Now France Is Targeting Even the Liberal Imams

I have mixed feelings right now.

This week, France announced that they planned to expel the french imam Hassan Iquioussen from its soil. Minister of interior, Gerald Darmanin, justified this decision by mumbling that he was “too extreme.” This event is an essential step in France’s final solution toward Muslims, as Hassan Iquioussen is remarkably negligent regarding the din and would normally be considered “safe” as far as the French government is concerned.

Morocco World News:

France’s Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said that his country is set to expel Moroccan imam Hassan Iquioussen.

The minister publicly accused the France-born Moroccan imam of adopting “hate speech against the values of France, contrary to our principles of secularism and equality between women and men.”

The Moroccan imam was born in France to Moroccan parents in 1964 in Denain, in northeastern France.

Hassan opposed core elements of orthodox Islam, such as the prohibition of riba, wearing hijab for working women, and the separation between men and women at the mosque. He furthermore allowed the celebration of Christmas and advocated for a French version of Islam.

He is not “extreme” as they claim. He is a liberal reformist that does not follow any traditional understanding of Islam.

Here, the government wants to make an example of him. They want to demonstrate that they will not even tolerate a liberal version of Islam anymore.

The only acceptable for of Islam is clear-cut apostasy.

Here is the message: “Islam or France, only one will remain in the old continent.”

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For many years, I have been advocating hijra, and I warned my Muslim brother about how dangerous it is to stay in France, only to be dismissed. They mocked me, saying that it is silly to expect all Muslims to leave France and that we need preachers on location to call the French toward Islam.

I have spent hours of my life explaining to them that the State has a plan and that they will not stop until Islam is erased. I told them that if they stayed, they would probably lose their faith, or life, or be humiliated.

Today, I appreciate the fact that I was right, but I also lament the idea that all the French Muslims that foolishly stayed behind will most probably suffer in the near future.

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I am sad for my brothers that the likes of Hassan Iquioussen have fooled them by assuring them that France was a promised land for believers. As for Hassan, I do not cry for him, but I still supplicate for his safety and advise people to do the same.

Keep in mind that Hassan is a child of the French Republic, born and raised in France. He never could obtain the land’s citizenship, but his culture is French, and all his landmarks are in France. It is never easy to go to a foreign and unknown country.

This fact also shows that nobody is safe from expulsion in this day and age. It is very likely that in a few months, the State will start to expel those that possess double citizenship.

This could happen very soon as a rumor spreads that more imams will quickly be expelled from France.

Davut Pasa said: “According to my information, Hassan Iquioussen is the first of a list of 10 Imams who will soon be expelled, including 8 possessors of double citizenship who will be stripped of their French nationality.”

Ironically, the ones that fought the hardest against hijra are now the ones that are forced to do it.

Maybe this trial will help these folks to change their mind about it.

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Well said

Ojo Eli

I can relate this with Sultan Galiev. The best thing is to adhere to the traditional Islam and not Just liberal form of it. They won’t be please with you until you leave your Islam.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

And when you do leave Islam they will make you a second or third class citizen. Example, the Muslims of occupied Andalus. The Inquisition was instituted for them. Tye judas cradle was used on crypto Muslim men and women.

Ahmed Al Ansari

As Muslims we should never forget the negative influences of the west in our lands. Especially the French! May Allah curse them and bring upon them what they have been promised in the Book. Surely all Muslims should leave France and make Hijra. So be patient! Surely the ultimate outcome belongs ˹only˺ to the righteous. 11:49


Don’t they have human rights in France?

How can they strip him off of the citizenship if he was born and raised there and not naturalized?

Where will they expel him to?


They can easily take it away if you have dual citizenship.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

There is a belgian flemish extremist islamophobe politician called Filip De Winter that wrote a book in the 90’s about the “solutions” to stop immigration and to return all the immigrants and their offspring back to their countries. In the book he talked about how the extremist Jean-Marie Le Penn (father of Marine Le Penn) had a friendship with the then king of Morocco Hassan II ; and how the french extremist was received with a red carpet in Morocco by the monarch.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The visit was to discuss the issue of citizenship.
Le Penn and De Winter were very happy with the move done by Hassan ll, wich was that a person of a moroccan father or even grandfather , despite being born in a foreign country and never having stepped a foot in Morocco for generations, he still is recognized as a moroccan citizen by the moroccan government.
In the book De Winter explains why this is a great thing for the far righters,

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

because this way they have a legal way to expel muslims and strip them of their citizenship , and he explains that if he got elected he would persuade all other muslim countries to adopt the same move as the moroccan government. Again muslim civilians are at the mercy of deeply hostile politicians that don’t represent them and want them to loose their most basic human freedoms ; to protect themselves ; muslims need to organize themselves and create lobbys to protect their human rights asap..


I honestly do not understand why Moroccans and Turks like Europe so much. Although officially third and second world countries, both are very liveable. The wages in Europe are higher but the cost of living is also off the charts. Crime is high and many are dependent on government assistance. Is being a taxi driver in a foreign country worth all this hassle?


Moroccans and turks are human beings. It’s in human nature to move to a place where you could have a prosperous life without poverty and heavy trials. And Europe just happened to be next door, the same way the USA happens to be next door to Mexico etc. Assuming that all moroccans and turks are on government assistance is blatant ignorance of the reality on the ground. People of moroccan and turkish descent have been in western europe since the 1950’s, when the first ones came to rebuild Europe


despite being born in a foreign country and never having stepped a foot in Morocco for generations, he still is recognized as a moroccan citizen by the moroccan government.”

Many countries have this. Turkey also gives out automatic citizenship to children of Turkish parents. Great policy. This has allowed many immigrants to maintain their identity and warm relations with their country of origin.

If a country is so hostile (like France) you probably shouldn’t be there in the first place.


When moroccans and turks migrated, their home countries were poor and in not good conditions and oppression was rife.If you were privileged and had a job and became injured, you would end on the streets under some bridge(health system was crap). Would you say the same about polish and Italian migration to the USA?. Previous to 9/11 Muslims had freedom to practice their faith without much repercussions. It’s because of a sinister conspiracy that things have changed.


The right in Europe is typically very much against dual citizenship because according to them it hampers integration (read assimilation). The left is mostly ambiguous on the matter. The left is generally globalist and universalist in nature…so being outright against would conflict with their ideology. The right is nationalist so their objections make sense from their point of view.


You speak as if a universalism and globalism(wich are natural) is bad, when Islam in itself is globalist and universalist, it just doesn’t spread degeneracy.Nationalism is artificial and , after communism and fascism, it’s the leading cause of wars and genocides since the french revolution.Not all right is the same, the example shown above is about extre-right wich is fascist (same as communists but only for nationals)

Bukenya Lukman

France Hates Muslims…..We have to accept it.