The Not-So-Subtle Way Some Modern Imams Are Secularizing the Ummah

Muhammad Abduh, the founder of Islamic reform and secularization. Died 1905.

What if I told you that it is OK to drink wine in Islam as long as you believe that drinking wine is haram?

What if I told you that it is OK to engage in zina in Islam as long as you believe that zina is haram?

What if I defended these claims by saying: Actions are separate from beliefs in Islam. As long as you have the right beliefs, you can commit whatever actions you want, no problem.

You would think that I am crazy. More accurately, you would think that I am an apostate because I have invented a principle that does not exist in Islam and actually contradicts the fact that actions are indeed part of Islam.

But this is exactly what those who say we can separate morality from politics are preaching.

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They say that Muslims can support LGBT politically as long as they know that morally it is haram.

They say that Muslims can support unlimited abortion as long as they know that morally it is haram after 40 days.

They say that Muslims can support laws that give men and women equal inheritance as long as they know that morally, inheritance should be given based on the Quranic commands.


The principle these imams use is: Politics are separate from morality in Islam. As long as you have the right moral beliefs, you can support whatever political positions, legal system, or government system you want, no problem.

This is what some Unfit Imams have been preaching with no shame. Where did they get this principle? They made it up! It has nothing to do with Islam and, in fact, it contradicts Islam because politics, legislation, and government are, indeed, a major part of Islam!

So we have to recognize that the people who separate religious morality from politics are nothing other than secularists.

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They are secularists who want secularism. It doesn’t matter how many times they say they are against secularism or Islamic reform. It doesn’t matter if they dress and act like traditional imams. They are secularists.

This separation of religious morality from politics is exactly what secularized Christianity and Judaism. They are working hard to do the same with Islam. They want Muslims like you to believe that secularism is fully compatible with Islam.

That way, you will never strive for a united Ummah under a khilafa that implements the Sharia.

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I read part of a book by a secularist who was advocating secularism in the Muslim world using this exact tactic. In Muslim countries, a clever way for secularists to separate Islam from politics is by saying that Islam is perfect, but when people include it in politics, they don’t do it justice and they make a mess of it. So to keep it pure, remove Islam from the state. The correct solution is to just implement it properly!


Islam is a complete socio-politico-economic system, i.e. it encompasses all aspects of public life, not to mention all aspects of an individual’s life. A Muslim is an ‘abd of Allah. So it all naturally follows from that. Whatever this ‘abd does at the individual and collective levels are all determined by his Master.


The term ‘Islamism’ and its derivatives were invented by the neo-conservatives to demonize and outlaw this deen-centric understanding of Islam, something they understood very well (see infamous Rand report) and its natural consequences if the Muslim masses got re-acquainted with the concept. The process started with the onset of colonization so it’s nothing new and ‘Islamism’ was useful for fighting the Red menace (USSR) so it was tolerated, even encouraged in a specific way.


Since 9/11 though, it’s again bad, evil and very backwards to think of Islam as a complete way of life because it threatened the uni-polar West. So they linked it with violence, terrorism, radicalism and medieval primitivism. They promoted the Sufis, the secularists, reformists and the modernists all over the world, especially in the Islamic world with the goal of secularizing Muslims, reducing Islam to just another ‘madhhab’ like the world’s many other religions/spiritual systems. It doesn’t ma


They also promoted the compliant ‘Salafis’ aka Madkhalis. Face it man, Sufis and Salafis surely have their differences, but western colonial compliance is not one of them. Only the sell outs on both sides are the compliant ones! Unless you wanna duck your head in sand!


It doesn’t matter then how closely you adhere to the fiqh of matters, as long as you keep it to yourself, i.e. your individual life, you are a ‘good’ Muslim.


nAccording to historian K. Paul Johnson, one of H.P. Blavatsky’s “ascended masters,” as a purported leader of an order named the Brotherhood of Luxor, would have been Jamal ud Din al Afghani (1838/1839 – 1897), British spy, Sufi mystic and Islamic reformer.[42] While also acting as Grand Master of the Freemasons of Egypt, Afghani was simultaneously the founder of the fanatical “Salafi” fundamentalist tradition of Islam.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

An article about how the “khilafa” would work in our modern times would be interesting.
Historically the “khilafa” was not always the same. The omayads were not like the abasids, then you have the ottomans.
Because let’s be real, it sounds very fictional a super mega state that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the east Indian Ocean and parts of the pacific ocean…