16-Year-Old Denied Abortion by Florida Court: Double Standards of the “Enlightened” West

Islam is constantly attacked by the West because Islamic law allows young girls under the age of 18 to get married. Of course, the way people within certain cultures forcefully marry off young girls against their will is obviously wrong and unjustifiable. However, there is nothing at all problematic about a mature young girl being given in marriage to a righteous and God-fearing pious husband when it is of her own volition and with her express agreement.

On the other hand, the enlightened West prefers that their young daughters have sexual relationships outside the bounds of marriage and commitment. They express horror and outrage at the mere thought that their daughters would even ponder the idea of marriage at such an age.

CNN recently published an article about a teenager who was deemed by a Florida court, under its parental consent laws, to not be mature enough to make a decision for herself regarding getting an abortion.

A pregnant 16-year-old in Florida was denied a waiver to get an abortion in the state without legal guardian notification and consent, after a court deemed she did not prove that she is mature enough to make the decision.

Florida, which currently bans most abortions at 15 weeks, requires physicians to notify and obtain written consent from a minor’s parent or legal guardian before performing an abortion on the minor. Under the law, a minor is allowed to petition a circuit court to waive these requirements.

The minor, who is “parentless” and living with a relative, told the circuit court that her legal guardian is “fine with what [she] wants to do,” according to one of the judges for the appellate court.

Jane Doe 22-B, in her petition to the court had stated that:

“she isn’t ready to have a baby, doesn’t have a job, is still in school and that the father is unable to support her.”

Her appeal to the court was not successful. This prompted several media outlets to pick up the story and screech about the “injustice” of the court in forcing this teen to deal with the consequences of her behavior.

Just a few days after the original article was published, CNN published an opinion piece. The author of this article went on to lament the “horror” and “brutality” of the court for refusing the teenager a way out from dealing with the consequences of her reckless behavior.

Laws about what teenagers can and cannot do — smoke marijuana, for example, or drink alcohol — exist for a reason. But until we prevent them from having sex, which is impossible, adults should not prevent them from saving themselves from the consequences of that sex.

The liberals continue to keep telling themselves that it’s impossible to prevent teenagers from having sex. While this most certainly is not true within a society that implements the safeguards prescribed to us by the noble Qur’an and prophetic sunnah, if it’s true in their minds, then why is it that sex without commitment is acceptable under the age of 18 but marriage is not?

The answer is that the liberals just desire their dopamine hits so they can temporarily forget the reality of how worthless their lives are. They desire freedom from any and all boundaries. If any consequences result from the activities which “make them happy,” they don’t want to have to deal with it. Feminists for example are firmly convinced that having a husband and children will most certainly not make them happy, and they often only recognize how deluded they are when it’s too late.

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Let’s compare the “grotesque” life of a young Muslim girl with that of the “enlightened” Jane Doe 22-B.

A young Muslim girl gets married at the age of 16 to a righteous and God-fearing pious husband, who she then has children with. She raises their children in a stable home where she takes on the difficult but extremely rewarding burden of rearing the next generation. Her husband works hard to provide for his wife and children, to put food on the table, to put clothes on their backs, and to put a roof over their heads.

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On the other hand, Jane Doe 22-B is impregnated by a man who wants nothing to do with their child. She gives birth to their child alone. She raises their child alone. She provides for their child alone.

If she was granted permission to abort the baby, she kills her own child. The baby is discarded into a dumpster. And she continues the cycle, moving from one guy to the next.

Now, you decide which one is barbaric. This is the so-called enlightenment of the West.

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Blunt and true, just how I like it.

Maaz Ahmad Khan

Alhamdulillah for Islam. I am pleased with Allah as my Rabb, Islam as my Deen, and Prophet Muhammad (sallalaahu alaihi wasallam) as my messenger.