The West’s Return to Cannibalism

The New York Times recently published a pretty perplexing article.

The article, titled A Taste for Cannibalism?, was penned by Alex Beggs and it seems to make a case in favor of cannibalism: the consumption of human flesh.

The author says that—considering the latest releases on television, cinema and books—a tendency for cannibalism is being developed.

We read:

Turns out, cannibalism has a time and a place. In the pages of some recent stomach-churning books, and on television and film screens, Ms. Summers and others suggest that that time is now.

The author then presents examples of these cultural productions which, mind you, aren’t a few degenerate outliers. In fact, they’re movies involving mainstream “stars” and potential “blockbusters.”

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The article quotes the co-creator of a famous TV show portraying cannibalism explaining why she thinks it may become mainstream:

As to what may be fueling the desire for cannibalism stories today, Ms. Lyle, the “Yellowjackets” co-creator, said, “I think that we’re obviously in a very strange moment.” She listed the pandemic, climate change, school shootings and years of political cacophony as possible factors.

“I feel like the unthinkable has become the thinkable,” Ms. Lyle said, “and cannibalism is very much squarely in that category of the unthinkable.”

A Familiar Taste

Strangely enough, this wouldn’t be the first time the West has had cannibalism on its menu. We had referenced a book within an earlier article entitled Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires: The History of Corpse Medicine from the Renaissance to the Victorians authored by Richard Sugg. From this book we learn about “cannibal medicine,” or how Renaissance Europe was familiar with using the body parts and fluids of dead humans for different reasons, and how they did not shy away from even consuming them.

It wouldn’t really be feasible to quote the entire work here, but the following lines from the book provide an adequate summary of the issue (p. 307):

For well over two hundred years [till the 18th century] European Christians ate or drank human flesh, bone, brains and blood. They rubbed the oil of human fat onto rheumatic or gouty joints, onto cancers, and into the facial scars left by smallpox. Some ate or drank human shit and urine. A shadowy network of suppliers, sea captains, graverobbers, executioners and anatomists oversaw the acquisition of bodies, blood, bones and fat. Whilst English soldiers and settlers seized Irish land, others discreetly foraged for moss-crowned skulls (prizes which, admittedly, may sometimes have been those of the invaders rather than the natives). Doctors and chemists and hangmen chopped, sawed, filed, dissected and pulverised human bones, skull, tissue, brains and nerves into the various forms required for practitioners and clients.

Sugg also says that a large part of the anti-Catholic polemics of the Protestants was bashing them for believing in the literality of the Eucharist—basically eating Jesus (‘alayhissalam)—despite the Protestants themselves remaining ambiguous on the matter.

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Muslims have also been on the receiving end of the disturbing dietary tastes of the Europeans.

Popular Lebanese-Christian writer Amin Maalouf, in his book The Crusades Through Arab Eyes, dedicates dozens of pages to the 1098 siege of Ma’arra—a city in Syria which bore witness to the cannibalism of the Crusaders.

Maalouf even quotes Latin chroniclers who can’t be accused of harboring a subjective bias or partisanship (p. 39):

In Ma’arra our troops boiled pagan adults in cooking-pots; they impaled children on spits and devoured them grilled. The inhabitants of towns and villages near Ma’arra would never read this confession by the Frankish chronicler Radulph of Caen, but they would never forget what they had seen and heard. The memory of these atrocities, preserved and transmitted by local poets and oral tradition, shaped an image of the Franj that would not easily fade (…) the Turks would never forget the cannibalism of the Occidentals. Throughout their epic literature, the Franj are invariably described as anthropophagi.

Modernity as Cannibalism

Would such a return to cannibalism reveal anything about the ideology of the West?

Many have noted the resemblance between cannibalism and capitalism. There is even a song by some British punk band from the ’80s called “Capitalism is Cannibalism.” Like cannibalism, capitalism is all about consumption. It is a system where humans are “consumed,” either externally through wage slavery or internally through different psychological disorders. What is depression—so characteristic of our postindustrial societies—if not a form of self-consumption?

Alongside capitalism, another pillar of liberalism which may justify cannibalism even more emphatically is individualism. After all, if someone is dead, then the Harm Principle is neutralized since he’ll feel no pain from being made into some sort of delicacy or snack and subsequently eaten. On the other hand, if a cannibal is prevented from eating a dead body, then their “sovereign rights” as an individual; their pleasure; and “maximization of happiness” would be subverted, and this of course would go against the very basics of liberalism.

Whether it’s “choosing” their gender or eating a dead human; according to individualism, nothing can really be wrong if it isn’t hurting anyone and if it somehow results in the individual’s contentment.

After having consumed their very souls, perhaps it is inevitable that a civilization based upon the whims and desires of individuals would eventually lead to cannibalism and the consumption of their physical bodies.

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Mohammad Bayezid
Thanks to bring this up
Abu Salah

crazy people man liberalism was a mistake


Well they never make anything mainstream until they have experimented and practically done it for decades. So be it the transgender agenda or cannibalism, they have been doing it for a long time. Not to mention the kind of ingredients they put in our food, water, meds and vaccines. I mean who knows how much of the crap they keep secret in the name of patents and secret ingredients. Some they are not even bound to disclose at all.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

The most chilling thing to remember is that in the practical application of the harm principal, the harm to Muslims is frequently disregarded and often encouraged. Plus there is the Hadith the meaning of which paraphrased in English is that ‘soon tge people will invite each other yo attack you as people when eating invite each other to eat their dish’.
This Hadith suddenly became very much more terrifying than before.

Ercan Er

I always thought as the book of George Orwell called Animal Farm I think one should write down a book called Human Farm before it becomes mainstream like cannibalism and make us indifferent to the topic.

Friedrich Hayek

People love to demonize capitalism. It’s so funny. And I’m guessing you don’t work? Living off of the government? What feeds you? Socialism? Hilarious. And they say “individualism is the problem”. You’re lucky you can even SPEAK your opinion in a country free from totalitarian rule by a dictator. God’s grace it is astonishing. The US is a lost cause because of “progressives” progressing us into a nightmare while demonizing our disappearing values. Just had to state the facts.

Zaid Diaz

Looks like Nazis like you still haven’t disappeared. And about opinions, Xi allows more freedom of speech in his country than Brandon. Just had to state the facts, Goebbels.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

He is not a nazi, please use your reason for once at least.
“Friedrich HAYEK” was an Austrian economist that advocated for free market and laissez-faire economics, civil liberties under the rule of law with an emphasis on limited government(!) , economic freedom, and political freedom(!).
His ideology is diametrically contrary to Nazism, Communism and modern social democracies with big intrusive governments such as Macron’s French regime.
Or you people love big government to enslave you?

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

You stated real facts. The problem is that most people are dummies in economy and aren’t aware that today we are under a “Keynesian” economic world order( named after John Maynard Keynes), basically an “oligopoly of central banks working together with intrusive big governments.
Under a “liberal” economic world order (in economic terms not socially!!) this massive control of the private central banks and big governments that work together to enslave us all, would basically not exist.

Last edited 4 months ago by Yusuf ibn Tashfin