Hijab Burnings in Iran and the Liberal Muslim’s Hatred for Islam

Guest Post from Usama Hazari.

On 16th September 2022, in the city of Tehran, 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, unfortunately passed away in police custody under suspicious circumstances. She was arrested on 13th September by the Iranian morality police (aka Guidance Patrol) for a dress code violation, where she had received a fatal injury in the process, as per eyewitnesses. Consequently, a series of protests erupted and spread across Iran.

However, the protests were surprisingly not directed against police brutality or medical negligence. Rather the liberal segment of Iranian society seized the tragedy as an opportunity to publicly exhibit their disdain for Islam and commit blasphemy en masse.

For one thing, police brutality is not uncommon across the world. In the United States of America, during the course of the Black Lives Matter protests that ensued after the death of George Floyd, we rarely observed demonstrators publicly desecrating the symbols of Christianity. Nonetheless, when it comes to incidents of oppression and tyranny in the Muslim world, Islam often becomes the primary target of censure and hostility from people.

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In a similar vein, during the famed Aurat March (an annual feminist rally held in Pakistan), videos emerged of some women chanting slogans “Allah bhi sunle! AZADI!; Rasool bhi sunle! AZADI” (Allah too hear us, freedom!; Prophet too hear us, freedom!). It is as if they are implying that it is Allah and His Prophet ﷺ that are the source of their oppression—from whom they are seeking freedom.

The rallies that were supposed to highlight the serious matter of “domestic violence” and other similar issues in Pakistan have been hijacked by the liberal Muslim stratum and has subsequently devolved into a series of vitriolic and blasphemous diatribes against Islam.

A friend of mine recently expressed his shocked upon seeing Iranian Muslims burn the hijab as a protest and remarked that even the non-Muslims wouldn’t commit such an act of insulting someone’s faith. I responded to him that no one is more Islamophobic than a liberal Muslim. He loves his Muslim community in a tribalistic fashion, while blaming Islam for its backwardness and misery. For the liberal Muslim, the reason for “our backwardness” lies in the fact that we have not yet “assimilated ourselves” into the modern world.

The liberal Muslim lacks knowledge of history. He is unaware of the centuries of colonialism that has drained the Muslim societies of all its resources. His understanding of Islam is also flawed. The liberal Muslim perceives Islam the same way a polytheist perceives his religion or culture, namely, it can change according to the trends and status quo of different times. The liberal Muslim forgets that Islam is universal and has been sent for all times and all people.

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Any misery and humiliation we suffer today is due to our own failure in following our duties as an Ummah. The liberal Muslim fails to understand that his colonised worldview is the biggest hurdle to the Ummah’s progress and attainment of the leadership of the world — as promised by Allah (swt) if we implement Islam in our individual and collective lives.

The primary prerequisite to experiencing a revival of Islam in our lives is that we give Dawah to the liberals in our midst. Perhaps it is easier to convert a non-Muslim to Islam than to convince an arrogant liberal to agree to Islam as a complete way of life.

Arrogance is indeed the greatest obstacle in the way of guidance. The liberal Muslim’s arrogance stems from their self-righteousness and saviour complex, which consequently deter him from following the way of God.

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 “Allah bhi sunle! AZADI!; Rasool bhi sunle! AZADI” (Allah too hear us, freedom!; Prophet too hear us, freedom!). It is as if they are implying that it is Allah and His Prophet ﷺ that are the source of their oppression—…”

Yes, but it is even deeper. The first part is utter lack of adab with Allah – aggresssively demanding something. The second part is shirk; calling upon other than Allah and expecting them to change your condition (from the grave).

Maaz Siddiqui

Good article on this topic. Alhumdulillah.


There are 2 reasons that stand out many other that the protests turned out the way they did i believe.
1. The guidance patrol’s behaviour is always unnecessarily harsh and abusive. There are many examples before this of beatings etc.
2.The government generally gives authority to its officers to do whatever they wish to do. They’re not held accountable as much as they should be.


I think they should have a firm hand in this regard

In the video you can see that a female officer was advising her, then the girl got hysterical.

The police must be feared and respected, otherwise it will be very difficult to maintain the peace


A friend of mine recently expressed his shocked upon seeing Iranian Muslims burn the hijab as a protest…”

Why is he assuming they are Muslim…even if we’d count Shiites as Muslims for argument’s sake? This clearly shows that he isn’t familiar with that demographic. Many, and perhaps even the majority, are very secular. And many of those openly hate Islam. Apart from Zionists and Hindu nationalist I’ve never seen a people filled with such hatred against the deen.


Akhi that is false it is merely a vocal minority that holds these opinions


The rallies that were supposed to highlight the serious matter of “domestic violence” and other similar issues in Pakistan have been hijacked by the liberal Muslim stratum…”

Rallies and demonstrations aren’t from the Sunnah of Muhammad s.a.s. to begin with. Muslims in the modern era took the concept from Marxists. Who they themselves took it from the Christians (Catholic and Orthodox processions). And they took it from the Greek and Roman pagans before them. Like much of their religion.


Rallies and demonstrations are passive aggresive acts. This is why they largely attract corrupt women and effeminate men.


Now even rallies and demonstrations are too ‘vilolent’ for the comfort of the totalitarian regime so liberals have invented more effeminate ‘protests’ to allow public vent futile frustrations without threatening the status quo – e.g. so called ‘human chains’, online petitions etc. Violence is only tolerated, rather suggested for state-sanctioned liberal ‘human rights movements’ e.g. BLM or even polytheist fascists e.g. hindutva.


Stop calling them Muslims. There is no such thing as “Liberal Muslim”. Any one who thinks Islam is not perfect is not considered a Muslim.


Never was a Raafidha lover, but I do support the Iranian regime in this matter alone

Parvez Khan

“The liberal Muslim lacks knowledge of history.”

The libertards are ignorant in pretty much everything!

they are the biggest reason besides centuries of colinisation; of causing fitna to the ummah.

Ironically even abu jahl and abu lahab had more conviction in their religion than the so called liberal Muslims in Islam they claim to believe in.

No doubt about the kufr those libertards are doing by protesting against hijab which is fard al ayn.

Ayatollah Mosalini

These Iranians are fools. Unlike the Cubans and North Koreans the Iranian regime has kept its populace well fed and prosperous using its natural resources. They want to be “free” so bad. If they ever get a democracy Iran will turn into a South American “democratic” shithole where various groups will be funded to sabatoge the nation while its resouces are milked by the international petro-banking cartle.

These idiots have no clue what they will become.

They are such wannabe simps.


Beautiful post May Allah bless you. Honor belongs to Allah his messenger and the believers. The enemies of islam from within who are the so called “liberal Muslim “ or “secular Muslim” are in reality hypocrites may Allah get rid of them they are a cancer to our society


I agree with what you have written. However the above slogan mentioned in the Aurat March did not happen. Something else was said but it was marketed in this way by trolls. I have condemned aurat march on multiple places. However they did not say “Allah bhi sunle! AZADI!; Rasool bhi sunle! AZADI”