The False God of Modern Psychology

Modern psychology is being spread to the Muslim community through:

1. Masjid programs that invite social workers to discuss mental health, “domestic violence,” self-care, narcissism, s-xual education, etc.

2. Imams and duat who adopt “insights” from modern psychology and incorporate it into their religious instruction.

3. Muslims directly going to purveyors of modern psychology (counselors, therapists, non-Muslim personalities, et al.) to get help on familial or personal problems.

4. Muslims participating in social justice activism that heavily employs modern psychology.
Modern psychology is pure liberalism. It is liberalism applied to the human mind.

Mental Health programs have served as a kind of Trojan horse because many Muslims see addressing mental health as important and assume that the “mental health experts” are providing objective, scientific information. In reality, the entire discipline is pure liberal ideology designed to turn people into liberals and feminists.

I would like to dedicate more critical information to exposing this mental health racket and the damage it is doing to the iman of Muslims, not to mention their families, and, ironically, their mental health.

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Mental health is indeed important. I am not denying that. But modern psychology sabotages mental health in the most insidious ways. Truly, the answers to all our problems is in the Quran and Sunnah.

Immediate Questions

Some may respond to the above by asking:

“But what’s the alternative?”

This is a programmed reaction that has been implanted by modern psychology itself.

Modern psychology bills itself as the “only solution” because, somehow, it has special scientific/medical knowledge that no one else has.

This is nonsense. If we were to believe this, we would have to think that, prior to modern psychology, humanity was in a state of widespread psychosis and mental dysfunction. Of course, this is what modern people are conditioned to believe about the past anyway: as a brutal, disgusting dystopia full of evil and suffering.

But real Muslims — i.e., Muslims who rely on the tradition of Islam and look to the past as a source of knowledge and virtue — should be automatically skeptical of this characterization. Of course the past was not this endless pit of human suffering.

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But the claim that modern psychology has some special knowledge that can only be achieved through a degree in psychology and certification from the relevant liberal authorities is laughable.

What are the teachings of the modern therapist based on? What is the special scientific basis of their counseling?

It is just liberalism and liberal understanding on human nature. Counseling based on inaccurate, unfactual kufr should be seen for what it is: nonsense.

As a simple example: This past summer, it was revealed that depression is not caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

This was a huge revelation since for decades, the chemical imbalance theory was assumed to be fact and depression had been treated on this basis. Hundreds of millions of people throughout the world have been taking drugs with all kinds of dangerous side effects because their therapists believed that they had a chemical problem in the brain.

We should ask, what else does this “science” get wrong? Why should we assume this “science” has the answers?

And what is the alternative?

So much of psychology is about basic human relationships and interactions, basic character, basic social adjustment. Psychology is about internal states and external relationships. As Muslims, where do we find true guidance on these things?

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “I was sent to perfect good character.”

Outside of psychotic episodes that require serious medical intervention, what percentage of “psychological problems” can be addressed by religious intervention using *direct* instruction from Islam? What percentage can be addressed by actually living according to the Sunnah, rather than the modern lifestyle?

These are the questions we should be asking as we continue to deconstruct this false god of modern psychology.

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Psychology is itself a pseudo science

Ibrahim Ihsan

I have no idea what you are saying. If you read the books, Islamic scholars themselves got many facts wrong as far as science is concerned(knowledge about psychological problems, certain aspects of biology, certain aspects of even theology). In fact, in the past, they used to believe many mental illnesses was because of jinn possession, hence the term Majnun being used for a mentally delayed individual. I’m not saying that can’t be the case for some but not for all mental people.

Last edited 6 months ago by Ibrahim Ihsan

You don’t have any evidence to say that any mental illness is or isn’t caused by jinn possession. Jinn possession is more common than you think.


The word “majnun” was before Islam. The polytheists called the messenger as such.

Ibrahim Ihsan

Also, do you really believe that psychology is mainly just some theory which people used to rationalize liberalism? If so, give proof.
I understand how people talk about many psychological points through a materialistic, agnostic and evolutionary perspectives while never considering spirituality and religion. However, that doesn’t mean they are all false.
If you are arguing that the Sunnah has a cure for mental illnesses(which as far I’ve seen is mainly Ruqya), then why not quote more hadiths?


Not just Ruqyah, but the way you view life and and live it, the way you understand events in life and how you deal with it, we have that all in the Quran and Sunnah. Modern secular psychology is overrated and has few answers. It is in fact a Trojan horse to help people deal with issues that can be addressed if a person followed Islam properly. Secularism aims to fill any gaps and problems in humans with anything but belief in Allah and Shariah.


It is a form of control and this goes for all secular institutions. They want to put a plaster on issues, avoid going into root causes of problems, reject the truth in favour of secular explanations/solutions this is why their institutions are falling apart. A lot is known about modern western psychology, it’s uses and it is easy to educate yourself on it in our time, however mental health problems are projected as a norm that affect a majority of people in modern secular societies.


Not only are they projected as a norm and normalised, this push to normalise mental
Illness is deliberate. Mental illness is glorified and then secular liberal ideas are projected as a solution. They indoctrinate people that the concept of the family and patriarchy is a major factor in causing mental illness, that the traditional family set up leads to abuse. What’s the solution? “Free” yourself and follow your base desires and you will find the answer.

Ibrahim Ihsan

On ruqya, you depend upon Allah’s mercy for curing the person. However, available medicine or methods that are proven effective(though error can be concluded at times) and not haram are not impermissible.
Nobody is saying that before psychology everyone was just insane. They may have had their own ways of dealing with these problems such as certain folk medicine, religious counsels, certain routines and yes, even torture(particularly among some Christians)

Ibrahim Ihsan

What am I saying? Psychology as the study of human behaviour and mind was there since ancient times and so people used many ways in dealing with it. If you are referring to modern psychology then your statement can be true since as a field, many infidels have contributed to it such as the infamous John Locke and may have even been used to justify secular ideologies. However, judging by your work and the works of many other duats, the same can also be said for us regarding contribution to it.

Muslim Skeptic jr

The Muslim is very unique in his approach towards all matters, because Islam is (the dye – sibgha -of Allah) as our Lord has described it; so it [Islam] paints our entire lives with its unique colour.
One of these matters is psychotherapeutic/psychological treatment, whether it’s psychiatric (through medication) or psychotherapy (without medication).

Last edited 6 months ago by Muslim Skeptic jr
Muslim Skeptic jr

Islam is balanced in regards to this matter; opposing two extreme approaches;
The 1st approach which states: Medication and therapy sessions are nonsense! Turn [earnestly] to the Qur’an, supplication (dua’), and acts of obedience (worship), and you will soon be cured of your mental illnesses.
On the other hand, the 2nd approach focuses entirely on medication and therapy sessions and neglects Allah’s messages for His servants behind being tried/tested with mental illnesses.

Muslim Skeptic jr

Medication is from the permissible measures to be taken (asbāb); as well as psychotherapy sessions if utilised in the right way as I clarified in a video entitled, “A brief on psychotherapy”, and as long as the therapist is not influenced by a perception of the ‘self’ that differs from the Islamic perception of it; which is not an easy thing.


Bro, you need to do a detailed exposition (written and video) on the utter quackery that they call “Islamic” psychology, much like “Islamic” feminism.

It’s an emerging dajjalic science by the liberalists, that aims to marry modern dajjalic psychology with Islamic concepts of tasawwuf (the bedrock of which is الحب في الله والبغض في الله) or tazkiyatun nafs for salafis (same difference) and ihsan!

Oh, and did I mention adab? 🙂


Thank you Daniel. What you have written reads like what I’ve said to a family member over and over again in vain. The person thinks they’re depressed and hopeless, has left a high-paying job and career because of it and messed their life up completely. When I tell them it’s because of leaving Islam and becoming an atheist, they throw a hissy fit and call me a fundamentalist.

Ojo Eli

Yeah, Daniel Haqqiqotjou, I studied counselling education in school and you’re very right about what you have said. Modern psychology will tell you that only human solution can be provided to all problem. It will tell you that God can’t be involved in solving human problem. That’s why many Muslims have been turned to humanist and unknown to them they are moving towards atheism. Like someone said here please talk about- in video and writing- the concept of “Islamic psychology”.


I once saw a YQ discussion where one panelist used the concept of multiverses to console a Muslimah who asked whether she would end up with her love interest in Paradise or her husband who she did not like. He told her that if the multiverse is real then there’s a world where she would end up with the person she loved. Yes, you read that sentence right, this is how far the deviants have gotten using modern psychology which is basically modern ambiguity.

Last edited 6 months ago by Homophobic

half of major psychology experiments fail to replicate . Psy researchers manipulate research to make it fit thier “new revolutionary” ideas so they can get published and get their PhD.

Also 85 percent of psychologists self identity as left wing liberals while 15 identity as “moderates”. Most of research ( I think 90 percent ) is done on liberal brainwashed college student.


Isn’t it ironic that since the advent of psychology as an industry people have become more messed up in the head? Psychology in the West is effectively a subsitute for Christianity. Making psychologists secular priests. It’s a kind a spirituality for atheists.


Your point about psychology being a trojan horse is completely correct. It is used as a vehicle to push not only liberalism but also feminism, gay acceptance, sex-positivity (sexual promiscuity…particulary among women) and ultimately and gradually atheism. Ultimately the problem lies in its anthropocentricity. Resulting in navel-gazing.


Mental illnesses are actually spiritual illnesses. The solution must be something spiritual. I myself went through a lot of severe mental problems but I overcame them by strengthening my Iman, Alhamdulillah. I never myself went to a doctor. I never took medication or pills. Psychology is a fraud.