Otherkin: The Next Phase of Woke?

In reflecting on his recent documentary What is a Woman?, Matt Walsh has recently raised a deeply concerning issue that on its surface sounds far-fetched.

While there are some problems with Walsh’s approach, in this article, we’re just focusing on one specific problem he’s mentioned that is already a growing concern. He suggests that while he’s had to ask the question “what is a woman,” it seems that another basic question may be on the horizon: What is a human?

There seems to be a growing community of people who want to “identify as” (I’m starting to hate the euphemistic tone that that turn of phrase has) animals. Yes, as animals. We could end the article here really. We all know this is beyond absurd. Call them furries, call them otherkin, I honestly am not too bothered by whatever difference there supposedly is between them at this point.

Along with the “wolf-identified” person (I guess we’re not supposed to say “person” here) that Walsh interviews, we find news online about a Japanese man who has spent close to 1300 USD for a realistic dog outfit in order to live out his fantasy.[1]

For now, we can laugh a bit and just shake our heads, but I fear Walsh may be right. Since key words like “man” and “woman” are being rendered meaningless and humans can now “identify” how they want, what’s to keep this from happening?

This “otherkin” movement appears to be growing. As with men’s and women’s efforts to change their sex, these forced identifications are at their heart sad. What happened in these people’s lives that has left them so utterly confused?

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Another case has been reported on here, in which a German woman who identifies as some kind of wolf explains that she has had many bad experiences with people, and that as a child, she spent more time with animals than she did with people.

We must always be grateful for the clear guidance Islam gives us, and for the inner peace it can provide on such matters, if one is willing turn toward Allah for help and support. Surely, many children do not receive the reminders they need that their Creator is there for them, nor do they receive the structure needed to help them get to that point when they do at times, like all of us, go astray.

May Allah guide us.


  1. A good Islamic response to that here, from Anti-Shubohat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMnQfo4ik1c (Arabic)
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Anonymous Commentor

These people are usually called “furries” not “otherkin”, the article you linked with that name is from 2015.

This pedophilia and bestiality movement is called the “furry fandom”. This is unfortunately, common knowledge within the latest generation in western countries. One of their biggest websites is furaffinity.net

Search “prosecutors-boy-sexually-abused-at-furry-parties-by-man-who-wore-fox-costume” on washingtonpost


So furries?