Monday Memes | Take 87

  • I hope you all enjoy this week’s meme selection.

Please feel free to send me any memes that you think deserve a place in the next meme selection (socials are linked at the bottom of the page).

Memes by Aydin Yilmaz








Selected Memes Made/Submitted By Others







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Zaid Diaz

“I think the gender… women started getting an education.” I’d rather rephrase it: When women started getting the education they weren’t supposed to have, and got strongly misguided.

Ibrahim Ihsan

Why bring a meme that advocates Father’s Day? And why bring a meme that rebukes Female Education when women were taught about religion since the early times and whatever fields they were good in like medicine, etc?


I mean its a meme, not suppose to be taken liteally but as a joke. For that education meme I do think hes trying to imply we should have education but Islamic knowledge aswell or on the side and be able to tell what is right and wrong


lol I agree with everything but I think the education one is abit off and hard to understand. But yes i do agree as well as education we should learn Islam(have Islamic Knowledge) and be able to tell what is right and wrong…