The Intense Hatred Bred by Hinduism

Over the past months, we have witnessed a serious increase in Hindu hostility aimed at Muslims within various parts of India and Kashmir. As usual, the mainstream media will not report about all of this brutality and insane violence. However, the reality always eventually surfaces, even if it takes some time.

Let us look at some examples of the violence being viciously meted out against Muslims.

1. A 22-year-old Muslim man was brutally killed by Hindus in Haryana as reported on December 19, 2021. The Hindus were shouting ‘We are Hindu, You are Muslim’, as they hacked Rahul Khan to death using an axe and rods.

2. A day earlier, the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) leader – Sadhvi Saraswati urged Hindus to carry swords to protect their cows from Muslims.

3. The day before this, on December 17, 2021, a Hindutva mob prevented Muslims from performing prayers at a park in Udyog Vihar. The mob forced the Muslims to say ‘Hail Mother India.’

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The question that must be asked at this point is how is such hatred created? What kind of teachings do Hindus draw their barbaric behavior from? Is the life of a human being cheaper than that of a cow?

A deeper look at the caste system within Hinduism shows us that it breeds and creates hostility and is discriminatory beyond any doubt. Gandhi, the face of secular Hinduism in India believed in upholding the caste (varna) system. Essentially, Gandhi had politicized Hinduism. Now, the Hindus were kept together under a secular umbrella whilst trying to maintain the caste system. What this did was create an atheistic Hindu, who would still maintain deep hatred in the heart, which they acquired from trying to maintain their Hindu caste system.

In this case, the secular system served as a double-edged sword. Whilst secularism attacked religion, the caste system ate at the soul of the Hindu. How could a Brahmin, who saw himself as superior, progress to the highest of positions in a secular system that did not recognize his religion? Alternatively, how could the lowest in the caste system, the Shudras, reconcile the prospect of living under a secular system that preaches fulfillment of desires, but cannot fulfill their desire because the Hindu lawmakers and decision-makers in parliament debate on the basis of trying to keep the caste system alive?

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As the disenchantment grew, so did hatred. Such hatred cannot be contained forever. It is inevitable that it will ultimately erupt at some point. Hence, the Hindus have begun to turn on the Muslims like never before, with such barbarity that it would put the worst psychopaths and madmen to shame.

Current realities teach us that secularism has shown its teeth fully and its pitfalls are clear for all to see. At the same time, we understand that the varna system within Hinduism is one of the major reasons for the creation and build-up of Hindu hatred, especially towards Muslims.

We pray to Allāh Ta’ālā for safety and security during these trying times and call on every Hindu throughout the world to review the varna system for what it is: a tool for the creation and breeding of hatred and barbarism.

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