The Logical Necessity of the Caliphate

The necessity of khilafa can be understood from the Quran, Sunnah, and Islamic tradition, but it can also be understood on the basis of clear logic and knowledge of our present reality and recent history.

If you care about preserving Islam as a religion and preserving Muslim life, this can only be achieved if Muslims have political independence.

At the end of the day, ethnic-based nations operate to preserve the interests of their nation. If helping Muslims escape from genocide negatively impacts the interests of the nation, then the nation takes priority. Only a multi ethnic/racial khilafa would have the mandate to prioritize the lives of Muslims globally. If you don’t believe this, simply reflect on the situation of Palestinians and Uighurs today and willingness of Muslim ethnic nations to, not only overlook the genocide, but actually ally with the non-Muslim oppressors. Other examples are countless.

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To preserve Islam, political independence is also needed. Consider the following. Preserving Islamic teachings requires institutions that are not controlled by partisan groups. National governments will always bend institutions to teach a state-approved Islam, which, again, prioritize the interests of the nation. Furthermore, liberal hegemony actively seeks to destroy authentic traditional Islam because they see it as a threat to their power.

For this reason, they have been involved with covertly and overtly undermining authentic Islamic institutions of learning for the past 220 years and replacing it with liberalized Islam that is more conformant with liberal secular values and interests with the goal of eventually dissolving Islam completely.

Islamic political Independence is the only way to even attempt to counter this.

A simple example can demonstrate this.

Many Muslims, noticing the amount of censorship happening on the internet, have called for a Muslim-controlled social media platform. They mistakenly believe that such a platform would provide Muslim protection from censorship, allowing authentic Islam to be represented and taught.

But this is mistaken. Liberal power could easily force internet service providers and hosting services to shut down the platform if it is deemed to be too popular and, therefore, too influential and, therefore, too much of a threat.

Perhaps the Muslim platform can be hosted in a powerful country that is independent from the liberal order, like Russia or China. Do you think Russia or China will allow anything contrary to their national interests to be expressed on the platform?

Ok, then maybe a smaller, poorer country which has no concern with Islam. Maybe the platform could be hosted there. But again, if the platform becomes too popular and unites too many Muslims, it will be deemed a “national security threat” to liberal nations or even labeled a “terror network,” and sanctions or military action would be taken to coerce the hosting country to shut it down.

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Only an independent Muslim political power could resist this censorship. Only an independent Muslim political power could provide the true prerequisite for the preservation of Islamic teaching and the preservation of Muslim lives. There is simply no alternative.

And this is exactly why the liberal world hegemony has fought tooth and nail to prevent it from happening. Hindus can have a state based on Hindu identity. Chinese can have a state based on Chinese identity. French can have a state based on French identity. Jews can have a state based on Jewish identity. But Muslims cannot have a state based on Muslim identity.

Any Muslim who doesn’t recognize that this is happening, namely that Muslims are under the boot of an oppressive tyrannical force that wants to erase Islam from the world, and doesn’t desire the solution, namely khilafa, to escape this situation to preserve Islam and Muslim life, is either massively ignorant or a munafiq.

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Ahmad Fall

What would be the steps required to establish a Muslim state


having the right Aqidah maybe and prying stuff like that and spread and try to become rich and spread that message even more?