Roe v. Wade: The Pro-Choice Movement Hall of Shame

The US Supreme Court just banished abortion as a constitutional right in the United States.

This news is a historical event as, for the first time in recent history, conservatives triumphed over the degenerate modern world.

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I am sad to say that this change was not the fruit of the fight of American Muslims. On the contrary, despite Islam being the ambassador of traditionalism in the World, many in the Ummah remained awkwardly silent regarding these issues.

This reform was already hinted a few months ago after a state document leaked and showed the eventual abrogation of the right to abortion.

BBC News:

Millions of women across the US could soon lose their legal right to abortion, according to a leaked Supreme Court document.

The document, published by Politico, suggests the country’s top court is poised to overturn the 1973 decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

If the court strikes down the Roe v Wade ruling, individual states would be allowed to ban abortion if they wish. It is expected abortion could then be prohibited in almost half of US states.

The Supreme Court’s justices are expected to issue a ruling in late June or early July. Roe v Wade is in the court’s sights because Mississippi is asking for it to be overturned.

The justices heard that case in December. Thirteen states have already passed so-called trigger laws that will automatically ban abortion if Roe is overruled this summer.

A number of others would be likely to pass laws quickly. Some 36 million women could then lose abortion access, according to research from Planned Parenthood, a healthcare organisation which provides abortions.

The fight for abortion rights has been a symbol of the feminist movement since the Second Wave. The right to abortion is a fundamental cause for feminists because it allows for balancing males’ biological superiority over females. The burden of pregnancy has many social after-effects that undermine women’s liberty. Pregnant women become helpless for nine months to 2 years, making them dependent on others.

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For these reasons, other media outlets are concerned that this reform will spread elsewhere globally and encourage other nations to adopt anti-feminist policies.

The Guardian titled an article as: “Erosion of abortion rights gathers pace around the world as US signals new era.”

They then said:

In 2022, abortion remains one of the most controversial and bitterly contested ethical and political battlegrounds. It is illegal for women to terminate their pregnancies in 24 countries, with a further 37 restricting access in any case except when the mother’s life is in danger.

As a leaked document signals that the US supreme court is poised to strike down the landmark 1973 ruling in Roe v Wade, millions of American women face losing their access to legal abortions, joining millions more living in those countries rejecting a woman’s right to choose.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), unsafe abortions kill more than 47,000 people every year, with five million hospitalized for complications such as bleeding or infection.

WHO data also shows that banning abortions has little or no effect on abortion rates throughout the world.

Is it justified to think that the world will follow the anti-abortion movement?

On that front, they need not worry. In most places in the world, far-right political parties do not have the courage that characterizes the American right on the matter of abortion.

On this day of victory, it is now time to give credit where credit is due and to denounce all the hypocrites worldwide that falsely claim conservatism while they champion liberal views.

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Let’s denounce some of the Christian denominations that take merit for the shut down of Roe v. Wade while they are really reformists at heart.

Let’s take a look at some far-right movements in the UK and France and show how these groups are usually fake conservatives that hide their hate of immigration under the false flag of tradition but don’t take critical conservative causes like abortion into their hands.

The Failure of Reformism

I am afraid that, given the current context of the pro-Life movement, many Protestant Christians will take credit for the annulment of Roe v. Wade.

We must be fair and recognize that in the United States, anti-abortion has become a Christian cause. Yet, we must also acknowledge that at the beginning, like all reformists, Protestants were very apathetic regarding abortion, and the right to life was initially a Catholic struggle.

Throughout this struggle, the debate was still largely a Catholic issue. No major Protestant groups were on record as opposing abortion, with only sporadic instances at the individual level. In fact, some were even supportive of the regulations at the time. The Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, passed a resolution at its 1971 annual meeting affirming the sanctity of life, but also calling on Southern Baptists to work for legislation that would allow for abortion in the cases of rape, incest, fetal deformity, and the emotional, mental, and physical health of the mother.

In case some Christians decide to denounce American Muslims’ dormancy related to this abolishment, most American Christians were equally culpable. We can say that their case is in fact actually poorer, knowing that Protestantism is the dominant religion within the USA.

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This reality highlights how the real enemy in the affair is reformism and not a particular religion.

All faiths have a marginal fringe who wish to compromise their values in order to reap mundane benefits. The most traditional branch of Christianity, i.e., Catholicism, opposed abortion when it manifested in its country, and real Muslims would indeed have done the same had it appeared in their respective countries.

Knowing this, we should reflect on the so-called traditionalism of the famous American imams that, yet again, did very little to oppose the despicable corruption perpetrated in their land on a daily basis, for decades.

By their idleness, they stand closer to the reformist who spreads corruption on Earth than they do the true upholders of deen. On the issue at hand they even lost miserably to the Protestants who at least woke up; while our crypto-reformists remained in the deepest slumber.

The False Flag of Conservatism

In America, in everyone’s mind, religion and the far right are interconnected. It is a given that the far-right party will oppose things like LGBTQ, abortion, the spread of atheism, etc.

The left/right dichotomy doesn’t apply to Islam, and we cannot say that Islam is a leftist religion or a rightist religion. Islam possesses a paradigm of its own and cannot be placed squarely in these modernists’ boxes.

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Nonetheless, on the specific issue of abortion, we must praise the coherence of the American right which did not fall prey to the pressures of these liberal spirits pushing anti-family propaganda in the media.

This aspect of the American right however is unfortunately an exception worldwide, as most rightist groups are far from being true conservatives. Many will be surprised to know that Tommy Robinson and his friends, the EDL, are fierce defenders of secularism and also oddly quiet regarding abortion.

This does not seem to be the rare exception either since, after long hours of research, I also couldn’t find a single word against abortion by Nigel Farage, the head of the UKIP party.

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Isn’t it funny that these individuals all carry strong anti-Islam positions to preserve “British culture,” yet they don’t fight against the first cause of population decline within the West: the huge wave of abortion?

In this regard, France is actually even worse.

In the land of the Enlightenment, fighting against abortion is only perpetrated by a few isolated individuals. In France, if some groups were to defend the right to life, the media would not even classify them as far-right groups. They would deem them to be extremist groups from the ultra-right, a classification that would expel them from the frame of the Republic itself.

For this reason, French rightist leaders don’t dare speak about abortion.

I am sure people like Eric Zemmour, Marine Le Pen, or Valerie Pecresse, would even defend the right to abortion just as they defended feminist causes in the past.

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Yet again, they are prompt to use conservatism where it suits their agenda, but their vision of a just society is far from traditional values.

All of these fake conservatives that may be tempted to use this reform to their advantage must be put swiftly in their place.

On this historic day, let us erect a hall of shame.

A place where the names of all the hypocrites of all denominations will be inscribed. People need to remember that real traditional values triumphed over these charlatans.

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Hi! Can someone tell me why abortion is bad / wrong? Please give me many arguments. I need to use them against my friend.

Fatiatu Inusah

Abortion is wrong for a number of reasons but I will state only three.
1. Nobody has the right to take another’s life. Living and dying are for Allah to execute.
2. Abortion promotes illicit sex (zina).
3. Abortion is a hindrance to the continuity of humanity.
WaLlaahu a’alam.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The far right in Europe is indeed different than the conservatives in the USA.
All far right political parties in western european countries are pro alphabet people, feminism(they only don’t support the 3rd or 4th waves), atheism, etc.

In western Europe religion is out of the game, not even the far right is religious.

The USA is a anomaly in that regard, there are still a lot of real Christians in the USA.

Armand Anwari

Sorry but the US far right is also liberal they just want to turn the clock 50-60 years back while the european far right only wants them 15-20 years back.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

Exactly, also the european far right is more racist and “tribalist” in nature than the one in the USA. At the end of the day the USA is a country build by migrants contrary to France, Germany, etc ; almost all far right parties in Europe can trace their origins to the old fascist and national socialist(nazis) parties in the 30’s, they only have put their traditional antisemitism under the carpet to sound good to the media.


The European Left is as racist and tribalist as the Right (if not more so); they are the ones pushing identity politics and all these internal ‘wars’ like class war, gender war, racial tensions etc. They’re just more slick and intelligent about it. The Right is more overt because they are less sophisticated and lack a broad vocabulary to express their views in a more diplomatic way.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

I agree, but there is a difference between the them. The left wants to incorporate the children of the inmigrants by maken their “dawah” towards them to liberalize them ; while the far right does not want them because of racial reasons

Hammam Daib

Asalamo Alikum, I hope you are doing well. I came across this CNN article that lists some big corporations that pledged to cover travel expenses, and even reimburse those women who want to undergo abortion in places where abortion is still legal. I think their intent is very clear, they think of this as a little ‘investment’ required to keep women on their jobs to avoid losing 9 months to 2 years of ‘productivity’


These corporations are more ideologically driven than financially. At least in the US. It’s amazing that they are pushing native women to a non reproductive lifestyle and at the same time are hardcore pro mass migration. It’s very clear that there’s a concerted effort to change the US’s demographic makeup.


Right wing europeans in UK or france are racist pure and simple. Religion does not fashion or influence their ideology. They will sometimes don a religious persona to pander to their followers but religion is not part of their ideology.
In the USA the majority of the right wing are conservative christians, and their ideology, is influenced by religion, even though many times their religious conclusions are completely wrong, like supporting Israel to hasten the return of Jesus.


Can someone let Daniel know that the donation page is broken? Cant provide a donation otherwise.

M Mustafa

As’salam Alikom: Your style use logic & ethos more than emotion. And your language is advance for someone who can read nytimes easily. Nevertheless; I want to support your work instead of supporting the debunked nytimes. But your donation bage only support pay pale and scribe and I am not using these methods. Kindly, provides more payments options.