WEF Recruits Army of Information Warriors to Control the Mainstream Narrative

“Conspiracy theorists” are often touted as people who adhere to beliefs that are essentially baseless, i.e., without any evidence.

Despite the widespread notion that the evil groups these conspiracy theorists oppose are highly secretive and operate completely hidden from the public eye, the truth is that these groups often flaunt their nefarious designs quite publicly.

For instance, some concerning news was recently made public by the WEF:

Announcing the news on a WEF podcast, UN communications director Melissa Fleming said “So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels.”

This revealing piece of information is shocking to say the least. But what’s even more shocking is how little it’s being spoken about within the mainstream media, thus reflecting on the level of control which organizations like WEF have on the media.

Imagine, a multibillion-dollar organization⁠—one of the most influential in the world⁠—openly declaring that they intend to control everyone’s beliefs about what is true and what is false via their power and resources.

And nobody is talking about it.

Liberal Manipulation

Another crucial point this raises is one of the goals of the liberal world order. Liberal values are, and Muslims understand this better than most people, antithetical to human nature and traditions which have existed for millennia. However, by employing such a staggeringly high number of people to push the unnatural narrative that the WEF wishes to push, they can easily manipulate the masses which do see common sense into feeling isolated. They can pressure them into believing that they have the wrong opinion, especially as they witness thousands of people support things that they don’t.

Thousands of comments in support of things that aren’t right. A manufactured “majority.”

That’s how psychological control is exerted over the masses⁠—by making us believe that the internet is a ‘free space’ which is not controlled by anyone. And while that may be partially true for a vast amount of the internet, it certainly isn’t true for the most popular sites. In fact the social media and information sites that are most frequently visited on the internet these days are undoubtedly under authoritarian control of ‘censorship overlords’ like Klaus Schwab.

And it would be foolish to believe that these information warriors, who are going to be ‘trained’ by the WEF, are going to be disseminating their own opinions online. The only things that they’ll be annoyingly spamming online is whatever the WEF specifically tells them to spam.

In other words, the WEF is simply using a trained army of mindless puppets.

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But why would we let them get away with it? Why would the narrative be that this tyrannical move is one of nobility? Because it’s being justified under the guise of ‘combatting misinformation’?

In reality, ‘misinformation’ is just a candy flavored term for ‘what we don’t agree with,’ and those who would dare to spread ‘misinformation’ in order to oppose their narrative are labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ which is now considered a derogatory term in the mainstream narrative and one that people would rather not associate with. In actuality however, it simply refers to those who don’t agree with these mega-corporations. This also says a lot about the fanciful, made up concept of ‘free speech’ within the West.

Brainwashed liberals are now going to naively shill for this outrageous move by the WEF by saying that their justification is completely understandable. They’re going to argue that the WEF must do everything in its power to stop ‘uneducated hardcore extremist conspiracy theorists’ from spreading ‘misinformation’ that goes against the status quo. While being in undying support of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘freedom of expression,’ they’re going to fully endorse the exact opposite.

This transparent and obvious hypocrisy accurately reflects upon exactly how deluded and confused liberals truly are.

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It also seems like the WEF might already be regretting their decision to announce the method of their tyrannical control of social media. Articles are popping up claiming that the WEF never said any such thing. This ‘fact-checking’ article, for example, states that the podcast used the term ‘information volunteers’ and not ‘information warriors.’

Yes, let’s just cast aside the entire statement and all the concern it generated because a slightly less threatening phrase was used. It’s obvious what the goal is here.

What Consensus?

And again, the stances that liberals usually support are unnatural and in favor of continued control by vile corporations and governments. And these are stances that are easy to dispute, but people are intimidated and tricked into thinking that the majority accepts these stances. There are two glaring problems here. One is the glaringly obvious misunderstanding that the majority opinion on the internet somehow represents the majority opinion in the world.

Such an assessment is completely devoid of accuracy because one, most of the world⁠—especially those living in poverty⁠—don’t have the time nor skills to engage in any online discourse regarding these issues. They either don’t have access to the internet, or if they do, they don’t use it to resist the higher-ups. And it would help to bear in mind these people also tend to live and support a traditional lifestyle. The reason being that a liberal lifestyle and mindset is strongly correlated with higher wealth and social status. It is mostly the privileged who support liberal causes, and since it is mostly they who have access to the internet, it is their opinions that are often mistaken as being the ‘majority.’

Do you really think that if the majority of people had the privilege of voicing their opinions plainly online, they would in any way support murdering babies or enforcing injections that cause heart attacks?

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The other problem is the very one highlighted in this article. The modernity supporters you see online are very likely to be shills employed by mega organizations such as the WEF. So the next time you see someone online supporting baby murder; raping of children by grown men; sexualization of children by perverted ‘educators’; or how Muslim countries being bombed is justified because they don’t educate women, just known that you have most likely encountered a WEF bot in the wild, and their opinion is a simply a pre-packaged product which has been produced by the richest and most corrupt people in the world.

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There’s Twitter account with the Stonehenge emoji 🗿 which defends the coronavirus shot, pandemic and the WEF. If you happen to reply to one of them, more people with those emojis respond in vitriol. These accounts should be blocked and ignored since they waste people’s time and they give the perception that most people agree with them.

Zaid Diaz

There are pro-West, pro-Russia and pro-China trolls… you’ll find loads of them at Quora, it’s a troll battlefield now.

Mohammad Talha Ansari

Hindus are the world’s biggest troll army. Some are paid trolls but most work for free. On some media such as comments section of indian news channels on YouTube and Facebook and news websites it actually feels like cockroaches scurrying upon opening a manhole cover.