Saudi Arabia’s Dystopian Line City: Can Technology Replace Nature?

The latest project being pursued in Saudi sounds like nothing short of a dystopian sci-fi nightmare:

The Line is an enormous linear megastructure with mirrored cladding that is planned for a 170-kilometre stretch across the Saudi Arabian desert.

If built – as Qaddumi claims it will be – it could house nine million people.

This is just one part from a series of projects being developed under Saudi’s mega-project NEOM. The meaning and origins of its name are mentioned on the about section of the official NEOM website as follows:

The Board members then brainstormed for words representing the project sectors and its basic pillars. What followed was choosing the initials of those sectors and merging them to obtain a distinctive name that preserves the identity of the project, and this resulted in the name “NEO MSTACBEL,” whose initials MSTACBEL symbolize the main project sectors, such as Media, Sport, Technology and Energy. And then the word was abbreviated and symbolized by the letter M, meaning “Mim” in Arabic as a symbol for two words: It is the first letter of the Arabic word for future (mustaqbal) and also the first letter of the name of HRH Prince “Mohammed” bin Salman. Then the letter “M” was merged with the word “NEO” from the Greek language, which means new, to form the name that constitutes the beacon of change in the world. The name “NEOM” was henceforth formed and agreed upon unanimously by the Board.

The astronomical amount of money being poured into this project—which everyone recognizes as merely another meaningless flushing of mind-boggling sums of wealth and resources down the drain—is just as ridiculous as the actual project itself:

The city’s first phase is set to cost 1.2 trillion riyals ($319 billion), half of which will come from the kingdom’s sovereign wealth fund, the Public Investment Fund, he said.

Think of all the good that could be achieved with this money instead. For instance, such an amount could single-handedly meet about 70% of the quota required to end world hunger, which is one of the biggest issues facing the modern world (despite also being an issue created by this very same modern world). It is pertinent to highlight here that this is not the only modern dystopia that Saudi is making substantial investments in. Arab News reports:

The Kingdom has made an enormous investment in the metaverse: The $1 billion funding of XVRS is part of a larger $64 billion in future technologies which is expected to accelerate the country’s digital transformation.

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The Line project describes itself as follows:

It’s an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it’s coming at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions.

Is this really what the world needs right now?

What about all the Muslims currently suffering throughout the world?

Imagine how this money could aid our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Consider how it could help all the Muslims being persecuted that are in need of basic necessities to survive. Think about how it could be used to rehabilitate all the Muslim refugees, who are instead being left entirely at the mercy of Western governments.

With all the ways that this money could be utilized in a worthwhile manner, it is instead being used to shove nine million individuals into a crammed and claustrophobic ‘city’ like tinned sardines.

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This ‘new’ city, the Line, sells itself as being the solution to all the problems posed by modern-day urban cities. But is this really true? Will it be solving the greatest issues faced by modern societies? Will it get rid of, for instance, alcohol and drugs? Will it get rid of sexual immorality? Gambling? Interest? Or will it promote these evils?

Some of the biggest blunders of modern infrastructure relate to overcrowding in the form of cramped living spaces; sanitation issues in the form of toxic sewage; unpleasant environments in the form of mountains of trash which can’t be disposed of; and increased crime due to unemployment. There is no mention of how this supposed utopia is going to deal with any of these problems.

One can also imagine how this bizarre and unnatural shiny mirrored line will ruin the aesthetic natural beauty of the desert.

Instead, the only thing they focus on are investor-friendly terms such as ‘sustainable,’ ‘clean energy,’ ‘carbon footprint,’ and ‘climate change.’ And granted that pollution is a huge problem nowadays and that using renewable sources of energy is one way of solving this problem, what they fail to mention is the insane amounts of pollution and toxic waste that will be generated in the production of this city. This fantasy city isn’t just going to appear out of thin air. Countless men will be risking their lives in its development. Miners will be procuring all the metals and raw minerals that are required, and they will do so under extremely dangerous conditions. Underpaid factory workers will be exposing themselves to all kinds of health hazards in the processing of those materials. Construction workers will experience brutal injuries and physical trauma whilst building this sky-high mega-structure. Let alone the amount of natural resources being wasted rather than being put to good use.

And even after it’s been built, there is no way that it will be able to continue running without numerous men having to work on maintaining it under equally terrible conditions.

Another thing we need to realize is that topics like climate change are simply go-to make-believe threats that the corrupt evil elite use in order to puppeteer the masses into doing their bidding. The solutions they provide never actually lead to any problems being solved—not even minor ones.

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Among the sinister lies touted by Saudi in hopes of promoting this project is that the city will be built on ‘virgin land.’ And well, as it turns out, this empty ‘virgin land’ is actually home to thousands of people that will be forcefully displaced:

Yet part of the site is the home of the Huwaitat tribe, who have spanned Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Sinai peninsula for generations, tracing their lineage back before the founding of the Saudi state. At least 20,000 members of the tribe now face eviction due to the project, with no information about where they will live in the future.

Abdul Rahim al-Huwaiti, a member of this tribe, spoke out against this injustice on social media, and he was mercilessly killed by the Saudi government for doing so.

I had mentioned earlier how this money potentially could have been used to help the Palestinian Muslims being unjustly evicted from their homes by Israeli settlers. But instead, what they’re doing is using it to forcefully evict Muslims from their homes within their own country.

Because people are quick to believe anything that the mainstream media has to say, they may not immediately see all the harms of this project. But like all modern infrastructure, this city has a very large and very real human cost to it which in all likelihood will be conveniently brushed under the rug. And all this so a few wealthy individuals and tourists can live in this depressing city that will almost certainly be rampant with degenerate sinful activities.

This is simply another attempt—in a series of countless pathetic attempts—by the modern day Pharaohs at replacing nature with modern technology. To replace mankind’s blessing with their own self-imposed curse. The industrial revolution was followed by urbanized cities that failed terribly and which were faced with all of the troubles mentioned above. It led to widening gaps between the wealthy and the impoverished; and an immoral society devoid of values. This is essentially what the Line will result in, but on a much larger scale. Those who adhered to the lockdown rules and those who are addicted to a modern lifestyle can understand just how depressing remaining indoors can get—not interacting with family and friends or nature. Yet this is precisely what the Line aims to transform most of its inhabitants into. Puppet consumers addicted to their shiny products.

In fact this is pretty much what most technological progress aims for. To increase the metaphorical injection of bodily pleasures, keeping people sedated, making them feel like this is the only important thing in life, while ignoring all the truly valuable and important things such as marriage, family, human connection, spirituality, etc. And since these pleasures are addictive and require very little effort, it’s easy to advertise them and to get consumers hooked onto them. The result of this future dystopian ‘Paradise on Earth’ will inevitably be a society even more depressed and lonely than the one which modernity has spawned today.

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The parent website of all these projects, NEOM, has stated how nature will be immediately accessible to all the people living in the Line. In their conceptual videos they portray a young girl (notice the demographic being targeted among Muslims) living in the ‘real’ world, where all the colors are grey and bleak—the insinuation being that real modern cities have become depressing. This girl then suddenly sees a magical portal and runs right into it, being teleported to a utopian fairyland world where she can fly and is surrounded on all sides by trees and plants and greenery of all sorts. This place is filled with happy families living within a perfect embrace between nature and technology.

However, not only will this augmented ecosystem fail miserably at making up for the loss of nature, it will more than likely result in disastrous consequences. Because, believe it or not, this isn’t the first time that a simulation of nature such as this has been attempted. This earlier project aimed at creating an ecosphere of miniature seas, deserts, rainforests, etc. They sent eight individuals to live within its confines for two years. The project was known as Biosphere 2 (since Earth was Biosphere 1). Essentially they were attempting to make a miniature replica of Earth.

This experiment ended as a horrible disaster which no one could’ve predicted:

The university took over management of Biosphere 2 in January and is starting to reveal just how badly things went awry when four men, four women and 4,000 species of plants and animals were sealed inside this giant terrarium for a two-year experiment that ended in 1993.

The would-be Eden became a nightmare, its atmosphere gone sour, its sea acidic, its crops failing, and many of its species dying off. Among the survivors are crazy ants, millions of them.

This of course occurred because there is a perfect balance between all the organisms of every species on Earth. These creatures exist harmoniously by the grace of Allah in an interdependent state where nothing spontaneously sprawls out of control (unless it is by Allah’s Will). From microscopic bacteria and plankton to towering elephants and trees, these creatures not only serve as resources for mankind to use and benefit from, but they actively play a role in maintaining the world that was built as a test for us. For instance, plants produce oxygen, with the majority of it coming from plankton in the oceans. Look at what happens when this balance and harmony isn’t maintained precisely to the dot:

Not only did oxygen levels plummet from 21 percent to 14 percent, barely sufficient to keep the Biospherians alive, but carbon dioxide skyrocketed along with nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. Its strength may have been sufficient, the authors say, to ”reduce vitamin B12 synthesis to a level that can impair or damage the brain.”

Morning glory vines, introduced to soak up carbon dioxide, exploded in number and overran other plants, including food crops. Large trees became brittle and prone to catastrophic collapse. Nineteen of 25 vertebrate species went extinct, as did all pollinators, dooming most plants to seedlessness. Most insects died off, except for katydids, cockroaches and crazy ants.

Reality is sometimes stranger than fiction. This certainly sounds like the plot of a sci-fi horror story, where scientists—thinking they know better—go ahead and mess with nature, only for this to result in unspeakable horrors occurring later on.

On top of all of this, animals of all kinds are going to be affected by this tremendously; especially birds. Just imagine how many migratory birds will smash into the Line’s mirrored façade and die. And I’m pretty sure that a great deal of wildlife is going to disappear from this ‘virgin’ patch of land as well.

Whenever the rich elite says that they’ll make things better, they only serve to make the situation significantly worse. Can you imagine someone telling you that the treatment for cancer should be to let it spread instead of removing the tumor? Well, that’s precisely the sort of solution they bring and present to the masses. Come on, let’s increase and spread more modernity, technology, and degeneracy so that we can fix all the monumental problems which have been created by modernity, technology, and degeneracy.

Does this sound like a good and viable solution to you?

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The Line is in line to be exactly what its mirrored walls are: a façade. A temporary haven for the modern day Pharaohs and Nimrods to drink alcohol, do drugs, fornicate, gamble, and indulge in every sinful crime under the sun. I can imagine filthy rich tourists coming in from every corner of the world in order to partake in levels of Fahishah which even high rise casinos can only aspire to. They will be living within these walls, thinking that they’re safe from everything and that nothing can interfere with their sinful transgressive lives. This is a lie that those with extreme wealth and power often delude themselves into, confusing themselves for God. They like to play God, and they like to think of themselves as untouchable. But when it all comes crashing down…

When the wrongdoers sensed ˹the arrival of˺ Our torment, they started to run away from their cities.

˹They were told,˺ “Do not run away! Return to your luxuries and your homes, so you may be questioned ˹about your fate˺.”

They cried, “Woe to us! We have surely been wrongdoers.”

They kept repeating their cry until We mowed them down, ˹leaving them˺ lifeless.


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If there was any doubt that MbS is a modern-day pharaoh in the desert, he is on the record as wanting this project to be his ‘pyramids’.

Abu Sahl

It’s pretty easy to blame the rulers (and they deserve it), but look at the state of the Ummah if this is who we have ruling over us

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The Saudi government is building this futuristic city as a part of a big plan to diversify their economy because they are 90% dependent on fossil fuel, and that makes their economy very vulnerable when the oil prices drop down.
Also add the fact that the saudi government failed to develop their economy outside of it’s natural resources and many other issues such as nepotism, etc.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

It might also become some sort of financial center with low taxes to bring companies from around the world in the long run if it works (similar to Hong Kong or even the UAE).
They are investing in this to basically not fall in bankruptcy in the coming decades.

I mentioned it not to whitewash this pharaonic construction, I just pointed the real motivation behind this.