Islam in France: A Liberal French “Imam” Is on the Run

The Liberal French “Imam,” Hassan Iquioussen, is now on the run… 

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article based on a recent event to show that no amount of concession is enough for the Modern Liberal who hypocritically enforces his values through surveillance and coercion while claiming to love tolerance.

There is a great deal of new wisdom that can be extracted from the latest developments in this affair.

Hassan Iquioussen fiercely opposed his banishment, and he even initiated a movement on social media to defend his cause. Sadly, he did not ponder on the reality of the trial that was upon him, and he made no repentance for his past sins. He came to be more staunch in his allegiance towards France and its values, likely to entice the French population.

He appealed the State decision in the administrative court, and the judge ruled that this dictate was illegitimate because it abruptly disturbed Hassan’s privacy and contradicted the right to live a peaceful family life.

The Muslim Ummah in the West is split between two approaches.

The first group attempts to change civil life in the disbeliever’s land from within. They use all kinds of democratic tools such as voting, protests, and petitions in order to do so.

The other group recognizes that the secular system is a complete farce.

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With regard to this incident, the first group naively believed the appeal in court was a victory in their fight for the defense of Muslims in the West. The continuation of the story would of course prove them wrong.

These liberal Muslims are gullible souls trapped within their colonized minds. In their hearts rests a hidden love for democracy. Every time the democratic court judges in their favor, they take it as evidence of their rightness.

Furthermore, they believe in the rule of law and are convinced that powers are distributed.

They do not comprehend the fact that everybody secretly recognizes that it is inexact.

When the constitution goes against the average democratic citizen, they do not think that they have been proven wrong. Rather, they declare:

“The constitution is in need of being revised!”

The civil commitment of disbelievers in their own land is to bend the rules to make it submit to their personal vision. Meanwhile, the Muslims use it to defend their liberties and blindly submit⁠—passionately⁠—every time the democratic law forces them to make concessions regarding their religion.

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The masters of the land thus accomplished what the reformist never thought possible. On August 30, 2022, they relinquished the verdict to the Council of State, an independent court that represents ultimate authority on all juristic rulings in France. The State then pressured the magistrates until they ruled in favor of the government and validated the original decision.

Hassan must be expelled.

When the authorities went to his house, Hassan was absent. For the first time in the history of France, an “Imam” was on the run. What a monumental symbol for all the Muslims that still placed their hopes in the peaceful habitation of Muslims in France.

There are a number of lessons we can take away from this story.

First of all, concepts like the rule of law are void. In democracies, the law is designed to be bent if necessary. Any institution can be corrupted. Likewise, advanced countries are profoundly corrupt and billions of public funds are embezzled yearly. This issue deserves an entire article of its own.

Secondly, no amount of kowtowing will ever be enough for the Islamophobes. They are hypocrites and traitors. Some news outlets revealed that the minister of the interior, Gerald Darmanin, had feasted together with Hassan Iquioussen in the past. Hassan allegedly also bought a house for the uncle of Darmanin.

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Their liberal “Imam” friends are no better. Another infamous French reformist, Hassen Chalghoumi, harshly criticized Iquioussen on TV Channels and called for disavowal and deportation. Yet, when scrutinized, the discourses of both individuals are strangely similar.

These liberal reformists went astray from the path of Islam. They betrayed their Creator and Messenger . They would sell their mother in a heartbeat to gain clout or position. And they somehow expect loyalty from each other!

Iquioussen suffered the worst type of betrayal. His acquaintance, Gerald Darmanin, went as far as fabricating accusations against him in order to make him seem evil. They quoted irrelevant phrases, out of context, claiming that he desires the killing of the French, that he hates Jews, and that women are inferior. 

Finally, let’s remember that you can perhaps flee from the French authoritarian secular government, but there is no escaping from Allah.

When he was betrayed by the very Islamophobes he served, Hassan doubled down with his commitment to liberal values when he should have repented and realized how idiotic he was to have ever championed them in the first place.

And now here he is—hiding his face from the police and living as a fugitive from the law.

Will he finally wake up from his misguidance and repent sincerely to Allah?

With his track record however, it seems his next move will probably be to appeal at the European Court of Human Rights, yet again declaring his undying devotion towards liberal values in hope of being “saved” by his masters⁠—the secularist enemies of God.

A renewed step towards utter humiliation and deviance.

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Wee Jim

You can’t call Hassan Iquioussen a ‘Liberal French “Imam” ‘.
He isn’t French. When he came of age he rejected French citizenship and retained Moroccan citizenship through his father – or so he believed.
It seems the Moroccan government denies that he is Moroccan so presumably he could spend the rest of his life travelling between the two countries.


Rule of law in the West is what I like to term Calvinball.

Calvinball: A deliberately absurd sport without rules.