Parashurama: The Hindu Deity Who Committed Genocide Against… Hindus

Just like every other religion centered around Shirk, Hinduism never ceases to baffle the mind. And it’s not only because of the rituals but also because of their “deities” themselves too.

These deities, belonging to a religion that doesn’t worship the Creator, have characteristics of creation. Their significant shortcomings are brazenly apparent. Not only do they act human, but they are often actually far worse than the average human.

One such deity is Parashurama.

Parashurama is an “avatar” or “incarnation” of Vishnu.

Alongside Shiva, Vishnu is the most important deity of the Hindus in the post-Vedic period (during Vedic times it was Indra).

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To be able to measure the importance of Vishnu, you should know that two of its other avatars (or incarnations) are Rama and Krishna, who are respectively the main protagonists of the Hindu epics: the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. These are the two most influential legends in Hinduism. The Vedas are of course the main primordial sacred texts of the Hindus, but they were mainly the domain of Brahmins. These two epics however, are what influenced the average Hindu (in medieval times through popular poetry and more recently through TV shows).

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Thus this Parashurama is no random Hindu deity. It is the incarnation of the most important deity of the Hindus. To be precise, its sixth incarnation. So even chronologically he precedes both Rama and Krishna.

The meaning of Parashurama is “Rama with an Axe.”

And Parashurama may pose a bit of a moral dilemma for Hindus who criticize Islam based on its conquests. Unlike the noble Muslim conquerors, this beloved deity of the Hindus was genocidal.

For example, Parashurama tried to wipe out the entire varna (social class) of the Kshatriyas. In the Hindu caste system, Kshatriyas is the second caste (or warrior class). They come after the Brahmin caste of priests to which Parashurama himself belonged.

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Parashurama’s Genocide

Parashurama famously beheaded his own mother Renuka following an imperative by his father Jamadagni who became jealous for no reason. (Did someone say “honor killing”?) You can still find temples dedicated to her (as a “fertility goddess”) all over India, along with a graphic representation of her decapitated head.

Wow, what a spiritual religion! Maybe Islam could learn a thing or two from Hinduism regarding how to treat ones mother? No thanks.

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But as if this wasn’t enough, and as we’ve already mentioned, Parashurama is infamous for his genocide of the Kshatriya class who were, in theory, fellow Hindus.

Encyclopedia Britannica summarises:

When Jamadagni suspected Renuka of an unchaste thought, he ordered Parashurama to cut off her head, which the obedient son did. Later, to avenge the murder of his father by a Kshatriya, he killed all the male Kshatriyas on earth 21 successive times (for, each time, their wives survived and gave birth to new generations) and filled five lakes with their blood.

Imagine a deity being honored for both “spirituality” and successfully slaughtering numerous generations as “revenge.”

So, to all the Hindus that criticize Islam and Islamic conquerors for their supposed “violence,” we ask:

Can you present us with the equivalent of the cruelty exacted by Parashurama from Mahmud of Ghaznavi, Timur, etc.? Or what about even just a hundredth of that?

But that’s not all. It actually get’s worse. Much worse.

Just look at this Brahmin sexual fantasy of having basically birthed the new Kshatriyas by copulating with the women after killing off the men.

We read in the Mahabharata:

The son of Jamadagni (Parasurama), after twenty-one times making the earth bereft of Kshatriyas wended to that best of mountains Mahendra and there began his ascetic penances. And at that time when the earth was bereft of Kshatriyas, the Kshatriya ladies, desirous of offspring, used to come, O monarch, to the Brahmanas and Brahmanas of rigid vows had connection with them during the womanly season alone, but never, O king, lustfully and out of season. And Kshatriya ladies by thousands conceived from such connection with Brahmanas.

Then, O monarch, were born many Kshatriyas of greater energy, boys and girls, so that the Kshatriya race, might thrive. And thus sprang the Kshatriya race from Kshatriya ladies by Brahmanas of ascetic penances.

Our next question is thus not for all Hindus, but specifically just the “warrior class” which prides itself in defending this polytheistic cult. To the Kshatriya minority:

How does it feel to be considered as being children of illegitimate unions (to put it mildly and while avoiding more vulgar language)?

Of course in Hinduism the other castes are already viewed as being barely human or “subhuman.”

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But you Kshatriya are supposed to be the warriors. You’re supposed to lay down your lives for these Brahmins despite them deeming you to be of illegitimate birth.

Perhaps the time has now come for you to wake up and become real warriors—to stand for Tawhid against Brahmanical supremacism.

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