Muslims Suffering Globally: Talk Is Not Enough

By Shaykh Muḥammad Salīm Dhorat ḥafiẓahullāh[1]

Founder of Islamic Da’wah Academy, Leicester, UK

Translated by Mufti Abdullah Moolla

“How much time do we spend on [discussing] these situations [around the world]? Hours.

‘This is happening in Kashmir. That is happening in Kashmir.’

Since the moment we became mature, we do not know how many political situations have arisen. We are not aware how much time we have spent in analyzing these political conditions. Have we experienced [the realization of] any of the analyses we have carried out? By our analyses, the views and opinions of the world leaders do not change. Have we experienced this? We are but small people. Our voices do not carry beyond our living rooms. Our spouses do not even accept and believe what we say. So what [part of it] is Imran Khan and Narendra Modi going to believe? Hours and hours go by on such discussions.

‘This is happening in Kashmir. That is happening in Pakistan. This is happening in Yemen. That is happening over there. And this is happening there.’

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My beloved brothers, all of this is in vain.

Our senior elders and scholars that were involved in the service of Islām were such that whenever these types of discussions would begin, they would engage in them, and it would be a means of reward for them. This is because when they spoke about such things, they spoke with worry and concern for the Ummah – to plan for the Ummah. How shall the Ummah be saved? How should the Ummah be cared for? How could the Ummah be saved from despondency?

On the other hand however, we engage in this to pass time. There are many means and ways to engage in futility. Social media is nothing but a major means of passing time in futility. How much of our time goes by on it?

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My brothers, do not become warriors of talk. Become a warrior who engages actively. I remember one of my teachers, Qārī Ismā’īl raḥimahullāh. He was a very pious man. However, I am saying with full conviction that I have never heard the word ‘Palestine’ from his tongue. I did not hear it. We are such that whenever we hear anything, we commence a discussion.

The son of Qārī Ismā’īl raḥimahullāh is my good friend. After the demise of his father, if he had not informed me, then I wouldn’t have even known. If I had to think about it and reflect, then I would have said that he did not even think of the Muslims of Palestine. In reality, I did not think this. I am simply putting forward the scenario.

If someone were to simply ask about how much concern and worry Qārī Ismā’īl raḥimahullāh had for the Muslims of Palestine, then I would have [likely] said the above.

However, upon his demise it was detailed in an article that for many years no day had passed but that his father would perform two rak’ats of ṣalāh and make du’ā’ for the relief and comfort of the Muslims in Palestine. This I what I mean when I say ‘a warrior who becomes actively involved’. Do not become warriors of [mere] talk. Those who [actively] did deeds – they have done them and have passed on.

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So, I ask my friends to tell me about how much time they have spent in talking about the conditions in Palestine; in Kashmir; in Yemen; and in Pakistan; and then how much time they spent speaking to Allāh Ta’ālā – raising their hands before Him.

Even if I speak to a certain brother about Kashmir for half my life, what can he do?

However, if I speak to Allāh Ta’ālā for a few minutes about these conditions, and He accepts my du’ā’, then Allāh Ta’ālā can decide immediately. So my brothers, do not spend your time in futility.”




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Chaudhry A

Assalam o Alaikum – i am not a scholar but doing two rakah maybe is good for personal deeds but it have to be political engagement. Raising voice wherever possible. Bringing awareness and working towards getting the system of Islam. Sadly the article that person dont even talk about Palestine but reads two rakah is also an invalid solution or work towards a solution.

Prophet PBUH didnt raised sword in Makkah time because there was no state but he didnt do only rakahs.


This article is SO NEEDED. Please write about this more, I understood this reality of time wasting time only recently.

P.S. Also there few so called muslim’s channels that just spread useless news (most of them quite liberal), they don’t even analyze such news, but what they do is spread anxiety, sense of desperation, anger that doesn’t allow you to concentrate on things which you can and should influence, such channels don’t even analyze such news, muslims should not waste their time