animation, and the way Muslims all over the world staunchly defended the honor of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ recently, has proven that it isn’t all gloom and doom when it comes to the current state of the Ummah. Yes, these may be difficult times but we must always remember that our faith in Allah is something that can move mountains. It’s always been one of the greatest weapons of a Muslim.

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Just think about how 313 Muslims (of which a number were children) without proper armor, with only two horses, were able to utterly demolish the kuffar army of a thousand warriors clad in solid, sturdy armor at Badr. How they made them run for their lives in terror. If that is what true belief can accomplish — truth overcoming falsehood — with such scanty numbers, think of what it could do now, with over a billion Muslims?

Getting back to gay-lightyear though, this is something we should realistically expect to be merely the beginning of the rainbow invasion into kids’ cartoons:

Doing so “reveals the fact that it’s long overdue, and reveals the fact that it’s something that is still not the norm. So there’s still a long way to go.”

Pixar films “can’t be for everyone if we don’t have representation. Whether that be orientation or color or gender, it is important,” Susman says.

The fact that they animated two females instead of two males to depict a gay scene just shows their shady agenda. They’re quite well aware of how an animated lesbian scene would be tolerated better than to show two men engaging in the same act. And just because they failed to infiltrate the Muslim world this time, it doesn’t mean they won’t keep trying. They are extremely persistent with their degeneracy.

Next time it won’t be lesbians, but male characters. Next time it won’t just be a gay kiss scene, it’ll be a gay sex scene. Next time it won’t just be gay representation, it’ll include transgenders, drag queens, and furries. This slow encroachment is how they’ve managed to take over. And the reason non-Muslim “conservatives” haven’t been able to stop this movement is because they just keep pushing the bar lower and lower, giving in to more and more as the new normal. They don’t stand firm and hold their ground. They’re willing to compromise and shift their ideological lines to a more progressive place in order to avoid being called “bigots.” And then everything beyond that would be too liberal for them until they give in further and accept more. That’s the nature of their ideology. They’re akin to a defensive barrier that keeps getting pushed further and further into the corner.

There will come a time when conservatives will be pushing to go back to the ‘good old times’ when kids’ movies only had gay kiss scenes.

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Muslims are the only real guardians, and Islam is the perfect safeguard as the only true religion, not just in defending what is right, but also in fiercely opposing liberalism and woke culture. The barrier that Islam provides is impenetrable. Whatever Allah has told us is Haram is Haram. There is no room for interpretation. Homosexuality is Haram, period. Allah has taught us what happened to Qawm Lut due to their depraved behavior. And it is our duty to pass this knowledge on to our children and give them the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Because as time goes on, this shiny rainbow tumor is just going to keep on growing. Our best chance is to shield our children from its effects. And this doesn’t just involve protecting them from exposure to it, but also equipping them with firm awareness against it. Because we’re not going to always be there to to able to protect them from it at all times.

Disney is moving even faster than Pixar though, with them already implementing drag queens into kids’ shows:

Disney+ is set to paint the House of Mouse’s queerest fantasy yet with the launch of its star-studded musical This Is Me: Pride Celebration Spectacular, which features RuPaul’s Drag Race queens Nina West and Jackie Cox performing classic Disney songs through a queer lens alongside LGBTQIA+ superstars like Hayley Kiyoko, Todrick Hall, and more — all in the hopes of reframing classic tales to inspire a new generation of families growing up with the Disney library.

Just imagine your child, whose brain hasn’t even fully developed yet, watching this man dressed in women’s clothes and caked up with women’s cosmetics. Imagine your child being indoctrinated into accepting these filthy ideologies as normal or ok. You should just show them the good old normal Disney cartoons…is what a conservative would say. But unlike them, a Muslim parent understands that even those are riddled with problematic things, and their kids are better off not consuming any of it.

Take Cinderella for instance. A young girl leaves her house at nighttime in completely un-Islamic dress, unaccompanied by any Mahram, and goes to a lavish castle in order to woo and dance with a non-Mahram prince. This classic fairy tale that Disney turned into a movie, filled with songs and subliminal messages, is what conservatives would consider to be a return to orthodoxy. Muslims on the other hand would realize the clear problems with this and would instead regale their dear children with true stories of the honor and chastity maintained by the wives of the Prophet ﷺ.

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I’d like to end this article on a positive note. The only language these mega corporations like Pixar and Disney understand and speak is money, and by banning their gay movie, Muslims have hit them where it truly hurts. Surely, by being banned in over 13 Muslim countries they will make only a fraction of what they could have made, and their projected profits will suffer huge losses. This is a cause for celebration, and a reminder of what Muslims can achieve when they unite against the evils in this world.

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Akhi High IQ

— Pixar films “can’t be for everyone if we don’t have representation. Whether that be orientation or color or gender, it is important,” Susman says.” —

And yet for some odd reason it hasnt represented a community of 2 billion in any of its films for the 30 years. While they have films representing everyone else including animals. Not that it matters, but just to expose their bullsh-t.


We don’t need their “representation.”

Akhi High IQ

Rainbow flag community is self destructive. It creates hurdles in the biological reproduction of a community, the seed and the womb goes to waste. The entire community is all about drugs, alchol, promiscuity, body modification and harm. It encourages reckless behaviour as part of its culture. Thus why its the most high risk group when it comes to diseases and violence.

Tho why would that be an issue if it increases amongst the kuffar? I see it as a punishment for their rebellion.

Akhi High IQ

As long as Muslims are HIGH IQ about it, and protect themselves, if the kuffar want to promote high risk behaviour amongst their children, who are we to object?

Their daughters chopping off their breasts, sons chopping off genitals, increase in confusion, mental illness, gender euphoria, consumption of drugs, alchol, suicidal thoughts…a society riddled with spiritual & physical deformities, a circus freak show.

If thats what they want….oh well.

Ibrahim Ihsan

In that case,why are there dai’s in the first place? To stop them, obviously.

Akhi High IQ

Dai job is to give dawah to Islam. To defend Islam and give refutations of that which is brought against Islam. Not to stop people from haram esply in kuffar nations under kuffar laws.

Do you expect DH or any other dai to go out and stop people from sodomizing each other?


Because large majority of Muslims are not HIGh IQ and will be influenced by what’s going on around them. Besides, this filth is spreading to Muslim countries too.

But most importantly we should not start making bizarre plans like this (which we remind me of Yasir Qadhis stance on LGBT). İslam clearly tells us to fight evil around us, so let’s not be arrogant and think we know better.

enjoining good forbidding evil

When Lut alayhissalam went to his people, he told them to not engage in homosexuality.

Why can’t we object when the kuffar are abusing their children and why can’t we shame the kuffar for promoting homosexuality amongst their children? Aren’t we supposed to enjoin the good and forbid the evil? Prophet Lut did so.

Also, we are affect by this, our children who live in kuffar countries are affected by this LGBT propaganda in the schools of the kuffar, like in Britain for example

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Real muslims are those who enjoin good and forbid evil.

The evil that affects the children of the kuffar, does also affect the children of the muslims.

Maaz Ahmad Khan

If there are Muslims living among those kuffar, then it becomes an issue for Muslims as well. The same way if you’re living in an area where drugs are rampant, your own kids are exposed and enticed to take part in it.


I’m proud to be backward rather than “progressive.”


By being “progressive” and moving “forward” that is how you fall off a cliff.

LGBT has lost its mind

These LGBT supporting kuffar have totally lost their minds. When normal minded people see the crap this LGBT sex cult is doing in their countries, they know it is wrong, even kuffar who supported homosexuality 10 years ago think the stuff going on is nuts, like the TERF feminists.

Looks like “backwardness” in regards to this issue is a good thing, even according to the logic of some of the homosexual supporting kuffar.

LGBT has lost its mind

Wait, has China folded to the LGBT crap? I thought they don’t like homosexual crap in movies.


It surprises me that countries such as Egypt and Syria, who are ruled by secularists, do also ban this movie.
What is their motivation behind this ban? Are they deep down still muslims and do they really have a genuine concern about their people? Its difficult to believe that, after the very serious crimes they have committed(and are still committing now) against their populations.
Can someone explain this?

Truth Speaker

I have also wondered in this: i believe it is pageantry by munafiqeen. It could also simply be Muslim middle managers making such decisions.


The rulers are secular but the majority of the people themselves are still religious, the governments know showing such movies would cause a backlash and considering how much their people already hate them they’re careful not to spark extra anger toward them so they just go along and ban these types of movies. plus you don’t even have to be religious to feel a natural disgust of gay people, i remember before lgbt activism became very widespread it was normal among everyone to hate gays