Muslims Should Know this History of the British Royal Family

The longest reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II, is dead. Although it is tempting to interpret the double rainbow that appeared over Buckingham Palace as a sign that her death is a present from above, we must brace ourselves for the continuity of empire. Like in the mafia when you remove one boss another one is standing in line ready to fill the void. The reign of King Charles will doubtless be even more repulsive than that of his mother.

We cannot foresee the future, but we can be sure that King Charles will continue to push the ‘Great Reset’ agenda of his World Economic Forum buddies. Mind you, this is a man who was known for befriending the British TV presenter and pedophile Jimmy Savile as was recently revealed. For the sleeping sheep of people, the death of Queen Elizabeth was filled with tears, candles, and mourning, but for us who are awake and know well the crimes of the British Royal family, her death is but the end of a long chapter in the dark pages of history.

“We are Older than Capitalism and Socialism”

There is a famous anecdote in which it is said that upon asked of her ideology, Queen Elizabeth replied: “We are older than capitalism and socialism”. Although the authenticity of this quote is questionable there is a ring of truth to it. Monarchy is older than any of the modern ideologies, in fact monarchy is older than the English branch of the House of “Windsor” to which she belonged. To understand the mindset of the people who see themselves destined to rule over others, we have to go back to the ancient Egyptians.

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped Fir’aun as an offspring of the sun god, Ra, and in Europe the medieval monarchs claimed that they had a “Divine Right” to rule over others. Even today in our post-monarchical society the last remaining royal families are still referred to as “blue bloods” as if the blood running in their veins is different to us ‘commoners’.

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This elaborate scheme to try and legitimize rule through divine decree was done to justify the few ruling over the many. How else could Kings, Queens, Emperors and Pharoahs convince anyone to listen to them if they were not gods or at least chosen by the divine? Over time this of course led to the Royals buying into their own delusion thinking themselves superior to others. Hence Queen Elizabeth’s alleged statement: “We are older than capitalism and socialism,” i.e., they are above such base ideologies created by man.

In one peculiar example this obsession with intra-family marriage and genetics actually led to the downfall of the Spanish Habsburgs who managed to inbreed themselves out of existence.

The House of What Now?

With regards to the ‘British’ Royal Family, the intriguing part of that story is that they are in fact not very British at all. The House of “Windsor” did not become the House of Windsor until 1917. Before that they were the Saxe Coburg-Gotha who were related to the European Royal Families, but after WWI the British public was not too happy about that German connection, so they became the “Windsor’s.”

These royals – who are connected through inbreeding – have much more in common with their European brothers and sister, cousins and uncles, than they do with the British people.

This explains why, for example, that the ‘British’ Royal family supported the Nazis prior (and during) WWII as is well documented today. It was especially damning for Queen Elizabeth when footage surfaced of her giving the Nazi salute and her uncle, Edward VIII, shaking hands with Hitler. For the current King Charles his lifelong friendship with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands should be an alarm bell for anyone familiar with Bernhard’s past.

He used to be part of the SS (Schutzstaffel), and he is the co-founder of the infamous Bilderberg group. You know, the group that does not exist and according to mainstream media plays no significance on the political world stage. It is just a bunch of the most influential and elite people and heads of state who meet once a year to discuss… nothing?

Or what about the Queens husband, Prince Philip, when he so charmingly stated that he wanted to be reincarnated as a “particularly deadly virus” in order to contribute to the depopulation of the planet?

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A Quest for Control

These people see the common folk as a virus that needs to be eradicated from the face of the earth. That’s what the whole transhuman agenda is about. They hope that in the end technology and artificial intelligence can replace human beings as work slaves so they can live as a ruling class free from the pains of having to “convince” the proletariat to go along with their policies.

Everything is so tiring right now where people must be convinced, controlled, and manipulated in order to go along with the global agenda. Wouldn’t it be much easier if the world population was significantly reduced and only people of ‘significance’ were allowed to live? In King Charles view he would probably endorse it just to cure global “warming” and climate change. If the people are the biggest polluters, why not just get rid of them?

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It seems that much of the world is in a sort of trance these days where they bemoan the death of a little old lady who waves to the crowds and drinks tea. They seem to forget that Queen Elizabeth was the heir to a throne whose fortune was amassed through the plundering of most of the world’s wealth and resources. It is completely foreign to most people that these elites conspire to amass great wealth by subjugating and oppressing others.

There is nothing to bemoan except the millions of lives destroyed in order to preserve the British Empire and Monarchy at the expense of the worlds most deprived peoples.

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Zaid Diaz

The Ancient Egyptians worshipped Fir’aun … as if the blood running in their veins is different to us ‘commoners’.

In China, there is the ‘Heavenly Mandate’, the CCP holds the current ‘Heavenly Mandate’. In Japan, the Emperor’s lineage is said to descend from the Sun Goddess Amaterasu (a Japanese version of Tengri but feminine, and sun-associated instead of sky).

Follower of Truth

Islam &Muslims are the only ones that are different

Muhammed SAW was the Final Prophet and we never had any nonsense about the blasphemies other kings lied about

All the Caliphs were similar referring to themselves as the leader of the Muslims first and foremost

The Ottomans were very beautiful in following this. Murad and Abdulhamid the II were 2 awe inspiring Caliphs

Daniel could you do an article on them?
It would be wonderful jazakallah khyrun
Many dont know Islam History


Informative, thought- provoking and eye-opening piece. I wish the writer do another piece dissecting the sense of awe created around King Charles that enraptured many including Muslims, and reveal the real Charles, friend of paedophile “the admirer of Islam “ and “friend of Muslims “ as some Muslims love to describe him.


The extinction of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty was due to repeated cases of cousin marriage over several generations. Their last king(Carlos II) was called “el hechizado”(the bewitched), because he was literally physically deformed, unable to have kids and disabled; his grand father Felipe III, was the king that order the “final solution” against the moriscos (Andalusian muslims under Christian occupation that were forced to convert into Catholicism)

Last edited 4 months ago by Takeshi

Sometimes I wonder if their degeneration(and following decline of the Spanish empire) was a curse from Allah, because the Spanish Habsburgs; together with the church (inquisition) ; were the architects of the heavy oppression and brutalization against the Andalusian muslims(called moriscos by the Christians).

Last edited 4 months ago by Takeshi
Zaid Diaz

It can also be said that Armenians and Serbs are also getting curses from Allah since they dared to war against Muslims…