Democracy: Is the Population Responsible for Killing Muslims?

It has become a recurrent trend where Muslims all over the World are deemed collectively responsible for terrorist attacks which have unfortunately lead to the deaths of civilians in the West.

When the pundits are mature enough to recognize that most Muslims have nothing to do with these killings, they instead blame Islam, alleging the religion to be the root cause of these violent transgressions.

This is just a petty attempt to try and seem tolerant while still blaming all Muslims. Undoubtedly, no true Muslim would say that he condemns Islam. So according to such a claim, this would make all Muslims moral allies to terrorists.

What is the difference, then, between blaming Islam and blaming Muslims?

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Now, let me first be very clear in stating that we condemn the actions of terrorist extremist groups and that they do not represent the true beliefs, laws, and teachings of Islam. They are shady individuals, criminals, often have questionable ties to various intelligence agencies, and are not known in the Muslim community for their knowledge or steadfastness. And often their Islam can even be doubted.

That being said, let us now talk about the Islamophobes that use this line of reasoning. 

These hypocrites quickly label all Muslims as belligerents, when they themselves are not willing to acknowledge the blood on their hands for their active role in the killing of millions of Muslims.

Nobody wants to take on the blame for the devastating crimes committed by democratic governments throughout the Muslim world.

Bush killed millions of Iraqis?

They will tell you:

“It is not my fault! He’s the one that did it, not me!”

But in a democracy, isn’t the head of state the representative of the population? One assumes power in such a system by the majority of the voters voting him into office. And those who did not vote for him still endorse the system which he used to get elected. They also recognize his legitimacy in representing them as the elected leader of their country.

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How then can anyone escape the logical conclusion that, when Bush commanded the killing of millions of Iraqis, every defender of democracy within the USA is also accountable?

They want Muslims to collectively assume the blame for 9/11, but who voted for Osama bin Laden?

Who voted for Cherif and Said Kouachi, or the murderers of Charlie Hebdo?

Who voted for Omar Mateen before he killed dozens of people in Orlando?

Muslims certainly didn’t. All Muslims of sound mind know that these individuals strayed far from the true beliefs, laws and teachings of Islam, and we would never accept these criminals as our representatives.

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Meanwhile, most of the killings against Muslims in the last century have been perpetrated by elected officials who were chosen and appointed by the population. And the citizens are to blame according to the principles of democracy.

Certainly, most Western people do not want to be seen as culpable for the crimes of their governments, much like Muslims around the world do not want to be held accountable for the crimes of random terrorists. Unfortunately, most Western people are not aware of the crimes their governments commit due to the brainwashing they receive at the hands of the mainstream media.

But, as we have seen, Muslims have far more grounds to deny this accountability. It seems logical that, for Westerners to be able to deny accountability, they would have to renounce their governments and claim that they are not true representatives of the will of the people. Maybe they could renounce the concept of democracy as a whole and admit its deep flaws.

Until Westerners renounce the liberal philosophy underlying their bloodthirsty governments, they are in no position to criticize Muslims or Islam.

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9/11 was an inside job.


Jet fuel can’t melt steel beens and building 7 fell mysteriously without nothing touching it ; you have “architects and engineere for the truth… ” they get 0 coverage from any news outlet.


well said.

These same blood thirsty regimes also sell weapons and arm various militia group throughout the world.

So they should be the last people to tell others to condemn violence.

Truth Speaker

You should go further. Muslims acquiesce to government crimes by paying taxes when they could do hijrah to avoid doing so. Shouldn’t they sincerely ask if this is permissible? Allah show us the truth and make us act on it.

Europeans suffered too

It is not just Muslims who suffered from liberal terror, but Europeans and the Japanese during WW2 suffered from the mass bombings done by the British and Americans, and these people also allied with communists and let them take over lots of Europe and stay in power, which led to millions of deaths.

So logically, these deaths can be attributed to liberalism and democracy too, and it was much worse than the so called “war on terror”.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The “europeans” were also liberals.
Fascism and national-socialism(nazism) are sister ideologies of communism, they are all socialist and collectivist ideologies that are economical failures and led to huge disasters.
About the kind of government the Japanese had, I only know they emulated the western imperialist ways of Great Britain, Prussia,.. ; therefore they were also liberals.
It was a war between different liberals and in between were european civilians that suffered

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The liberals showed themselves for the first time in history during the time of the french revolution or the American war of independence (if I’m wrong someone correct me). From those liberals from the “enlightenment”, came all the other liberal ideologies that we currently know.

The war on terror was not a war between different liberal ideologies such as the cold war, ww2, etc ; it was a “war” to justify old school imperialism in muslim lands.

Europeans suffered too

Also, they used similar slogans like “fighting for freedom and democracy” during WW2 when they fought.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Allah! This article was like a breath of fresh air after many years if suffocation. Allah bless the author and the people who run the platform in both the worlds.
Jazakumullah khairan katheeran katheera!


Jazaka-Allah for writing such great article. Hypocrisy and double standards are just the way most people in the West work.
Irony is that after 9/11 more people became Muslims than in the pre-9/11 era.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

The producers of propaganda are responsible for producing it. The distributers are responsible for distributing it and its consumers are responsible for consuming it and believing it without evidence and frequently against evidence. This shows that the propaganda merely gives words and crutches to their natural hatreds.
About time we held them accountable for their actions too.