What Should Muslims Think of Andrew Tate’s Social Media Ban?

Without revelation and sound guidance, the struggle to determine the middle way is extremely harsh. Besides a select few, most humans failed terribly at this arduous task. And those who somehow managed to do it, only did so thanks to Allah’s mercy.

Muslims should therefore be extremely wary and refrain from taking non-Muslims as their role models.

Even with the few rare disbelievers that do possess some correct values, they also hide insidious flaws which may not be apparent. The fact is, no sane person would disbelieve in Allah. Sadly, many Muslims fall prey to the representation crisis currently inflicting the Islamic world, and they end up taking false idols as paragons.

This bad habit needs to be broken. We need to have the highest standards for our community.

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Unfortunately, a (small) portion of the Ummah recently propped up its favorite new “misguided but nice” disbeliever, Andrew Tate (a Romanian kickboxing champion).

Some Muslim influencers rushed to show their support for him as he was banned from Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram for his alleged hate speech.

Andrew Tate gained his online fame due to his controversial statements regarding women, Islam, and masculinity. He is the latest in a long line of personalities that have deeply impressed some of the Ummah’s youth. Others include the likes of Jordan Peterson and Kevin Samuels.

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Throughout this past decade, the Red Pill movement has attained a great deal of influence over a subgroup from the Muslim community. Feminism had stirred up a lot of resentment within young males and sometimes even females. Red Pill influencers discovered this soft spot and exploited it to propagate their ideas. Because these Red Pill influencers embraced various traditional values and sane masculinity, many Muslims ignorantly assumed that the Red Pill movement was similar to Islam, and they simply followed the trend.

No man-made ideology is perfect, and even if Red Pill does have overlap with Islam, it also has significant differences which must be highlighted.

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Some brothers have already pointed out problems within Andrew Tate’s persona. Brother Saajid Lipham, in a video, highlighted the stark difference between Tate’s arrogant traits and ideal masculinity from an Islamic perspective. Brother Mahdi Tidjani, in a podcast, drew attention to Tate’s promotion of promiscuity and “sexual liberation.”

As for me, I wish to denounce another significant problem rampant within the Red Pill movement and something which is still found in Andrew Tate’s discourse: their denouncing of gynocentrism while they themselves are gynocentrists.

The heads of the Red Pill movement define gynocentrism as making women’s demands the focal point and the moral compass of society. The modern post-feminist society heavily revolves around the wants and desires of women. The modern simp views women as entitled creatures with a natural privilege to live however they wish.

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Red Pill influencers rightfully fought against this and, yet again, a new portrait was being cast for the great loser of modernity: the average man.

However, the misguidance of these Red Pill influencers obstructed their vision, and they became blind to another type of gynocentrism, and they thus fell victim to its evil. Furthermore, this second form of gynocentrism is perhaps more pernicious because of its insidious nature.

They placed the desires of women as the core of their new philosophy, and this subsequently became their new moral compass. They no longer use the demands or requirements of women as the basis of their “guidance.” Rather, the central focus of their lives has now become that which attracts women.

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Thus the be-all and end-all of the Red Pill movement is to become a high-value man, i.e., a man who is attractive in the eyes of women.

How is this any different to the gynocentrism which they denounce? 

The female is at the epicentre of their lives in both scenarios.

Are we fated to be slaves of women while having only the option as to whether this slavery is in terms of serving their will or their desires?

They wish to appear as though they are some kind of independent “chads” who can live without women, but this is very far from the reality. They are generally still completely obsessed with women, and most of them would fail miserably at trying to live their lives without women.

The only difference between them and simps is that simps are emotionally dependent on one woman (a wife or girlfriend), whereas Red Pill “chads” view individual women as replaceable but they are dependent on women as a whole.

This is gynocentrism.

And this is a significant flaw in their entire outlook on masculinity.

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Thank God there is a third option, and I now invite all the Red Pill folks to embrace it immediately without delay. This is the path taken by the most remarkable men in history.

These heroes recognized the greatness of Allah. They submitted to Him and made Him the focal point of their life, love, values, and worship. Nothing else, nothing more.

This path is called Tawhid (pure monotheism), and no religion calls to it except Islam.

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Follower of Truth

I’d say have some examples of these men and of the different types
Ibn al Haytham
Khalid RA
Uthman RA
Abdulhamid II
And a little bit of what they did and their achievements


Great men but boys especially today need realtime masculine male examples in their lives. In this high divorce era many do not have a father in the home. And when they do the father tends to be weak (dominated by his wife and daughters), not actively present or otherwise highly uninspiring. What also doesn’t help is the fact that many popular western duaat (esp. does from the US) tend to be rather feminine: not physcally in shape, high pitched whiny voices and other effeminate mannerisms.


Insightful write up.

The issue with TRP is that it is rife with contradictions, although many of their observations and critiques are correct. The first problem is that it is based on evolutionary psychology and biology. So, people are basically animals who primary operate on instinct.

They strongly promote male promiscuity (“fornicate with as many women as possible”) and strongly denounce female promiscuity (which is good).


They promote strength and self reliance while at the same time espouse a male victim complex. The same complex they critique in women.

They want men to be self focused but constantly put women in the centre of their lives…to an obsessive degree. You should “hit the gym” and make lots of money not to help yourself and your community but to become more appealing to women.

The are often anti-marriage (Western family courts are indeed anti-male) but bemoan the lack of wifeable women.


Feminism, LGBTQ, PUA, TRP, MGTOW etc. are logical outcomes of a liberal sexual culture. When a society becomes more secular and less theocentric men and women are going to develop competing and exploitative sexual strategies. Men are going to want as much sex for as little resources as possible (PUA is basically talking women into bed). Women want as much resources for as little sex as possible, thus: the welfare state, high taxes, high inflation, subsidies, grants, debt forgiveness etc.

punished pepe

None of this would be an issue if Muslims actually followed Islam and not modern degenerate culture. If parents married their sons and daughters early like the Amish, the influence of these pseudo-conservative grifters would not even enter the sphere of young Muslims because they would be too busy working, engaging in community building, and raising their families to care about such shallow endeavours.

punished pepe

This is all happening because of an increasingly individualistic and atomized society in which young Muslim men are feeling disenfranchised with very little direction except the typical “perform well in school and make enough money to qualify for a wife so that she can use you as an ATM until you are 6 foot under”. Men need more than that, we need real purpose and Tate addresses this.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

The best way for men to be masculine and women to be feminine is by following the Qur’an and the sunnah(the way of life of our final Prophet Mohamed pbh). No other ideology will ever be that perfect, because the Qur’an is the word of almighty Allah, Allah created us and designed our biological functions, psychology, etc; he knows things about us that our current scientists still haven’t discovered.

Yusuf ibn Tashfin

But we can still learn carefully about other ideologies as long as it doesn’t contradict the Qur’an and the sunnah. We have to aknowledge that the red-pill movement comes as a response to western feminism and brings certain solutions to huge problems that feminism created for men. Many of the solutions are haram, and we as Muslims should also criticize those aspects of the red-pill movement that are equally harmful as feminism to society as a whole.


The author is mistaken about his understanding of Red Pill and gynocentrism. He draws a false conclusion. He is right that the simps are emotional/sexually dependent on women and basically worship them, but he is wrong to state that redpill men are dependent on women also.


Redpill men do preach to become high value men so they can get women, as the writer claims. Repill teaches to not chase after women and work on yourself and you will become a high value man, and once you are a high value man